Classical Electromagnetism: Matter and Solutions  

Particles and Extended Objects > s.a. Electrodynamics; Maxwell-Lorentz Equations; monopoles; radiation; Thomas Precession.
@ General references: Bogolubov et al a1204 [Lagrangian and Hamiltonian aspects of electrodynamic vacuum-field theory models].
@ Dipoles: Anandan Nat(97)ht/98, PRL(00)ht/99 [interactions]; Power & Thirunamachandran PRS(01), PRS(01) [field]; Pospelov & Ritz AP(05) [values, and CP violation]; Troncoso & Curilef EJP(06) [in a magnetic field]; Kholmetskii et al EJP(11) [force on a moving dipole]; > s.a. distributions.
@ Other types of particles: Zatorski & Pachucki PRA(10) [finite-size spinning particles]; Dewar & Leykam PPCF(12)-a1107-conf [dressed test particles]; Galeriu a1509 [electric charge, modeled by infinitesimal length elements, in hyperbolic motion]; > s.a. particle models; relativistic particle [charged].
@ Extended objects: Stöckel mp/07 [extended charged particle in electromagnetic field, covariant equations of motion]; Kholmetskii & Yarman EJP(08) [fluid moving in an external electromagnetic field, apparent paradoxes]; Gralla et al PRD(10)-a1004 ["bobbing" and "kicks", and gravity]; Van Kortryk a1410 [line segment, history].
> Related topics: see early-universe nucleosynthesis [electromagnetic cascades and lithium]; general relativity solutions [with current loops]; particle effects [creation].

Fields in Extended Media > s.a. electricity; electromagnetic field dynamics; QED phenomenology [quantum theory].
* Permittivity: The second-rank tensor εij (often symmetric with three equal eigenvalues, εij = diag(ε, ε, ε) and identified with a scalar) such that D = ε E.
* Dielectric constant: The ratio κ = E0/E > 1 between the fields E0 without dielectric and E with dielectric, produced by the same charges.
* Field strength: The tensor I ab = Z abcd Fcd , where Z ijkl = \(1\over2\)εijm εkln μ−1mn and Z 0i0j = −Z 0ij0 = Z i0j0 = −Z i00j −\(1\over2\)εij , is sometimes used (> see black-hole analogs).
* Electroacoustic effect: When an acoustic wave propagates through an electrically conducting surface, it can drag electric charge along with it, just as wind drags autumn leaves along a street.
@ General references: Robinson 73; Hehl & Obukhov phy/00 [D, H, E, B]; Wesenberg & Molmer PRL(04)qp [random dipole distribution]; Leung & Ni EJP(08) [on derivation]; Neilson & Senatore ed JPA(09)#21 [strongly-coupled systems]; E et al a1010 [effective Maxwell equations in perfect crystals, from time-dependent density functional theory]; Mansuripur 11 [macroscopic equations as the foundation of classical electrodynamics]; Schuster & Visser PRD(17)-a1706 [fully covariant description]; Partanen & Tulkki PRA(18)-a1803 [non-dispersive, angular momentum]; Oue JMO(19)-a1906 [electromagnetism in a medium at finite temperature].
@ Permittivity: Cancès et al a1010-proc [and microscopic crystal structure]; Mainland & Mulligan a1810 [of the vacuum, calculation].
@ Dielectric constant: Ravndal a0804, Niez AP(10) [effective theory]; > s.a. water.
@ Moving media: Hertzberg et al AJP(01)jun-gq [rotating dielectric and special relativity]; Red'kov & Spix ht/06-proc [uniform]; Banerjee et al AJP(09)may [two charged conducting spheres orbiting each other]; Canovan & Tucker AJP(10)nov [uniformly rotating dielectric]; Goto et al PRS(11), PRS(11) [inhomogeneous rotating media and the Abraham and Minkowski tensors]; Itin AP(12) [covariant matching conditions on an arbitrarily-moving surface between two media].
@ Dispersive media: Tip JMP(06) [and absorptive]; Mostafazadeh PLA(10) [and inhomogeneous, wave propagation]; Cassier et al a1703; > s.a. dispersion.
@ Non-linear media: Babin & Figotin CMP(03); Konopelchenko & Moro JPA(04) [geometric optics].
@ Inhomogeneous media: Kravchenko ZAA-mp/01 [quaternion formulation]; Dereli et al PLA(07) [covariant framework].
@ Waves in other media: Kravchenko & Oviedo mp/01 [chiral]; De Lorenci & Souza PLB(01)gq [effective geometry]; Masood & Saleem IJMPA(17)-a1607 [extremely dense media]; > s.a. radiation.
@ With other fields: Masmoudi & Nakanishi CMP(03) [Maxwell-Dirac and Maxwell-Klein-Gordon, uniqueness]; Antoniou G&C(17)-a1508 [coupling to a scalar field]; Esen et al a1607 [Hamiltonian coupling]; > s.a. chern-simons theory.
@ Quantization: Philbin NJP(10)-a1009 [macroscopic, canonical]; Horsley PRA(11)-a1106 [magnetoelectric media].
@ Related topics: Bastian PT(94)feb [in fish]; Eisenberg SA(98)jun [defibrillation]; news PT(00)may, news pw(07)mar [ε < 0]; Ilisavskii et al PRL(01) + pn(01)sep [anomalous electroacoustic effect]; Perlick JMP(11)-a1011 [constitutive laws for symmetric hyperbolic equations]; > s.a. Continuous Media; earth [atmosphere]; technology [ferroelectrics]; energy-momentum; Insulators; light; magnetic effects [magnetodielectric materials]; phenomenology of magnetism [including force-free fields]; physics teaching and labs [measurements].

