Dirac Equation / Fields  

Dirac Equation > s.a. lagrangian systems.
$ Def: The equation for a 4-component spinor \(\psi\) describing spin-1/2 particles, given by

\(({\rm i}\gamma^a\nabla_{\!a} - m)\, \psi = 0\;, \qquad \gamma^a\) = Dirac matrices .

* In 2D: With potentials \(v\) and \(w\), \((\alpha p + \beta v + \gamma_5 w)\, \psi = E\, \psi\), with α, β, and γ5 Pauli matrices, and p momentum.
* Probability density: The positive-definite quantity \(j^0\):= ψψ.
* Applications: It yields the Sommerfeld fine structure for the hydrogen atom energy levels.
* Properties: It has negative-energy states, interpreted as positrons when quantized.
blue bullet Related topics: see dirac fields in curved spacetime [eigenvalues]; generalized dirac fields; quantum dirac fields.

References > s.a. huygens' principle; lattice field theory; thermodynamic systems.
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Systems and Solutions > s.a. aharonov-bohm effect; Dirac Matrices; particle models; solitons.
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@ Other electromagnetic field: D'Ancona & Fanelli m.AP/05 [dispersion]; Bourouaine EPJC(05)mp [in plane electromagnetic wave]; Adler et al PRD(12)-a1108 [and a weak gravitational field]; > s.a. electromagnetism.
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@ Semiclassical motion: Dayi & Kilinçarslan PLB(15)-a1508 [kinetic theory, Thomas precession]; Gutiérrez-Jáuregui et al PRA(17)-a1711 [spin effects].
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> Related phenomena: see Dirac Sea; Induced Gravity; Klein Paradox; quantum effects [tunneling].

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