Pilot-Wave Quantum Theory: Systems and Phenomenology  

Specific Types of Systems > s.a. pilot-wave interpretation; quantum black holes; quantum oscillators.
* Idea: The pilot-wave interpretation has inspired a flurry of quantum trajectory methods in the computational chemistry field.
@ General references: Stomphorst PLA(02) [potential wells, transmission / reflection]; Hyman et al JPA(04) [discrete operators]; Mousavi & Golshani PS(08)-a0804 [2-level atom in classical field]; Matzkin FP(09)-a0806 [square billiard, classical-quantum correspondence]; Timko & Vrscay FP(09) [two electrons in a helium atom]; Figalli et al a1202 [WKB analysis]; Benseny et al EPJD(14)-a1406 [rev and applications, including quantum chemistry].
@ Quantum potential: Dewdney & Hiley FP(82) [and 1D scattering]; Garbaczewski PLA(92) [from realistic Brownian particle motions]; Carroll qp/04, qp/04 [survey], gq/05 [and quantum fluctuations, Weyl tensor]; Delle Site PhyB(04)qp [many-particle Bohm quantum potential]; Grössing PhyA(09)-a0808 [thermodynamic origin]; > s.a. quantum measurement.
@ Spinning particles: Norsen AJP(14)apr-a1305; Bartley a1609 [Dirac particle]; > s.a. pilot-wave interpretation [relativistic].
@ Solutions: Berndl et al CMP(95); Frisk PLA(97) [types]; Appleby FP(99)qp [isolated particle].
@ In curved spacetime: Squires PLA(94) [mixed states and closed timelike curves]; Tumulka a0708, GRG(10)-a0808 [with singularities].
@ Other backgrounds: Gluza & Kosek FP(16)-a1606 [discrete space and time].

Non-Equilibrium Theory > s.a. types of quantum field theories [non-equilibrium]; black holes and information.
@ General references: Nikolić JPCS(07)ht/06; > s.a. quantum field theory.
@ Oscillators: Kandhadai & Valentini FP-a1609 [perturbed 2D harmonic oscillator, (non-)relaxation].
@ Cosmology: Valentini in(96); Valentini a0804, PRD(10)-a0805; Colin & Valentini PRD(15)-a1407 [large-scale cosmic anomalies]; Underwood & Valentini PRD(15)-a1409 [theory of relic non-equilibrium fields]; Valentini a1510 [statistical anisotropies from quantum relaxation]; Underwood & Valentini a1609 [anomalous spectral lines of relic cosmological particles]; Valentini a2104 [quantum gravity and detection of Born-rule violations]; > s.a. cosmological perturbations.

Quantum Field Theories > s.a. dirac fields; modified approaches to quantum gravity.
@ General references: Nikolić JPCS(07)ht/06; Dürr et al a1809 [with interior-boundary conditions]; > s.a. quantum field theory.
@ Quantum cosmology: Vink NPB(92); Horiguchi MPLA(94); Błaut & Kowalski-Glikman CQG(96)gq/95, gq/96; Shtanov PRD(96); Valentini in(96); Pinto & Santini PRD(99)gq/98, GRG(02)gq/00; Pinto-Neto FP(05)gq/04-fs [rev]; Shojai & Shirinifard IJMPD(05)gq [classical limit]; Shojai & Shojai IJMPD(09)-a0708 [in lqc]; Monerat et al PLA(10) [FLRW model with a negative cosmological constant and cosmic strings]; Carroll a1010; Pinto-Neto & Fabris CQG(13)-a1306 [rev]; Lashin MPLA(16)-a1505; Struyve sRep(17)-a1703 [lqc, Bohmian formulation and singularities]; Pinto-Neto & Struyve a1801-in; > s.a. cosmological effects of quantum gravity [inflation]; quantum cosmological perturbations.

Effects > s.a. dissipative systems; Klein Paradox; quantum effects [arrival time] and tunneling; zeno effect.
* And experiment: It is useful to look for effects for which standard quantum theory makes no prediction while the pilot-wave theory does, such as tunneling times.
@ And non-locality: Rice AJP(97)feb; Khrennikov qp/03, Toyama & Matsuura PS(06) [correlations]; Sanz & Miret-Artés ChemPL(07)qp; Braverman & Simon PRL(13)-a1207 [illustration with entangled photons].
@ And interference: Philippidis et al NCB(79) [quantum potential]; Guay & Marchildon JPA(03)qp [two-particle]; Santini & Chiappe a1801 [2-slit].
@ Chaos: Wisniacki et al EPL(03)qp [classically chaotic]; Efthymiopoulos & Contopoulos JPA(06); Efthymiopoulos et al JPA(07)-a0709 [transition to chaos]; Efthymiopoulos et al PRE(09)-a0903 [and critical points of quantum flow]; Cesa et al JPA(16)-a1603 [chaotic Bohmian trajectories for stationary states]; Contopoulos & Tzemos RCD(20)-a2009 [rev]; > s.a. chaotic systems.
@ And measurement: de Broglie et al FP(76); Zeh FP(88), Brown & Wallace FP(05) [vs many-worlds]; Stone PhSc(94)jun, discussion PhSc(95)sep; Lewis BJPS(07), PhSc(07)dec; Wiseman NJP(07), Dürr et al JSP(09)-a0808 [weak measurement of velocity]; Naaman-Marom et al AP(12) [position]; Gondran & Gondran a1309 [pedagogical]; > s.a. types of measurement [continuous].
@ Experiments, tests: Vigier LNC(80); Bohm et al Nat(85)may [delayed choice]; Croca FP(87), et al FPL(88); Wang et al PRL(91) [against]; Utsuro & Ignatovich PLA(98) [neutron]; Smith qp/98 [for]; Golshani & Akhavan qp/00, qp/01, JPA(01)qp/01, qp/01; Ghose Pra(02)qp/01; Struyve & De Baere qp/01-proc, reply Ghose qp/02; Brida et al JPB(02)qp [results]; d'Espagnat qp/03 [and Schrödinger's cat]; Gondran & Gondran qp/06/PRA [identical particles]; Jiang & Ke a1008; Chen a1403 [new radiation mechanism]; Vervoort FP(18)-a1701 [and the Bell inequalities]; Ratajczak a2008 [falsification claim]; > s.a. experiments in quantum mechanics [including delayed-choice].
@ Classical analog: Couder & Fort PRL(06) [macroscopic "walker" droplets bouncing on a vibrated bath]; news gm(15)dec [experiment].
@ Effects of empty waves: Hardy PLA(92); Wechsler qp/03; Vaidman FP(05)qp/03; Wechsler a1008.
@ Related topics: Brown et al PLA(99) [identical particles]; Bedard PhSc(99)jun [material objects]; Riggs JPA(99) [energy-momentum transfer]; Appleby FP(99)qp [decoherence]; Barrett qp/00-conf, PhSc(00)dec [surreal trajectories]; Nogami et al PLA(00)qp [decay]; Butterfield in(04)qp/02 [Hamilton-Jacobi]; Dürr et al JSP(04)qp/03 [observables]; Tausk & Tumulka JMP(10)-a0806 [can an electron reach speed c?]; Huggett & Vistarini Man-a0905 [entanglement exchange]; Miranda PS(09) [nuclear and particle physics]; Sanz JPCS(12)-a1202 [non-crossing property and quantum probability tubes]; Sanz a1801 [in chemistry, rev]; > s.a. geometric phase; quantum technology [teleportation]; semiclassical quantum mechanics [including macroscopic objects].

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