Quantum Technology  

In General > s.a. microscopes; technology [molecular devices].
* Idea: 2019, "The second quantum revolution is in full swing and promises to revolutionize areas such as computation, communication, metrology, and imaging".
@ Books and reviews: Bardeen PT(90)dec [macroscopic quantum phenomena]; Perkowitz ThSc(95)jan; Milburn 97; Dowling & Milburn qp/02; Erhard et al a1911 [technological developments with entangled photonic systems].
@ Related topics: Hogg & Chase qp/96-proc [smart matter]; Benioff PRA(98)qp [robots]; Boto et al PRL(00)qp/99 [etching, entangled gammas]; Blencowe PRP(04) [quantum electromechanical systems]; Hillmer & Kwiat SA(07)may [quantum eraser]; Hillery & Buzek CP(09) [quantum machines]; Yang et al PRS-a1804 [quantum stopwatch]; Siddiqi et al Phys(20) [quantum literacy]; Hull et al a2012 [quantum computing and quantum money, for economists]; Laucht et al a2101-in [quantum nanotechnologies, roadmap]; > s.a. macroscopic quantum systems.

Quantum Dots
* Idea: Structures in which electrons are confined in all three dimensions, so that energies are quantized (like the square well!); Essentially tiny pools of electrons in semiconductors that act as artificial atoms; Luminescence from single, nm-sized InAs dots excited by a He-Ne laser has been observed.
* Production: They can be made litographically, by etching with electron beams, or by "growing".
* Applications: Read and write data with bursts of laser light; > s.a. technology [solar].
@ References: Reed SA(93)jan; Turton 95; Schmiedmayer EPJD(98)qp; NS(98)aug29 [as atoms]; Shankar JSP(06).

Quantum Cryptography > s.a. Cryptology; minkowski spacetime [position-based cryptography] / formulations of quantum mechanics.
* 2000: Three groups show use of entangled photons to create secret codes.
@ Intros, reviews: Hughes et al CP(95); Hughes & Nordholt pw(99)may; Gottesman & Lo PT(00)nov; Volovich & Volovich qp/01-ln; Stix SA(05)jan; Dusek et al PiO(06)qp [intro]; Brassard qp/06-proc [history]; Ma PhD(08)-a0808; Lütkenhaus & Shields NJP(09)#4; Dodson et al a0905-rp; Qi et al a1002-ch [for engineers]; Fehr FP(10); Hjelme et al a1108-ch [intro]; Pirandola et al a1906 [rev].
@ General references: Ekert PRL(91); Bennett PRL(92), et al PRL(92); Ardehali PLA(96)qp/95; Lomonaco Crypt-qp/98; Ekert IJMPA(01) [and entanglement]; Gisin et al RMP(02)qp/01; Rudolph qp/02-talk [and quantum mechanics]; Gisin & Brunner qp/03-proc [with and without entanglement]; Bernstein a1803 [security?]; Boaron et al PRL(18) + Lucamarini Phy(18) [over 421 km].
@ Practical aspects: Elliott et al qp/03-in; Vazirani & Vidick PRL(14) + Phy(14) [device-independent quantum key distribution protocol].
@ Applications: Kent PRL(99)qp/98; news ns(14)apr [and cell phones].

Other Quantum Technology > s.a. quantum communication [including teleportation]; quantum computers; quantum information.
* Quantum cloning: 1982, Wootters-Zurek 'no-cloning' theorem, stating that it is possible only with some error.
* Quantum wells: Semiconductor sandwiches where electrons are confined to a plane; 1996, Already at work in devices.
* Quantum wires: Electrons restricted to 1D motion.
@ Quantum cloning: Wootters & Zurek Nat(82)oct [no cloning]; Lamas-Linares et al Sci(02)apr [single photon]; Daffertshofer et al PRL(02) [classical analog]; De Chiara et al PRA(04)qp [in spin networks]; Scarani et al RMP(05)qp; Cerf & Fiurasek qp/05-in [optical, rev]; Adami & Ver Steeg qp/06 [by black holes]; Chakrabarty et al IJTP(07)-a0706 [and superluminal signalling]; Conway & Kochen FP(10)-a0711 [no-triplets theorem]; Mermin a0808 [physicists' explanation]; Abramsky a0910-ch [and categorical quantum theory]; > s.a. Cloning [classical].
@ Quantum gambling: Goldenberg et al PRL(99)qp/98; & D Meyer.
@ Holography: Abouraddy et al OE(01) + pn(01)nov.
@ Positioning / ranging: Giovannetti et al Nat(01)qp, PRA(02)qp/01 [using entangled photons]; Bahder qp/04.
> Other types: see clocks; electronic technology; optical technology.

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