Brane World: Gravitation and Geometry  

In General > s.a. Pauli-Fierz Theory; tests of general relativity.
* Issues: Gravity in 5D braneworld backgrounds often exhibits problematic features, including kinetic ghosts, strong coupling, and the van Dam-Veltman-Zakharov (vDVZ) discontinuity, which are an obstacle to producing and analyzing models with interesting and potentially observable modifications of 4D gravity.
@ Reviews: Schwarzschild PT(00)sep; Langlois gq/04-GR17; Kumar & Suresh AiA(11)ht/06; Gabadadze NPPS(07)-a0705; Antoniadis JPA(07); Kaloper MPLA(08)-a0711-conf [codimension 2]; Maartens & Koyama LRR(10)-a1004; Antoniadis IJMPD(10); > s.a. brane world.
@ General references: Fairbairn PLB(01)hp; Steer & Parry IJTP(02)ht-in; Khoury & Zhang PRL(02)ht [Friedmann equation]; Medved ht/02 [charged-black-hole problem]; Kofinas et al JHEP(03)ht [curvature corrections]; Bao et al PRD(06); Akama & Hattori CQG(13) [dynamical foundations].
@ Issues: Chung et al PRD(02)hp/00 [flatness problem]; Deruelle & Katz PRD(01) [recovering general relativity on the brane]; Carroll & Mersini PRD(01)ht [self-tuning]; Singh & Dadhich MPLA(03) [localization]; Chakraborty & SenGupta PRD(14)-a1403 [viable f(R) gravity theories and LHC data].
@ Quantum gravity: Maia et al JHEP(07)-a0704 [ADM formalism].
@ Related topics: Battye et al PRD(01)ht [Gauss-Codazzi]; Soda gq/01-conf [for relativists]; Kanti et al PLB(02) [size]; Bogdanos et al CQG(08)-a0706; de Rham CJP(09)-a0810-proc, et al PRD(10) [degravitation, cascading gravity]; Visinelli et al PRD(18)-a1711 [phenomenological bounds from GW170817].
> Related topics: see censorship; energy conditions; initial-value formulation; models; phenomenology of quantum gravity.

Black Holes > s.a. black-hole formation [HEP collisions]; higher-dimensional black holes; types of black-holes [primordial].
* Radiation: Scalars, fermions and vectors radiate on the brane, while gravitons radiate in all directions, and the number of possible helicities D(D−3)/2 grows with D, so they lead to a higher evaporation rate in higher dimensions.
@ General references: Dadhich et al PLB(00); Anchordoqui et al PRD(02)hp [Randall-Sundrum]; Emparan et al JHEP(03) [phenomenology]; Shankaranarayanan & Dadhich IJMPD(04)gq/03 [non-singular]; Gregory et al JCAP(04)ht [near horizon geometry]; Kanti IJMPA(04) [rev]; Sengupta IJMPD(06) [rotating]; Pavan MSc(06)gq.
@ Radiation: Maldacena & Strominger PRD(97)ht/96; Casadio & Harms PRD(01)ht, gq/01-proc; Makhviladze et al gq/05 [and gup]; Harris & Kanti PLB(06) [scalar emission rate, rotating black hole]; > s.a. black holes and information.
@ Other thermodynamics: Suyama MPLA(00)ht/99 [A = 0]; Fabbri & Procopio IJMPD(08)-a0705 [Randall-Sundrum, holographic interpretation]; > s.a. laws of black-hole dynamics.

Corrections to Newtonian Gravity > s.a. modifications and tests of newtonian gravity.
* Idea: On scales r \(\ll\) R, the force goes like F ~ r−(n+2); On scales r \(\gg\) R, it goes like F ~ r −2.
@ References: Ito PLB(02)ht/01; Park & Tamaryan PLB(03), Callin hp/04, Callin & Ravndal PRD(04)hp [Randall-Sundrum]; Arnowitt & Dent PRD(05)ht/04 [Kaluza-Klein-type corrections]; de Rham et al gq/06 [weaker at sub-mm scales]; Palma JHEP(07)-a0705 [supersymmetric braneworld]; Benichou & Estes PLB(12)-a1112.
@ Tests: Iorio JCAP(05)gq/04 [solar system], CQG(05)gq, JCAP(06), Iorio & Giudice JCAP(06)gq/05 [DGP, outer planet motion]; Böhmer et al CQG(08)-a0801 [solar system]; Pourhassan et al a1907 [Randall-Sundrum, using currently available technology].
@ And general relativity: Bruni et al PRL(01)gq [collapse, no-go result]; Langlois IJMPA(02)gq-conf, gq/02-conf [rev]; Anderson & Tavakol CQG(03)gq [bulk-brane split]; Durrer & Kocian CQG(04)ht/03 [binary pulsar and radiation]; Iorio IJMPD(06)gq/05 [DGP, spin precession].

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