Methods and Solutions > s.a. duality; electromagnetism in curved spacetime; forms; gauge theory solutions; laplace equation; lattice gauge theories.
* Waves: Notice that, becuse of the coupling between electromagnetism and gravity, all electromagnetic waves are also gravitational waves!
* Remark: There are only 11 separable problems (coordinate systems), only 4 of which are not axisymmetric.
@ Retarded fields: & Chubykalo & Vlaev, comment Škovrlj & Ivezić IJMPA(02), Jackson IJMPA(02).
@ Zero-energy solution: Chubykalo MPLA(98); Dvoeglazov in(00)phy/99.
@ Superluminal solutions: Capelas de Oliveira & Rodrigues PLA(01)mp; Zamboni-Rached et al PRE(01)phy/00, EPJD(02)phy/01, PRE(03)phy/02 [wave guide].
@ Singularities: Barletta & Dragomir PS(14) [propagation along characteristics].
@ Other solutions: Katsenelenbaum SPU(94) [approximate]; Białynicki-Birula & Białynicka-Birula PRA(03) [with vortex lines]; Lynden-Bell PRD(04) [relativistic rotating disk]; Huttunen et al JCP(07) [ultra weak variational formulation]; Padmanabhan AJP(09)feb [field of moving charge]; Kijowski & Podles JGP(09) [near arbitrarily moving multipole particle]; Ardavan et al JMP(09)-a0908 [moving source]; Ortaggio & Pravda CQG(16)-a1506 [with vanishing scalar invariants]; Cvitan et al CQG(16)-a1508 [in spacetimes with symmetries]; Ortaggio & Pravda PLB(18)-a1708 [with vanishing quantum corrections].
@ Waves: Walker & Dual gq/97 [longitudinally oscillating]; Bičák & Schmidt PRD(07)-a0803 [with helical symmetry]; Mansuripur PRA(11)-a1205 [spin and orbital angular momentum]; Testa AP(13) [momentum inside a dielectric]; Cooperstock IJMPD(15)-GRF [and gravitational waves]; > s.a. momentum [field momentum]; particles [field configurations as particle models]; wave phenomenology.
@ Electromagnetic wave memory: Bieri & Garfinkle CQG(13)-a1307; Susskind a1507 [elementary derivation and proposed setup].
@ Boundary-value problems: Balean & Bartnik PRS(98) [null/timelike boundary]; Reula & Sarbach JHDE(05)gq/04 [as model for general relativity].
@ Related topics: Ferraro AJP(97)may [Lorentz transformations]; Mosley JMP(98) [two complex Us]; Costa De Beauregard FP(04) [status/measurement of A]; Moses JMP(04) [using irreducible representations of Poincaré group]; > s.a. aharonov-bohm effect.
> Related topics: see differential equations [fractional, for fields in dielectric media]; fluctuations; Image Charge; paradigms in physics [hierarchical].
> Specific solutions and phenomena: see electromagnetism [knotted solutions]; green's functions; solitons; Thomson Scattering.

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