Matter Phenomenology in Quantum Gravity  

Quantum-Mechanical Effects > s.a. quantum gravity and phenomenology [including astrophysics].
@ Decoherence: Hawking in(84) [due to virtual black holes]; Gambini & Pullin MPLA(97)gq [and back-reaction]; Whelan PRD(98)gq/96 [of gravitational modes]; Hawking & Ross PRD(97)ht [scattering off black holes]; Gambini et al CQG(04)gq/03 [discrete quantum gravity]; Kok & Yurtsever PRD(03)gq [spacetime fluctuations]; Simon & Jaksch PRA(04)qp [observability]; Anchordoqui et al PRD(05)hp [neutrinos, IceCube]; Gambini et al GRG(07)gq/06, IJMPD(06)gq [from real clocks and measurements]; Wang et al CQG(06)gq [space experiment proposal]; Mavromatos & Sarkar PRD(06)hp [flavor sector]; Anastopoulos & Hu JPCS(07)gq [issues and critiques]; Mavromatos PoS-a0707, FP(10)-a0906 [and CPT, stringy model]; Breuer et al CQG(09)-a0812; Maziashvili APP(09)-a0901 [for light]; Sarkar JPCS(09)-a0904 [models]; Bonifacio PhD(09)-a0906 [from conformal fluctuations]; Oniga & Wang PRD(16)-a1511 [bosonic fields, general master equation]; DeLisle et al a1905 [from graviton emission]; > s.a. collapse of the wave function; minisuperspace; topology change and models [wormholes].
@ Uncertainty principle: Padmanabhan CQG(86); Doplicher et al PLB(94); Amelino-Camelia MPLA(97)gq, et al PAN(98)ht/97 [κ-deformed covariant phase space]; Adler & Santiago MPLA(99)gq, ht/99; Camacho GRG(02)gq [from non-conformal metric fluctuations]; Shalyt-Margolin & Tregubovich gq/02 [and mixed states]; Dragovich ht/04-proc [p-adic, adelic]; Bambi CQG(08)-a0804 [departures linear in lP]; Mirza & Zarei PRD(09)-a0901 [minimal momentum uncertainty]; Ali et al MG12(12)-a1001; Shalyt-Margolin a1006 [and thermodynamics]; Tomassini & Viaggiu CQG(11)-a1102 [physically motivated, minimal volumes but no minimal lengths]; Pitovski et al nPhys(12)mar + news at(12)mar, Kumar & Plenio PRA(18)-a1708 [proposed test using quantum optics and Planck-mass oscillator, and improved precision]; Lake a2103 [and qubits]; > s.a. modified uncertainty relations.
@ Other quantum mechanics effects: Penrose in(82); Mottola PRD(86) [particle creation as fluctuation-dissipation]; Diósi PLA(87); Anandan GRG(94); Hartle gq/95-conf; Percival PRS(95)qp; Amelino-Camelia MPLA(98)gq; Power PRS(99), Nozari & Mehdipour GRG(05)qp [on wave packets]; Ahluwalia PLA(00)gq, gq/00-conf [equivalence, wave-particle]; Jongejan qp/00 [curved spacetime as hidden variable]; Markopoulou & Smolin PRD(04)gq/03; Salzman & Carlip gq/06 [effective non-linear quantum mechanics]; Gambini & Pullin a0801-in [spacetime and undecidability]; Bonifacio et al CQG(09)-a0903 [dephasing]; Göklü et al CQG(09)-a0808 [classical fluctuations and wave-packet spreading]; Ali et al PRD(11)-a1107 [corrections to Lamb shift, harmonic oscillator, etc]; Arzano PRD-a1403 [deformed action of translation generators and non-preservation of state purity by Lindblad-like evolution equation]; Koide & Kodama PLA(19)-a1811 [quantum fluctuations and spacetime curvature]; Bishop et al PRD(19)-a1901 [modified cr's, position and momentum operators]; Bonaldi et al a2004, Liu et al a2008 [macroscopic quantum oscillators].
> Related topics: see higher-dimensional gravity; kaluza-klein theory; modified lorentz symmetry; types of quantum states [cat states].

