Quantum Fields in Curved Backgrounds  

In General > see kaluza-klein theory; phase transitions; QED; quantum dirac fields; quantum klein-gordon fields.

Black Hole > s.a. black-hole radiation; energy conditions; modified QED; quantum fields in curved spacetime; Vaidya Metric; White Hole.
* Vacuum states: Three different ones are commonly used, the Boulware, Unruh, and Hartle-Hawking vacuum; The latter is the state (density matrix) of thermal equilibrium at temperature T = \(\hbar\)/8πkM in Schwarzschild spacetime, which corresponds to sending in a thermal distribution from past null infinity; 2016, Soft hair results imply that there are infinitely many vacuum states, differing by the addition of soft hair/particles.
@ General references: Hartle & Hawking PRD(76); Israel (76); Hawking CMP(80); Sorkin CQG(87) [stimulated emission]; Harms & Leblanc AP(95), AP(95); Wipf ht/98; Firouzjaee & Ellis a1503 [particle creation]; Barbado et al PRD(16)-a1606 [Perception Renormalized Stress-Energy Tensor, PeRSET].
@ Schwarzschild: Matyjasek PRD(99)gq/98 [Unruh state], APPB(99)gq/98 [Hartle-Hawking state]; Balbinot et al PRD(01) [vacuum polarizatiom, massless scalar]; Melnikov & Weinstein IJMPD(04)ht/02 [m = 0 Klein-Gordon, unitary]; Rychkov gq/03-wd; Matyjasek & Tryniecki PRD(09)-a0901 [renormalized stress-energy tensor]; Dappiaggi et al ATMP(11)-a0907 [Unruh state, Hadamard property]; > s.a. entanglement.
@ Kerr: Unruh PRD(74); Cognola PRD(98)gq/97 [entropy]; Ottewill & Winstanley PRD(00)gq, PLA(00)gq [stress-energy]; Duffy & Ottewill PRD(08)gq/05 [renormalized stress-tensor]; Ferreira PhD-a1509 [on rotating black hole spacetimes]; Oshita et al a1909 [vacuum decay]; > s.a. dirac fields.
@ Reissner-Nordström: Matyjasek PRD(01)gq/00; Farese JPCS(06)-ht/05 [2D, extremal].
@ Schwarzschild-de Sitter: Lin & Soo CQG(99); Brum & Jorás CQG(15)-a1405 [Hadamard state]; Bhattacharya PRD(18)-a1810 [particle creation].
@ With Killing horizons: Wald in(90); Jacobson PRD(94)gq [general bifurcate Killing horizon].
@ Other black hole spacetimes: Ortiz & Vendrell PRD(99)ht/97 [collapsing]; Binosi et al PRD(99)gq/98 [2+1 BTZ, scalar]; Belokogne & Folacci PRD(14)-a1404 [Kerr-Newman, massive fields, renormalized stress tensor]; Morley et al CQG(18) [vacuum polarization on topological black holes].
@ Other effects: Balbinot et al NPB(99)ht [vacuum polarization]; Crispino et al CQG(00)gq/99 [radiation by particle]; Milanesi & Mintchev ht/05 [finite T]; Zhang & Yu PRA(11)-a1109 [Casimir-Polder like force on an atom].

