Entanglement in Relativistic Quantum Field Theory and Spacetime  

Frame Dependence and Relativity > s.a. causality violations; unruh effect [anti-Unruh effect].
@ Observer dependence: Vecchi qp/01; Ortiz et al qp/04-in; Alsing & Fuentes CQG(12)-a1210.
@ And special relativity: Gingrich & Adami PRL(02)qp [effect of motion]; Alsing & Milburn qp/02/PRA [Lorentz transformations]; Timpson & Brown qp/02-in [non-locality]; Ahn et al qp/03, PRA(03); Moffat IJMPD(04)qp/03; Schust et al FP(04) [3-particle]; Yakaboylu MS(10)-a1005; Horwitz & Arshansky a1707; > s.a. quantum locality.
@ Examples: Pachos & Solano QIC(03)qp/02 [spin-1/2 particles]; Harshman PRA(05)qp/04 [Bell-type 2-particle]; Jordan et al PRA(07) [spin-1/2 particles]; Ohkawa qp/07 [entangled causal relations?]; Lin & Hu PRD(10)-a0910 [causally-disconnected objects].
@ Non-inertial frames: Alsing & Milburn PRL(03)qp; Alsing et al JOB(04)qp/03; Massar & Spindel PRD(06)ht [uniformly accelerated]; Ling et al JPA(07)qp/06 [electromagnetic fields]; Alsing et al PRA(06) [Dirac fields]; Bruschi et al PRA(10) [validity of single-mode approximation]; Mehri-Dehnavi et al AP(11) [pseudo-entanglement]; Smith & Mann PRA(12)-a1107 [tripartite non-locality]; Ostapchuk et al JHEP(12)-a1108 [between inertial and accelerating detector]; Bruschi et al NJP(14)-a1406 [effects of gravity and acceleration, space-based experiments]; Regula et al PRD(16)-a1509 [2D accelerated cavities].

Entanglement and Gravity, Spacetime > s.a. causality in quantum theory; emergent gravity; entanglement phenomenology [dynamics]; tensor networks.
* Idea: In 2009-2010 Van Raamsdonk, building on previous work by others, argued that entanglement might be the basis of geometry.
@ General references: Fursaev JPA(06)in [gravity]; Olson & Ralph PRL(11) [entanglement between future and past]; Martín-Martínez et al PRD(16)-a1507 [and spatial topology]; Price & Wharton Ent(15)-a1508 [quantum correlations and Costa de Beauregard's zigzag]; Liu et al PRL(15) + news sd(15)may [entanglement of conformal field theories and locality of gravity]; Nomura et al PLB(16)-a1607; Van Raamsdonk a1609-ln; news sa(16)oct [It from Qubit]; Paunković & Vojinović CQG(18)-a1702 [gravity and matter are always entangled]; Nomura et al PRD(18)-a1711; Cao & Carroll a1712 [in a bulk region]; Plewa JPA(19)-a1806 [postulates, example of harmonic oscillator]; Headrick a1807 [popular-level introduction]; Godet & Marteau JHEP(19)-a1908 [gravitation from the first law of entanglement]; & Esfeld; Jaksland; Chevalier et al PRA(20)-a2005 [proposed experiment].
@ Entangled-history states: Cotler & Wilczek PS(16)-a1502-in, a1503; Cotler et al AP(17)-a1601 + news sci(16)jan [GHZ-type, tests]; Dong et al SciB(17)-a1610 [with multiple time nodes]; Nowakowski AIP(17)-a1701, Rajan a2007-PhD [entanglement in time].
@ Spacetime entanglement: Wien MS-a1408 [holographic approach]; Roy & Sarkar PRD(18)-a1801 [bulk metric reconstruction]; Zizzi MPLA(18)-a1807 [model]; > s.a. emergence of spacetime.
@ In curved spacetimes: Martín-Martínez et al PRD(10)-a1006 [entanglement degradation from Hawking effect]; Martín-Martínez & Menicucci CQG(14)-a1408 [and cosmology]; Martín-Martínez & Louko PRL(15)-a1502 [and firewalls]; Pierini et al NPB(17)-a1606 [and spacetime anisotropy]; Matsumura & Nambu PRD(18)-a1707 [in de Sitter space]; Oh et al PRD(18)-a1709 [entanglement vector field and flux]; Pierini et al EPJD(19)-a1812 [entanglement generated by cosmological expansion]; Kiosses a2012 [localized entangled states in curved spacetime]; Balasubramanian et al a2104 [entangled disjoint universes].
@ Entangled masses: Marletto & Vedral PRL(17)-a1707, comment Hall & Reginatto a1707; Bose et al PRL(17)-a1707; news pw(18)jan; Ghose & Rajagopal a1802 [at LIGO]; news quanta(18)mar; Christodoulou & Rovelli PLB(19)-a1808 [generally covariant description]; Cheng et al EPJC(18)-a1812 [gravitationally polarizable subsystems, from vacuum spacetime fluctuations]; Krisnanda et al npjQI(20)-a1906 [gravitationally-induced entanglement]; van de Kamp et al PRA(20)-a2006; Galley et al a2012 [no-go result]; Rijavec et al NJP(21)-a2012 [tests, and decoherence effects]; Kanno et al a2103 [macroscopic mirrors, and graviton detection].
@ Quantum gravity: Marin et al a1201; Kempf FP(14)-a1302-conf [spacetime curvature and spatial entanglement of the vacuum]; Myers et al JHEP(13); Giddings JHEP(15)-a1503 [Hilbert space structure, non-locality and entanglement]; Chirco et al PRD(18)-a1703, Mele a1703-MS [spin network states]; Feller & Livine CQG(18)-a1710 [in lqg]; Kay FP(18)-a1802-conf [matter-gravity entanglement hypothesis]; Blanco et al JHEP(18)-a1803 [boundary subregions]; Husain & Singh CQG(20)-a1907 [matter-gravity entanglement: early-universe remnant and 'first law']; Kay a1909-proc; > s.a. GUP phenomenology; spin networks.
@ And black holes: Fuentes-Schuller & Mann PRL(05)qp/04; Ahn JKPS(07)qp/06 [near Schwarzschild black hole, and Hawking radiation]; Adesso & Fuentes-Schuller QIC(09)qp/07 [across a black hole horizon]; Said & Adami PRD(10)-a1001 [Kerr-Newman spacetime]; Martín-Martínez et al PRD(10)-a1007 [in black-hole formation]; Wang et al PLB(10)-a1007 [Schwarzschild spacetime, entanglement redistribution]; Hutchinson & Stojković CQG(16)-a1307; Martín-Martínez & Louko PRL(15)-a1502 [and firewalls]; Cadoni & Jain IJMPA(17)-a1703 [and horizons]; Henderson et al CQG(18)-a1712 [black holes inhibit entanglement harvesting]; Jefferson a1901-essay; > s.a. black-hole entropy.
@ And wormholes: Maldacena & Susskind FdP(13)-a1306 [entangled black holes]; Gharibyan & Penna PRD(14)-a1308; Baez & Vicary CQG(14)-a1401 [in 3D topological quantum field theory]; Lobo et al EPJC(14)-a1402 [and the ER = EPR correlation].
> Matter-gravity entanglement: see quantum regge calculus; types of entropy.
> Related topics: see bimetric gravity; entropic gravity; multiverse; quantum regge calculus; topology and physics [non-trivial topologies].

