Black-Hole Analogs and Mimickers  

In General > s.a. black holes [alternatives]; emergent gravity [and analog models of spacetime]; Fuzzballs; Gravastar; modified general relativity.
* Idea: Black-hole analogs and mimickers are objects that may solve Hawking's information-loss paradox and the singularity problem associated with black holes, while reproducing almost all of their classical properties; They are, however, generically unstable on relatively short timescales.
* Remark: Black holes are like spacetime rivers, in that their geometry can be viewed as if space were a moving medium rushing towards their singularities; Horizons are formed where the flow speed exceeds the speed of light such that nothing can escape anymore.
* Black-hole analogs: Systems in which perturbations of a medium (usually acoustic or electromagnetic waves) cannot leave a region of space, for reasons other than spacetime curvature due to gravity; Can often be modeled by an effective curved geometry, and are useful for studying features of black holes, including their possible realization in the lab.
* Black-hole-mimicking spacetimes: Curved spacetimes with properties that make them look like black holes in some ways; 2018, The existing stochastic background constraints from LIGO and Virgo show that black holes are very black, although some shades of grey may still be allowed; While 100% reflection from the horizon is ruled out, smaller reflection coefficients may still be possible depending on the spin of the object.
@ General references: Novello et al CQG(03)gq/02 [flowing dielectrics]; Jacobson & Koike cm/02-ch [thin film of 3He-A]; Novello et al ed-02; Schützhold CQG(08)-a1004 [rev]; Schützhold ASL(09)-a1004 [recreating fundamental effects]; Crowther et al Syn-a1811 [what we cannot learn].
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@ Black-hole-mimickers / doubles: Lemos & Zaslavskii PRD(08)-a0806; Guzmán & Rueda-Becerril PRD(09) [boson stars]; Kovács & Harko PRD(10)-a1011 [naked singularities, using accretion disks]; Stadnik et al EPJC(13)-a1210 [resonant scattering of light]; Marunović & Murković CQG(14)-a1308 [boson star and global monopole]; Cardoso et al PRL(16) + news pw(16)apr [mimicking the ringdown signal from black-hole merger]; Holdom & Ren PRD(17)-a1612; Barausse et al CQG(18) [partial reflectivity bounds]; Konoplya et al PRD(19)-a1905 [Schwarzschild stars]; Salvio & Veermäe JCAP(20)-a1912 [quadratic gravity, horizonless ultracompact objects]; Lemos & Zaslavskii a2007 [compact objects, quasiblack holes]; Novikov & Repin AR(21)-a2009 [wormholes, comparing spatial properties]; Mazza et al JCAP(21)-a2102 [rotating solutions]; Herdeiro et al JCAP(21)-a2102 [Proca stars].
@ Distinguishing from black holes: Akhmedov et al PRD(16)-a1601 [energy levels for massive fields]; Cardoso et al PRD(19)-a1907; Mitra et al ASS(21)-a1908; Shaikh et al a2102 [shadows].
@ Perturbations: Eskin JMP-a0905 [of Kerr black holes]; > s.a. Ergoregion [instabilities].

