Histories Formulations of Quantum Theory  

Consistent Histories
* Idea: A closed quantum system is a Hilbert space, and every statement about it a subspace of H (no hidden variables); A history is a sequence of subspaces E1, E2, ..., associated with times t1, t2, ...; If a history is in a consistent family, it can be assigned a probability; Within that family, one and only one history occurs (notion of trajectory); The unitary time evolution generated by the Schrödinger equation is used to define consistent histories and calculate probabilities; Measurements play no fundamental role, they influence the history but one can talk of the behavior of quantum systems in the absence of measurement; In details, consistent historians differ.
* Motivation: Formulate quantum mechanics in a more covariant way; Find an interpretation that is less instrumentalist than the Copenhagen one, and more realist.

References > s.a. formulations of quantum mechanics; path-integral formulation.
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@ Other systems and topics: Griffiths qp/95, PRA(96)qp [quantum reasoning]; Kent LNP(00)gq/96 [subspace implications].
> Specific types of systems: see parametrized systems; QED; quantum field theory in curved spacetime; quantum constrained systems.

Related Topics > s.a. causality; entanglement and spacetime [entangled-history states]; locality in quantum theory; logic [anhomomorphic logic].
@ And contrary inferences: Kent PRL(97)gq/96, comment Griffiths & Hartle PRL(98)gq/97; Kent PRL(98)gq.
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@ And decoherence: Paz & Zurek PRD(93)gq [environment-induced]; Halliwell PRD(01)qp/00 [approximate].
@ Geometry and structures: Craig qp/97 [geometry]; Dass & Joglekar AP(01) [symmetries]; Blute et al gq/01 [on graphs].
@ Phase space representation: Anastopoulos JMP(01)qp/00, AP(03)qp/02 [in phase space]; Larsson ht/04 [histories phase space, harmonic oscillator and free scalar]; Burch JMP(07)qp [perturbation theory, oscillator].
@ Other approaches: Raptis et al IJTP(07) [tomographic histories representation]; Leffler a1302 [different approach]; Cotler & Wilczek PS(16)-a1502 [quantum history states]; Castellani a1810 [history operator]; Diaz et al PRD(19)-a1910 [history state formalism]; > s.a. Trajectories [quantum states as ensembles of trajectories].
@ Other topics: Halliwell PRD(93)qp, PRD(93)qp [and the uncertainty principle]; Diósi et al PRL(95) [and quantum state diffusion]; Omnès FP(95) [epistemology]; Savvidou JMP(99)gq/98 [action operator]; Clarke qp/00; Halliwell qp/01-in [and spacetime conditions]; Griffiths PRA(02)qp [relativistic, and paradoxes]; Bosse & Hartle PRA(05)qp [spacetime alternatives for operators]; Hartle PRA(08)-a0801 [and extended probabilities]; > s.a. generalized bell inequalities; quantum effects [time of arrival]; wave function collapse.

Decoherent Histories > s.a. decoherence; entropy; relationship classical-quantum mechanics.
* Idea: Environmental noise furnishes the inevitable dephasing that collapses the wave function.
@ General references: Halliwell NYAS(95)gq/94, PRD(98)qp [hydrodynamic-type variables], PRD(01)qp/00; Hartle et al PRD(95)gq/94 [closed systems, conservation laws]; Halliwell QIP-a0904; Gell-Mann & Hartle PRA(12)-a1106 [with one "real" fine-grained history].
@ Decoherence conditions: Scherer et al PLA(04)qp [arbitrarily long histories]; Wallden IJTP(08)gq/06 [spacetime coarse-grainings].
@ Types of theories: Halliwell & Wallden PRD(06)gq/05 [reparametrization-invariant]; > s.a. parametrized theories.
> Gravity-related theories: see FLRW quantum cosmology; minisuperspace quantum cosmology; spin networks; time in quantum gravity.

Coevent Formulation > s.a. measure theory [quantum measures].
@ References: Wallden JPCS(13)-a1301; Ghazi-Tabatabai a1303 [coevents as beables, and topos theory]; Ghazi-Tabatabai a1306 [in terms of truth valuations].

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