Black-Hole Radiation  

In General > s.a. black holes and information; quantum field theory in curved spacetime.
* Idea: An equilibrium black hole emits thermal radiation corresponding to a temperature TH; This is an instance of a purely kinematic result from quantum field theory in a curved background Lorentzian geometry containing an event horizon, stating that certain observers will detect a thermal particle state, with temperature depending on horizon properties.
* Mechanism: In the black-hole case, the current evaporation scenario holds that the Hawking energy flux is powered by pair creation at the horizon; The radiation is interpreted by relaxing the energy conditions that would forbid negative energy particles and a decrease of black-hole area, and one concludes that a black hole can radiate energy by creating in its field particle-antiparticle pairs, and swallowing the negative energy particles.
* Trans-planckian issue: Because of the infinite gravitational redshift, Hawking quanta emerge from configurations with ultrahigh (trans-Planckian) frequencies at the event horizon; Therefore Hawking radiation cannot be derived within a low-energy effective theory, and all derivations make some assumptions concerning Planck scale physics.
* History: Precursors were Paul Davies' acceleration radiation, and W Unruh's spontaneous radiation from rotation.
* Evaporation time: As a consequence of the radiation, a black hole evaporates in a time tH ~ 2560π M 3/Nf\(\hbar\) = 640 NBM/Nf, where Nf = effective number of distinct radiated field modes, and NB:= 4π M2/\(\hbar\) the Bekenstein number, equal to the entropy for non-rotating black holes.
blue bullet Related topics: see black-hole analogs; phenomenology and approaches; radiation from quantum black holes [and quantum gravity effects]; unruh effect.

References > s.a. black holes; black-hole phenomenology; thermodynamics for different types of black holes.
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> Endpoint of evaporation: see black holes and information [endpoint, remnant]; quantum black hole radiation [transition to white hole].

Arguments for Modified or No Radiation / Evaporation
* T D Lee 1986: Argued that the thermal state is a consequence of a particular choice of state; But, contrary to what he says, it will show up, no matter what state we start with (see also "no hair" theorems), and we cannot have access to information from inside a black hole (we can if somehow we knew already what went inside it).
* A Helfer 2000: Black-hole radiation is suppressed by quantum back-reaction effects on matter, and thus on black-hole geometry, that set in even at lower energies than the ones involved in black-hole radiation calculations.
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@ Non-thermal spectrum: Parikh MGX(06)-ht/04 [energy conservation]; Dai & Liu LMP(07)

"Since black holes behave like black bodies, they are not black" – S W Hawking

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