Black Holes and Information  

In General > s.a. black holes [as computers]; black-hole thermodynamics; gravitational collapse; CPT theorem; quantum black holes.
* Information loss paradox: There is an apparent paradox in the fact that, after a black hole has formed, evaporated (with creation of a mixed state), and disappeared, most the information about what went in it has disappeared with it, since the thermal radiation is in a mixed state and can't carry the information.
* History: Various authors, including Hawking in 2004 with a well-publicized announcement, have suggested that the resolution lies in quantum correlations; 2016, An article by Hawking, Perry and Strominger suggests that the answer might be in the soft hair a black hole can have, and in the related fact that the vacuum state for quantum gravity in a black-hole background is not unique.
* And observation: If one takes into account what is actually seen in the processes of black-hole formation and objects falling into already formed black holes, one reaches the conclusion that (i) Unless there were black holes from the beginning no fully formed ones can be seen, what one sees instead are "frozen stars", and (ii) No matter can be "lost" beyond the horizon.
* And CPT: The evaporation process indicates that there is a preferred arrow of time, along which there is a loss of information in the total process of black-hole formation and evaporation.

Related Topics and Phenomena > s.a. black-hole radiation and properties [entropy]; time in quantum gravity.
@ And locality: Giddings & Lippert PRD(04)ht; Giddings MPLA(07)-a0705-GRF; Giddings CQG(11)-a0911 [non-locality vs complementarity]; Giddings PRD(12)-a1201; Kandhadai & Valentini a1912 [non-local flow of non-equilibrium in pilot-wave quantum theory].
@ Radiation and unitarity: Page PRL(93)ht, IJMPD(94); Kiefer et al MPLA(94); Yurtsever & Hockney qp/03; Adami & Ver Steeg CQG-gq/04 [with stimulated emission]; Horowitz & Maldacena JHEP(04) [final state boundary conditions]; Casher & Raz a0705 [models of remnants]; Hsu a1302 [and macroscopic superpositions]; Lloyd & Preskill JHEP(14)-a1308 [in final-state projection models]; Jacobson IJMPD(13); Nikolić JCAP(15)-a1502 [and energy-momentum conservation]; > s.a. Unitarity.
@ And measurements / accessible information: Itzhaki CQG(95)ht, PRD(96)ht/95; Vachaspati et al PRD(07)gq/06 + sr(07)jun [quantum formation, no loss of information seen by observers]; Mathur a1104; Zhang et al PRD(13)-a1302 [towards experimental tests]; Ramakrishna & Narayan a1707 [delayed-choice double slit experiment].
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@ And AdS-cft: Lowe & Thorlacius PRD(99); Lunin & Mathur NPB(02); Maia IJMPD(05)gq-GRF; Pando IJMPD(14)-a1405-GRF [and quantum chaos].
@ And decoherence: Kiefer gq/03-proc; Gambini et al IJMPD(04)ht/04 [relational time], PRL(04)ht [realistic clocks]; Hsu & Reeb PRD(09)-a0903 [vs collapse]; Hsu JPCS(10)-a1003; Agarwal & Bao a1912; > s.a. black-hole analogs.
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References > s.a. black-hole geometry; information theory / quantum field theory in curved spacetime [statistical aspects].
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@ And strings / branes: Mathur IJMPD(02)ht-GRF, ht/04-in [branes]; Amati LNP(08)-ht/06; Mathur Pra(12)-a1201-proc; > s.a. string phenomenology.
@ Tunneling proposal: Singleton et al JHEP(10)-a1005 [quantum corrections and back-reaction]; Roy & Rahat a1406 [it does not resolve the paradox].
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@ Information recovery: Balasubramanian & Czech CQG(11)-a1102 [quantitative approaches]; Lochan & Padmanabhan PRL(16)-a1507 [from the radiation]; Hawking a1509-talk [supertranslations; information recoverable in principle, but lost for all practical purposes]; Mersini-Houghton CQG(16)-a1511 [and entropy].
@ Related topics: Page ht/94 [speculative, and consciousness]; Hod PLA(02)gq/00 [and discreteness]; Nieuwenhuizen & Volovich ht/05 [different entropies]; Srikanth & Hebri QIP(08)-a0705 [and Gödel incompleteness]; Müller et al JHEP(12)-a1206, FP(14) [in generalized probabilistic theories]; Kay a1209 [incompleteness of argument, and remedy]; Nomura et al PRD(13); Gyongyosi IJQI-a1311 [statistical communication model]; Brádler & Adami JHEP(14)-a1310 [transmission of quantum information]; Freivogel JCAP(14)-a1401 [and the firewall]; Ong a1602-proc [and the black-hole interior]; Baccetti et al Ent(17)-a1610 [problems, comments]; Wüthrich a1708-in [information-theoretic notions are problematic]; Nikolić a1802-GRF [without radiation]; Hod a1811 [in higher-dimensional spacetimes]; Giddings a1905 [and gravitational-wave observations]; > s.a. black-hole hair; Fuzzballs.
> Online resources: hear & see Hawking's second Reith lecture.

"Not only does God play with dice, but he sometimes throws them where they can't be seen" – S W Hawking

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