Other Matter-Related Effects > s.a. effects on geometry [horizons], gravity and astrophysics [gravitational collapse], particle properties; physical constants.
@ Interferometry: Percival pw(97)mar, & Strunz PRS(97)qp [atoms]; Power & Percival PRS(00)qp/98; Peters et al Nat(99)aug + pn(99)sep; Ng IJMPD(02)gq-GRF; Hogan a1303 [massive bodies in a quantum geometry]; Albrecht et al PRA(14)-a1403 [nanodiamond interferometry]; Kwon & Hogan CQG(16)-a1410; Benatti et al IJQI(17)-a1711 [noisy effects]; Parikh et al a2010, a2010 [stochastic noise]; Toroš et al a2008 [loss of coherence].
@ Nucleons: Carlson & Carone PLB(01) [low-scale quantum gravity and decay]; Frank et al PLB(04)nt/03 [neutron scattering]; > s.a. neutron interferometry.
@ Nuclear physics: Sudarsky et al PRL(02)gq, PRD(03)gq/02 [fermions]; Dotti & Gleiser PRD(03)gq; Bojowald et al PRD(08)-a0710 [lqg and nucleosynthesis].
@ Parity, chirality: Freidel et al PRD(05)ht/05 [torsion and parity violation]; news ns(11)mar [graviton handedness and the cmb].
@ On quantum field theory: Magnon CQG(88) [infrared divergences]; Carmona & Cortes PRD(02)ht/00 [cutoffs]; Bahns et al CMP(03) [ultraviolet-finite form]; Dowker et al MPLA(04)gq/03 [Lorentz-invariant diffusion]; Folkerts PLB(12) [asymptotic freedom in Yang-Mills theory]; Marochnik et al JModP(13)-a1306 [graviton-ghost condensates on cosmological scales]; Hogan a1312 [and spatial structure of quantum field states]; Kirillov & Savelova GRG(15)-a1405 [spacetime foam and effective action for a free scalar field]; Doplicher et al PRD(17)-a1610 [gauge theory and dark matter].
@ Atoms: Maziashvili & Silagadze IJMPD(10)-a0812 [hydrogen atom and harmonic oscillator]; Rivas et al PRD(11)-a1105 [hydrogen atom, hyperfine structure]; Dos Santos et al JPP(13)-a1301 [cold]; Cheng et al PRD(19)-a1906 [accelerated atom and spacetime fluctuations].
@ Molecules, gases: Ghosh et al PRA(06)qp/05 [molecular state evolution]; Castellanos & Camacho GRG(09)-a0810 [critical points in bosonic gas]; Haine a1810 [ultracold]; Villalpando & Modak a1901 [large molecular wave packets]; Wani et al a1904 [lqg effects].
@ Larger scales: Onofrio & Viola MPLA(97)qp; Magueijo PRD(06)gq [systems with bulk energy EP]; van Wezel & Oosterkamp PRS(12)-a0912 [nanoscale experiments]; Ford et al PRL(16)-a1512 [quantum gravitational force between polarizable objects]; Belenchia et al PRD(17)-a1611 [non-locality and optomechanical experiments]; Hansson & Francois IJMPD(17)-a1710 [macroscopic quantum systems]; Carney et al CQG(19)-a1807 [matter-wave and optomechanical systems]; Diósi JPCS(19)-a1903; Krisnanda et al npjQI(19)-a1906 [theory of gravitationally-induced entanglement]; Marshman et al PRA(20)-a1907 [linearized gravity, tabletop experiments]; Kumar & Plenio nComm(20)-a1908 [scaling of effects with particle number]; Howl et al PRXQ(21)-a2004 [with a single quantum system]; Brown et al a1911 [holographic teleportation]; Kent PRD(21)-a2010; Nezami et al a2102 [teleportation by size]; > s.a. entanglement and gravity; entanglement phenomenology.
@ Bose-Einstein condensates: Lindner & Peres PRA(05) [gravitational field]; Wang et al AIP(12)-a1002 [gravitational Lamb shift]; Briscese et al EPL(12)-a1204, Castellanos EPL(13)-a1212 [Planck-scale effects]; Howl et al NJP(19)-a1812 [single BEC in a superposition of two locations]; Das & Fridman a2104.
@ Macroscopic objects: Hogan a1307, a1307 [noise in massive body position associated with quantum geometry]; Amelino-Camelia PRL(13)-a1304 [challenges]; Arzano & Kowalski-Glikman PLB(17)-a1704 [non-commutativity effects on two-source potentials]; Carlesso et al a1710 [Cavendish-type experiment]; Belenchia et al a1905-GRF [Newtonian-like gravitational field]; Carlesso et al NJP(19)-a1906 [gravitational field of a quantum superposition].
> Related topics: see 3D quantum gravity; Anisotropy of Spacetime; cosmological effects; correlations; Covariance; CP violation; CPT symmetry; dirac fields; early-universe cosmology [baryogenesis]; gravitational-wave interferometers; particle statistics; torsion in physical theories; types of quantum field theories.

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