Analogs, for Acoustic Waves > s.a. sound [differential-geometric approach].
* Idea: Fluid-dynamic analogs of general-relativistic black holes, where the behavior of sound waves in a moving fluid acts as an analog for scalar fields in a gravitational background; The analog of the event horizon occurs where the bulk speed of the fluid coincides with the propagation speed of acoustic waves in the fluid.
* Motivation: Acoustic horizons possess many of the properties normally associated with the event horizons of general relativity, including Hawking radiation, and have received much attention because it would seem to be much easier to experimentally create an acoustic horizon than to create an event horizon; However, so far (2005) the Hawking temperature seems to be too low for radiation to be detected, \(T^{~}_{\rm H} \approx (10^{-9}/r^{~}_{\rm H}({\rm m}))\) K, because the thermal noise would be too high.
@ Reviews, intros: Visser gq/99-proc; Cardoso phy/05-conf; Jacobson & Parentani SA(05)dec; Lemos a1312-ch [rotating].
@ General references: Jacobson & Volovik PRD(98)cm, JETPL(98)gq [3He]; Parentani IJMPA(02)gq-proc; Cadoni CQG(05) [2D]; Cadoni & Mignemi PRD(05)gq [with singular source]; Ge & Sin JHEP(10)-a1001 [for relativistic fluids]; Ge et al IJMPD(11)-a1010 [from supercurrent tunneling, Josephson effect]; Vieira & Bezerra a1406; Ge et al PRD(15)-a1508 [not merely an analogy]; Michel et al PRD(16)-a1511 [no-hair theorems]; Patrick a2009-PhD [bathtub vortices].
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@ Other specific examples: Hossenfelder PLB(16) [planar black hole in AdS].
@ Back-reaction: Balbinot et al PRL(05)gq/04, PRD(05)gq/04, NCB(06)gq; Fagnocchi JPCS(06)gq, gq/06-conf.
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@ Laval nozzles: Furuhashi et al CQG(06)gq; Okuzumi & Sakagami PRD(07)gq [quasinormal ringing, simulations].
@ Other variations: Mayoral et al NJP(11) [white holes, in flowing atomic Bose-Einstein condensates]; Prain & Faraoni a1403 [re turbulent fluid flow].

Analogs, for Electromagnetic Waves
* Optical black holes with fluid vortices: Trap light inside vortices of fluid that whirl at speeds close to the speed of light in the medium (possibly real slow); According to Leonhardt, light brought to a standstill in a gas should produce a singularity analogous to the event horizon of a black hole, and emit pairs of photons similar to Hawking radiation.
* Optical black holes with dielectrics: A dielectric characterized by an electric permittivity εij and magnetic permeability μij, in terms of which the effective fields inside the material are described by the field strength I ab = Z abcd Fcd (> see electromagnetism in media), will behave like a curved geometry gab if Z abcd = (g/γ)1/2 (gac gbdgad gbc).
@ General references: Reznik PRD(00)gq/97 [radiation]; Schäfer & Sauerbrey ap/98 [high-intensity lasers]; Unruh & Schützhold PRD(03)gq [slow light]; Philbin et al Sci(08)-a0711, a0711 + news pw(08)mar [event horizon in optical fibers]; Nation et al PRL(09) + news sn(09)aug [using an array of SQUIDs]; Pereira & Moraes CEJP(11)-a0910 [flowing liquid crystal and equatorial section of Schwarzschild metric]; Belgiorno et al PRL(10) + Dudley & Skryabin Phy(10), comment Schützhold & Unruh PRL(11)-a1012 [using ultrashort laser pulse filaments], comment Liberati et al PRD(12)-a1111; news ns(13)sep [plastic black hole].
@ Radiation: Srinivasan & Padmanabhan gq/98 [from a moving mirror]; Schützhold & Unruh PRL(05)qp/04 [electromagnetic waveguide, proposal].
@ Optical black holes: Leonhardt & Piwnicki PRA(99)phy, PRL(00)cm/99 + pn(00)jan; Visser PRL(00)gq; Brevik & Halnes PRD(02)gq/01; Leonhardt Nat(02)phy/01, gq/01-ch; Royston & Gass gq/02 [with radial flow]; De Lorenci et al PRD(03); Hegde & Vishveshwara a1209 [analytical theory, and effectiuve Schwarzschild solution]; Finazzi & Carusotto PRA(14) [non-linear optical media]; Tinguely & Turner a1909 [Kerr-Newman black hole].
@ Dielectrics: Schützhold et al PRL(02)qp/01; Belgiorno et al PRD(11)-a1003, news disc(10)sep [and Hawking effect]; Belgiorno et al NJP(10)-a1006; Bittencourt et al CQG(14)-a1401 [static dielectrics].
@ Other types: Nguyen et al PRL(15) [analog black hole for microcavity polaritons]; Pikulin & Franz PRX(17) [solid state, black hole on a chip]; Blencowe & Wang PTRS(20)-a2003 [on a superconducting chip].

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