Physics Teaching by Subject: General Physics  

Physics for Non-Scientists > s.a. physics teaching [including physics in everyday life]; practical aspects.
@ Articles: Baierlein PT(95)mar; Dudley & Bold AJP(96)apr [top-down]; Hoffman & Jouny AJP(96)oct [music]; Duncan AJP(97)may; Follette et al Numer(15)-a1507 [Quantitative Reasoning for College Science assessment tool].
@ Texts, conceptual: Holton & Brush 01; Cassidy et al 02; Tavel 02; Swartz 03; Hobson 09 [5th ed]; Sadoff 09; Hassani 10.
@ Texts, special approaches: Rossing & Chiaverina 99 [for visual arts]; Logan 10 [literature, history, philosophy]; Gilbert & Haeberli 11 [art].

General Physics > s.a. computational physics.
* Topics: Should include elements of chaos, chance, error analysis.
@ General references: Kriss AJP(93)jan [structure of physics]; Rigden et al PT(93)apr; Di Stefano AJP(96)jan, AJP(96)jan [IUPP]; Gautreau & Novemsky AJP(97)may [OCS approach]; Allie & Buffler AJP(98)jul [tools and procedures]; Folan et al 03 [technology applications]; Orban & Teeling-Smith TPT(20)apr [computational thinking]; Winfrey PT(20)apr.
@ Algebra-based: Redish & Hammer AJP(09)jul [reinventing the course]; Lindenfeld & Brahmia 11 [r PT(12)jul recommended]; Henley & Dash 12 [r PT(12)dec not recommended, but see comments]; Meredith & Redish PT(13)jul [reinventing the course]; Hilborn AJP(14)may [physics and the revised MCAT]; Mochrie AJP(16)jul, Smith et al AJP(18)sep [for the life sciences].
@ Calculus-based: Laws PT(91)dec, AJP(97)jan [without lectures]; Amato PT(96)dec [re textbooks]; Hoellwarth & Moelter AJP(11)may [studio format]; McGinness & Savage AJP(16)sep [stationary action formulation of physics].
@ FCI: Hestenes et al TPT(92)mar; Caballero et al AJP(12)jul [assessing approaches]; Morris et al AJP(12)sep [item response curves analysis].
@ Problems: Thompson 87; Gnädig et al 16.
@ Special emphasis texts: Garcia et al 98 [computer science]; Benedek & Villars 00, 00, 00 [medical-biological, r PT(01)jul]; Folan et al 03 [applications]; Kane 09 [in medicine]; Holbrow et al 10 [modern, e1 r PT(01)may Roelofs]; Crouch & Heller AJP(14)may [for life sciences students].
@ Texts, calculus-based: Halliday et al 94; Fishbane et al 96; Chabay & Sherwood 02 [conceptual, r AJP(06)apr]; Wolfson 07 [concise, conceptual]; Agmon & Gluck 09.
@ Related topics: Chabay & Sherwood AJP(99)dec [integrating matter and thermodynamics]; Leff AJP(02)may [a = v2/r]; Shaffer & McDermott AJP(05)oct [v and a as vectors]; Brookes & Etkina PRST(09) [force]; Kortemeyer & Westfall AJP(09)oct [history of physics]; Mashood & Singh EJP(12) [rotational kinematics, misconceptions]; > s.a. symmetry.
> Online resources: see Decio Cocolicchio's site.

blue bullet More topics: see part I [mechanics including energy and gravity, fluids, waves, thermal physics]; part II [electromagnetism, optics, modern physics, cosmology]; physics [general references].

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