In General > s.a. cosmology; fine-structure constant; generalized cosmological models.
* Idea: A possibly time-varying, inhomogenous cosmological scalar field with canonical kinetic terms and negative pressure (for example, described by a tachyonic field), rolling down a potential, that may be responsible for the late accelerated expansion of the universe.
* Issue: How can it be distinguished from a cosmological constant? Or another field like a Chaplygin gas?
@ Intros, reviews: Caldwell & Steinhardt pw(00)nov; Sahni CQG(02)ap; Martin MPLA(08)-a0803-proc; Tsujikawa CQG(13)-a1304.
@ General references: Carroll PRL(98)ap; Huey et al PRD(99)ap/98; Huterer & Turner PRD(99)ap/98; Di Pietro & Demaret IJMPD(01)gq/99 [scalar potential]; Brax & Martin PRD(00)ap/99 [and quantum field theory corrections]; Faraoni IJMPD(02)ap/01 [acceleration and non-minimal coupling]; González-Díaz NPB(01); Mathews et al ap/02-conf; Gardner NPB(05)ap/04 [model comparison]; Fang et al IJMPD(06) [vs non-linear Born-Infeld scalar]; Linder GRG(08)-a0704 [dynamics]; Gong PLB(14)-a1401 [general dynamical behavior].
> Online resources: see Wikipedia page.

And Observational Cosmology > s.a. Chameleon Field; dark matter; FLRW models; Quintom; Unparticles.
@ General references: Gerke & Efstathiou MNRAS(02)ap [parameters]; Rosati PLB(03) [and dark matter]; Colombo & Gervasi JCAP(06)ap; La Vacca & Kristiansen JCAP(09); Sefusatti & Vernizzi JCAP(11) [clustering and structure formation]; Mukherjee & Banerjee EPJP(15)-a1311 [scalar potential reconstruction]; Hussain a1809 [and galaxy power spectrum]; Yang et al PRD(19)-a1810 [constraints]; Landim a1908 [interacting, cosmological perturbations].
@ As dark energy: Khurshudyan et al IJTP(14)-a1402 [interacting models]; Shahalam et al EPJC(15)-a1503.
@ Solutions: Zlatev et al PRL(99) [tracker field]; Steinhardt et al PRD(99) [tracking]; Chernin et al PLA(02)ap/01; Harko et al EPJC(14)-a1310; Roy & Banerjee a1402 [dynamical systems study]; Asenjo & Hojman a1509 [new method].
@ Vs cosmological constant: Binétruy IJTP(00); Doran & Wetterich NPPS(03)ap/02; Melchiorri & Odman ap/02-proc; Chongchitnan & Efstathiou PRD(07)-a0705.
@ Vs modified gravity: Clemson & Koyama JCAP(13)-a1209.
@ And the cmb: Crooks et al MPLA(01)ap/00; Grisa & Sorbo PRD(10)-a1002 [preferred directions].
@ And inflation: Faraoni PRD(00)gq; Gunzig et al PRD(01)gq/00; Martin & Musso PRD(05)ap/04.

Other Phenomenology
@ General references: Cooray & Huterer ApJL(99)ap; Wang et al ApJ(00)ap/99; Barger & Marfatia PLB(01)ap/00 [vs k-essence]; Yahiro et al PRD(02)ap/01 [constraints]; Wetterich PLB(04) [parametrization of equation of state].
@ Black holes: Fernando GRG(12)-a1202 [surrounded by quintessence]; > s.a. schwarzschild-de sitter spacetime [Nariai black holes].
@ Galactic dynamics: Matos & Guzman AdP(00)ap; Arbey et al PRD(01)ap, PRD(02)ap/01 [galaxy halos]; Schrempp & Brown JCAP(10)-a0912 [and clustered matter].
@ Particle physics: Amendola PRD(00)ap/99, Chiba PRD(99)gq [matter coupling]; Rosati hp/00-proc [inflaton]; Chung et al PLB(03).

Models and Variations > s.a. duality.
@ Brans-Dicke theory: Banerjee & Pavón CQG(01)gq/00; Sen & Seshadri IJMPD(03)gq/00; Chakraborty et al MPLA(03).
@ Other scalar-tensor gravity: Bartolo & Pietroni PRD(00)hp/99; Esposito-Farèse in(02)gq/00.
@ Supergravity: Brax & Martin PLB(99)ap, ap/00-proc; Copeland et al PRD(00).
@ Brane cosmology: González-Díaz PLB(00); Maeda PRD(01)ap/00; Mizuno & Maeda PRD(01)hp.
@ Other models: de la Macorra & Piccinelli PRD(00)hp/99; Perrotta et al PRD(00)ap/99 [extended]; Sahni & Wang PRD(00)ap/99; Chimento et al gq/99-proc [inhomogeneous]; Riazuelo & Uzan PRD(00)ap [with scalar and gravitational radiation]; Signore NCB(01) [negative curvature]; Zimdahl et al PLB(01)ap [with cold dark matter]; Bento et al PRD(02)ap/01 [2 fields]; Cardenas et al PRD(03)ap/02 [both quintessence and cosmological constant]; Wetterich PRL(03)ht/02 [conformal fixed point, cosmological constant]; Svrček ht/06 [axions from string theory]; Guarnizo et al a1910-MG15 [p-form].
@ Variations: Boyle et al PLB(02), Banerjee & Das ApSS(06)gq/05 [spintessence]; Chugreev et al TMP(07)gq/06 [in relativistic theory of gravity]; Mehrabi et al ApSS(17)-a1510 [from non-Abelian gauge fields]; > s.a. k-Essence.

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