Thermodynamic Systems  

In General > s.a. thermodynamics [Hamiltonian approach].
@ Gases: Dib & Espinosa NPB(01)mp/00 [magnetized electron gas and Hurwitz zeta functions]; Ciccariello JMP(04) [ideal Fermi and Bose gas]; Kreuzer & Payne AJP(11)jan [heating a room].
@ Chaotic systems: Beck & Schlögl 95 [III]; Srednicki JPA(96)cd/95 [fluctuations, quantized].
@ Geometric: Leuzzi & Parisi JPA(00) [2D tiling model].
@ Continuum systems: Safran 94 [surfaces/membranes]; Wilmański 08; Muschik & von Borzeszkowski GRG(09) [relativistic]; Roundy & Rogers AJP(13)jan [rubber band, experiment]; Meier 14 [surfaces and interfaces]; > s.a. Continuous Media.
@ Small systems: Leboeuf & Monastra AP(02) [small Fermi systems]; Gross cm/04 [small microcanonical]; Korbel et al a2004 [with emergent structures]; > s.a. modified thernodynamics.
@ In curved spacetime: Chrobok & von Borzeszkowski GRG(05) [fluids]; Kothawala a1604-fs [universal curvature correction to the partition function].
@ Other systems: Gadiyar et al JPA(03)mp/02 [orthogonal and Hadamard matrices, entropy]; Boyer AJP(03)sep [harmonic oscillator, and black-body radiation]; Hartmann et al cm/04-ch [on nanoscale]; Tarasov IJMPB(05)-a0706 [few-particle systems]; Stacey RPP(10) [Earth]; Güémez & Fiolhais EJP(14) [rotating systems]; Zhu et al a1407 [irreversible, conservation-dissipation formalism]; Anahory Simoes et al a2004 [systems with friction, contact geometry].
@ Non-standard systems: Jizba & Arimitsu AIP(01)cm, AP(04)cm/02 [fractal systems]; Huang JHEP(09) [fermion and boson gases in non-commutative fuzzy spacetime]; Shariati et al JPA(10)-a1104 [Lie-type non-commutativity]; Najafizadeh & Saadat ChJP(13)-a1108 [in non-commutative phase space]; Quevedo et al EPJC(17)-a1701 [classification in terms of the homogeneity properties of their fundamental equations].
@ Discrete systems: Anders & Giovannetti NJP(13)-a1211 [discrete quantum processes]; Zürcher AJP(14)mar [2-state model of bread baking]; Sartori & Pigolotti PRX(15) [error correction]; > s.a. cell complex; graphs in physics; spin models.
> Other types of systems: see complexity; condensed matter [glass, liquids]; Gross-Neveu Model; Many-Body Systems; stochastic processes.
> More general systems: see computation; generalized thermodynamics [quantum, relativistic, nanoscale]; metamaterials [granular materials].

Engines and Related Devices > s.a. Heat Engine; Maxwell's Demon.
* Carnot cycle: All Carnot cycles between the same two temperatures have the same efficiency, η = (Q1Q2) / Q1 = (T1T2) / T1; Any other engine between the same temperatures is less efficient.
@ Carnot cycle: Lee AJP(01)aug [for photon gas]; Arnaud et al phy/03/AJP [history]; De Liberato & Ueda PRE(11)-a1007 [for non-equilibrium reservoirs]; Lucia PhyA(13) [meaning of the Carnot efficiency]; Johnson PRD(18)-a1703 [heat engine with efficiency close to Carnot engine and finite power].
@ Carnot cycle, quantum: Bender et al PRS(02)qp/01; Dillenschneider & Lutz EPL(09)-a0803v1 [improved efficiency].
@ Other devices: Linden et al PRL(10)-a0908 [smallest possible refrigerators]; Brandner et al PRL(13) + Prosen Phy(13) [efficiency of thermoelectric devices and breaking of time-reversal symmetry].

