Lorentz-Violating Models and Theories  

In General > s.a. doubly special relativity; interactions; modified electromagnetism; particle physics; topological defects.
* Standard model extension: A mathematical framework that describes violations to Lorentz symmetry in terms of 19 measurable parameters; Some parameter-value ranges lead to modified theories of gravity and overlap the PPN formalism for gravity.
@ General references: Seifert a1810 [constraints and degrees of freedom].
@ Dispersion relations: Bertolami & Rosa PRD(05)hp/04 [cubic]; Kostelecký & Russell PLB(10) [classical kinematics]; > s.a. matter in quantum gravity.
@ Electrodynamics: Kostelecký et al PRD(02)ht/01; Gubitosi et al PRD(10)-a1003; Urrutia AIP(10)-a1008 [spontaneous Lorentz-symmetry breaking]; Hohensee et al a1210 [covariant quantization]; Anacleto et al IJMPA(17)-a1403 [extended QED]; Amore & Fernández a2101 [comment on violation claim].
@ Standard model extension: Colladay & Kostelecký PRD(98)hp; Kostelecký PRD(04)ht/03 [and gravity]; Alfaro PRL(05)ht/04 [from quantum gravity]; Alfaro AIP(07)-a0704 [maximum velocities]; Bolokhov & Pospelov PRD(08) [dimension-5 Lorentz-violating interactions]; Bailey a1008-conf [and gravity]; Shao PRL(14) [tests with pulsars]; Tasson RPP(14)-a1403 [SME framework]; Santos & Khanna EPL(19)-a1902 [and gravitoelectromagnetism, temperature effects].
@ Very Special Relativity: Cohen & Glashow PRL(06); Gibbons et al PRD(07)-a0708 [and Finsler geometry].
@ Non-commutative: Carroll et al PRL(01)ht; Carmona et al PLB(03)ht/02; Giri & Shreecharan a0812; > s.a. non-commutative spacetime.

Gravity > s.a. lorentz violation phenomenology.
@ General references: Gabadadze & Grisa PLB(05)ht/04 [massive]; Kostelecký & Potting GRG(05)gq, PRD(09)-a0901; Ferrari et al PLB(07)ht/06 [linearized]; Grisa JHEP(08)-a0803 [massive gravity from Lorentz-violating potential term]; Potting JPCS(09)-a0904; Blas et al PRD(09)-a0905; Nojiri & Odintsov PRD(10)-a0905 [Hořava-like covariant theory]; Bailey PRD(10)-a1005; Kostelecký & Tasson PRD(11)-a1006 [matter-gravity couplings]; Kiritsis JHEP(13)-a1207 [dissipation and holography]; Gielen a1210-proc; Hernaski & Belich PRD(14)-a1409 [higher-derivative gravity]; Bailey et al PRD(15)-a1410 [short-range]; Hirayama a1611 [from Einstein gravity]; Mewes a1906-conf [linearized gravity]; > s.a. hořava-lifshitz gravity.
@ Quantum gravity: Alfaro et al PRD(04)gq; Sudarsky & Caicedo JPCS(05); Vucetich gq/05; Alfaro PRD(05)ht [hadron effects including GZK anomaly]; Lehnert IJMPA(05)ap; Collins et al in(09)ht/06; Jackiw proc(08)-a0709 [diffeomorphism-invariant]; Moffat CQG(10)-a0905; Koslowski & Schenkel CQG(10)-a0910 [functional-renormalization-group methods]; Mavromatos PRD(11); Gambini et al CQG(11)-a1106, comment Polchinski CQG(12)-a1106 [low-energy effects in lqg]; Eichhorn et al PRD(20)-a1911 [and the matter sector].
@ String theory: Bertolami CQG(97)gq; Ambjørn et al PRD(02)ht/01 [matrix models]; Mavromatos ht/02-conf, PoS-a0708 [non-critical].

Other Theories > s.a. hamiltonian systems.
@ Analog models: Weinfurtner et al JPCS(06)gq/05; Liberati et al PRL(06)gq/05 [and naturalness issue].
@ Brane world: Csáki et al GRG(01)gq [and cosmological constant]; Stoica JHEP(02)ht/01; Bekaert et al JHEP(02)ht; Rizzo JHEP(05).
@ Vector field with vacuum expectation value: Cheng et al JHEP(06)ht; Hashimoto JHEP(08) [Kraus-Tomboulis model, properties].
@ Fermions: Colladay & McDonald JMP(02)hp [spinors]; Mukhopadhyay a1101-MG12 [neutrino propagating in curved spacetime]; Kostelecký & Mewes PRD(13)-a1308 [theoretical description with Lorentz and CPT violation]; Ferrari et al a1607 [singular spinor fields and torsional gravity].
@ Higgs sector: Bluhm proc(10)-a1008 [Bumblebee model, fate of massless Nambu-Goldstone and massive Higgs modes]; Iso & Kitazawa a1812.
@ Finsler structures: Colladay & McDonald PRD(12) [covariant Lagrangian]; Edwards a1905-conf.
@ Other theories: Myers & Pospelov PRL(03)hp; Cardone & Mignani 04; Altschul PRD(05)ht/04 [non-locally modified scalar]; Altschul & Kostelecký PLB(05) [non-polynomial vector field theories]; Mariz et al JHEP(05) [effective Chern-Simons at finite T]; Carmona & Cortes ht/06-fs [beyond effective field theories]; Mariz et al BJP(06)ht-conf [radiative corrections to Chern-Simons-like terms]; Rashidi & Salehi PLB(07); Parentani PoS-a0801 [breaking by UV dissipative effects]; Nascimento et al PRD(14) [3D Chern-Simons-like theory]; Maluf et al EPL(19)-a1810 [antisymmetric 2-tensor field].
> Other theories: see chern-simons theory; einstein-æther theories; gravitation; interactions [instantaneous]; particle physics; Polymer Quantization; QED; modified QED; quantum-gravity phenomenology and photon phenomenology; scalar-tensor theories; quantum spacetime; supergravity; supersymmetric theories; supersymmetry phenomenology; types of field theories [polymer-quantized]; types of yang-mills theories.

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