In Quantum Field Theory > s.a. neutrino oscillations; particle effects [particle creation].
@ General references: Clifton & Halvorson SHPMP(01)qp/00 [algebraic]; Bertlmann LNP(06)qp/04 [particle physics]; Shi PRD(04)ht; 't Hooft a0908-conf [in a local deterministic theory?]; Swingle a1010 [and mutual information]; Teresi & Compagno a1012 [using Rényi entropy]; Balasubramanian et al PRD(12)-a1109 [and renormalization, mutual information between different momentum scales]; Friis & Fuentes JMO(12)-a1204 [general framework and applications]; Buniy & Hsu PLB(12)-a1205 [all particles in the universe]; Mondal JHEP(16)-a1501 [particles vs spatial regions]; Witten RMP(18)-a1803; Reginatto & Hall a1809 [via classical gravity]; > s.a. entanglement [field theory point of view].
@ Vacuum: Reznik FP(03) [entropy and correlations]; Silman & Reznik PRA(07)qp/06 [Dirac vacuum]; Cliche & Kempf PRD(11)-a1008 [and curvature]; Brown et al PRD(15)-a1409 [regions within a vacuum]; > s.a. vacuum phenomenology [harvesting of entanglement].
@ Vacuum, in spacetime: Dragan & Fuentes a1105 [structure]; Olson & Ralph PRA(12) + news wired(16)jan [extraction of timelike entanglement].
@ Electrodynamics: van Enk PRA(03); Rice et al OE(06)qp [cavity QED]; Zhang & Xu OC(09)-a0906 [2 atoms in cavity, sudden death and birth]; Ivan et al PRA(11)-a1009 [multi-mode radiation states]; > s.a. entangled systems [photons]; photon phenomenology.
@ In an expanding spacetime: Ball et al PLA(06)qp/05 [2D scalar field]; Nambu & Ohsumi PRD(09) [coarse-grained quantum field], PRD(11)-a1105 [classical and quantum correlations]; Fuentes et al PRD(10) [2D Dirac field]; Moradi & Rasouli IJTP(10)-a1201 [and cosmological parameters]; Pierini et al IJTP(16)-a1507 [Dirac field, spin effects]; Lee JKPS-a1510 [dark matter and galactic halos]; Alexander et al MPLA(17)-a1602, EPL(16)-a1607 [interactions and gravitational enhancement]; Machado et al PRD(18)-a1811 [charged fermions]; > s.a. dark matter; inflation.
@ Other fields: Marcovitch et al PRA(09)-a0811 [1D Klein-Gordon field]; Montero & Martín-Martínez PRA(12)-a1111 [fermionic field]; Salton et al PRD(17)-a1611 [Chern-Simons theory]; Benatti & Floreanini JPA(16)-a1605 [Majorana fermions, in the algebraic approach]; Mielczarek & Trześniewski a1911 [gauge fields].

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