Field Theories > s.a. GUP phenomenology; string theory; types of field theories [thermal].
* Yang-Mills theory: One motivation for studying the thermodynamics of Yang-Mills theories is to understand the confinement phase transition.
* Cosmology: While the energy of the universe has been established to be about 0.04 baryons, 0.24 dark matter and 0.72 dark energy, the cosmological entropy (S/k = about a thousand googols) is almost entirely, about (1 − 10−15), from black holes (only 10−15 from everything else).
@ General references: Snoke et al AP(12) [basis for the second law, evolution toward equilibrium]; Giusti & Meyer JHEP(13)-a1211 [implications of Poincaré symmetry]; Piattella et al CQG(14)-a1309 [scalar field, thermodynamic quantities and speed of sound]; Kurihara et al JTAP(14)-a1312 [trajectories for a classical non-relativistic massive point particle, and classical mechanics as an equilibrium state of statistical mechanics]; Teixidó-Bonfill et al PRA(20)-a2008 [quantum fields, first law].
@ Scalar and spinor fields: Arda et al FBS(16)-a1510 [Klein-Gordon and Dirac fields]; Panerai PRD(16)-a1511 [equilibrium states in stationary spacetimes].
@ Electromagnetism, photon gas: Akkermans et al PRL(10)-a1010 [on a fractal]; Zhitnitsky PRD(13)-a1308 [Maxwell theory on a compact manifold, topological aspects]; Chenu et al PRL(15)-a1409 [thermal light is not a statistical mixture of pulses]; Faruk & Rahman PRD(16)-a1605, Mishra et al AP(17)-a1606 [blackbody radiation in DSR]; > s.a. thermal radiation.
@ QCD: Panero PRL(09)-a0907; Schaefer et al PoS-a0909; Bellucci et al IJMPA(11); Cornwall MPLA(12)-a1203 [entropy]; Herbst et al PRD(13)-a1302, a1401-conf [and phase structure]; Herbst et al PLB(14)-a1308 [at vanishing density]; Cyrol et al PRD(18)-a1708 [gluon propagator, vertices].
@ Other Yang-Mills theory: Hofmann IJMPA(05)ht [and confinement], ht/05, ht/05, ht/05, MPLA(06), MPLA(07) [SU(2) and SU(3)], a0710; Caselle et al JHEP(11)-a1105 [3D SU(N) theory]; Hofmann AIP(11)-a1109 [thermal ground state]; Hofmann 16 [quantum Yang-Mills theory, e1 r CP(12)].
@ Cosmology / The universe: Coule IJMPD(03) [brane cosmology]; Hosoya et al PRL(04)gq [information entropy]; Frampton et al CQG(09)-a0801, JCAP(09)-a0905 [relative contributions]; Berman IJTP(09), IJTP(09); Egan & Lineweaver ApJ(10)-a0909 [supermassive-black-hole contribution]; Sadjadi et al EPL(10)-a1009 [in f(R,G) gravity, and generalized second law]; Tegmark PRD(12)-a1108 [tripartite framework and inflationary entropy]; Pavón & Radicella GRG(13)-a1209 [the entropy seems to tend to a maximum value]; Chen et al JCAP(14)-a1212 [inflation as a solution to the problem]; Lundgren et al a1304; Saha et al AHEP(14)-a1404 [irreversible]; Mitra et al GRG(15)-a1610 [in Lanczos-Lovelock gravity]; Barnes & Kellman a1511 [alternative entropy in accord with the second law]; Moradpour MPLA(17)-a1603 [the Friedmann equation and thermodynamics]; Clementine et al Ent(17)-a1707; Rovelli Ent(19)-a1812 [in the early universe]; > s.a. general-relativistic cosmology and string cosmology; Wikipedia page.
@ Cosmological particle creation: Liu et al CQG(16)-a1409 [quantum fields in an expanding universe]; Lima & Baranov PRD(14)-a1411 [and kinetic theory].
@ Gravitation: Nielsen & Ninomiya PTP(06)ht/05 [and cosmological constant], JHEP(06)ht [and initial conditions]; Wang et al PRD(06)gq/05 [accelerated expansion]; Kim et al JCAP(08) [and evolution]; Tegmark in(08)-a0904 [applications of the second law]; Chacón-Acosta et al Sigma(11)-a1109 [polymer quantum systems]; Tresguerres PRD(14)-a1310 [and electromagnetism]; > s.a. entropy.
> Other gravity-related systems: see black holes; dark energy; gravitating many-body systems; gravitational thermodynamics; horizons.
> Other field theories: see asymptoticaly safe theories; fractals in physics.

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