Different Backgrounds > s.a. de sitter space; fields in FLRW spacetimes; klein-gordon fields; matter in quantum gravity; maxwell theory.
@ General references: Kay gq/97-proc [algebraic, rev]; Hollands AdP(01)gq/00 [with symmetries]; Moretti CMP(08)gq/06, gq/06-conf [asymptotically flat, and holography]; Castelló Gomar et al JCAP(12) [spatially flat, Fock quantization of scalar fields]; Sorkin IJGMP(17)-a1703 [based on the Wightman function]; Mishra et al a1810 [conformally flat].
@ Conical / strings: Kay & Studer CMP(91); Jensen PS(92) [particle production]; Moreira NPB(95)ht; Bilge et al GRG(98)gq/97; Brevik et al PRD(98)ht [vacuum fluctuations, point aplitting]; Iellici PhD(97)gq/98; Fernández & Cabo PRD(07)-a0707 [massive scalar on black string]; > s.a. cosmic strings.
@ Scalar field in ergoregion: Kang PRD(97)gq, gq/97-proc.
@ Rindler space: Daniels PLB(97) [massless scalar]; Gabriel & Spindel AP(00)gq/99 [charged scalar]; Oriti gq/00/CQG [spinor]; Soldati & Specchia JModP(15)-a1504 [massless vector fields].
@ Anti-de Sitter space: Caldarelli NPB(99) [scalar]; Bros & Epstein CMP(02); Rivelles IJMPA(03)ht-proc [scalar, AdS-cft correspondence]; Greenwood et al PLB(10)-a1007 [particle creation]; Dohse a1602-PhD [Klein-Gordon theory in the general-boundary formulation]; Dappiaggi & Ferreira RVMP(18)-a1701 [massive scalar field, algebraic quantization]; Ambruş et al IJMPD(18)-a1801-proc [scalar and fermion fields].
@ Other cosmological background: Kandrup PRD(90) [gravitational instanton]; Bytsenko et al PRP(96) [constant curvature]; Woodard NPPS(05)ap [inflation, secular effects]; Vitenti & Müller PRD(06)gq [Bianchi I, and backreaction]; Barrow et al PRD(08)-a0807 [sudden singularities]; Bates & Anderson PRD(10)-a1004 [with big rip]; Matyjasek PRD(18)-a1811 [Bianchi I, and isotropization]; > s.a. FLRW spacetime; matter in bianchi I spacetime.
@ Non-stationary backgrounds: Gottschalk & Thaler AIHP(03)mp/04; Cortez et al JCAP(10)-a1004, PRD(13)-a1212 [unique Fock quantization]; Castelló & Mena PRD(14) [uniqueness of the Fock quantization of scalar fields, and signature change]; Jones et al PRD(17)-a1610 [gravitational-wave background].
@ Related topics: Hiscock CQG(90) [monopole]; Cabral & Rivelles ht/95-wd, CQG(00)ht/99 [degenerate]; Kay et al CMP(97) [compactly generated Cauchy horizon]; Gupta & Ydri IJMPA(01)ht/00 [null surface]; Hossenfelder et al CQG(03)gq/02 [expanding shell]; Fischetti et al PRL(18)-a1803 [3D, crumpled spaces energetically favored]; > s.a. Alexandrov Sets; boundaries in field theory; stochastic quantization.

Generalized Backgrounds > s.a. phenomenology [condensed-matter analogs].
@ Lower-dimensional: Siino CQG(97)gq/96 [2+1, locally dS/AdS, stability]; Page CQG(97)gq/96 [1+1, regularized stress-energy tensor]; Joy & Kuriakose MPLA(03)ht/01 [φ6 in 2+1 Bianchi I]; > s.a. quantum klein-gordon fields.
@ Higher-dimensional: Baulieu ht/02-proc [brane-type].
@ Acausal: Boulware PRD(92); Friedman et al PRD(92); Cassidy CQG(97) [divergence in Leff]; Sushkov G&C(03)gq/99 [scalar field on cylinder]; Radu & Astefanesei IJMPD(02)gq/01 [scalar in Gödel spacetime]; Cornalba & Costa PRD(06)ht/05 [unitarity in certain cases]; > s.a. causality violations.
@ Topological effects: Isham PRS(78) [twisted fields]; Avis & Isham in(79); DeWitt et al PhyA(79); Sorkin JPA(79); Avis in(81); Isham in(84); Khanna et al PRP(14) [on toroidal topology]; > s.a. superselection rules; theta sectors.
@ Multiply connected: Tanaka & Hiscock PRD(95) [massive scalars]; Gamboa PLB(00)ht/99 [fermions]; Hatanaka et al ht/00-proc; Khanna et al AP(11), PRP(14)-a1409 [on toroidal topologies].
@ Quantum spacetime: Bahns et al CMP(03)ht [UV-finite]; Foster & Jacobson JHEP(04)ht [growing lattice]; Ashtekar et al PRD(09)-a0901 [cosmological]; Dapor et al PRD(13)-a1302 [on quantum FLRW space]; Dapor et al a1305-MG13 [on lqc Bianchi-I spacetimes]; Barrios et al a1512-proc [massive scalar on vacuum spherically symmetric lqg spacetime]; Moulin et al a1807 [lqg black hole].
@ Other non-trivial topology: Friedman & Higuchi PRD(95)gq [non t-orientable]; Hiscock CQG(97)gq [warp drive]; Govaerts & Villanueva IJMPA(00)qp/99 [inequivalent bundles]; Dowker JPA(05)ht/04 [lens spaces]; Haba JPA(05)ht [with boundary];
Langlois PhD(05)gq [and Hawking-Unruh effect]; Sutter & Tanaka PRD(06)gq [vacuum energy density]; > s.a. topology-change models [including trouser spacetime]; wormholes.
@ Other generalized backgrounds: Arzano IJGMP(12) [curved momentum space]; Drummond PRD(13)-a1303 [multi-metric backgrounds]; > s.a. deformed minkowski space; discrete spacetime; generalized theories [including fractal spacetime].

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