Probability in Physics  

In General > s.a. random processes; stochastic processes.
* Remark: Physicists' use of probability and statistics is influenced by points of view derived from coin tossing or quantum mechanics, even when these don't apply.
* Role in classical mechanics: Probabilities are used in statistical mechanics, where they are essentially given by fractional phase space volumes.
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@ Interpretation: Saunders Syn(98)qp/01 [geometric]; Loewer SHPMP(01) [paradox of deterministic probabilities]; Bulinski & Khrennikov qp/02 [stochastic]; Anastopoulos AP(04)qp [and event frequencies]; Mardari qp/04 [roulette vs lottery models]; Volchan SHPMP(07)phy/06 [typicality]; Harrigan et al a0709 [ontological models for probabilistic theories]; Vervoort a1011, a1106-conf [and quantum mechanics]; Hagar & Sergioli a1303; Benedictus a1501-proc [Carl Stumpf's interpretation]; > s.a. probability theory.
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> Related topics: see determinism; information; Predictability.

In Classical Theories > s.a. statistical mechanics; statistics [errors and fluctuations].
@ Cosmology, Bayesian techniques: Efstathiou MNRAS(10)-a0802 [limitations]; Page a1412-proc; Trotta a1701-ln; Sahlén in(17)-a1812.
@ Cosmology, other: Curiel a1509 [difficulties with infinite-dimensional spaces]; > s.a. acceleration; anthropic reasoning; civilizations; cosmological models; dark-energy types; observational cosmology.
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@ Bayesian techniques, other: von Toussaint RMP(11) [rev]; Lyons CP(13) [a particle physicist's perspective]; VanderPlas a1411 [vs frequentist, a Python-driven primer].
@ Related topics: Hemion IJTP(90); Basano & Ottonello AJP(96)jan [probability paradoxes]; Khrennikov & Kozyrev PhyA(03)qp/02 [non-commutative examples]; Aerts et al LNCS(09)-a0810 [cognition example and quantum weights]; Swendsen AJP(14)oct [unnormalized probabilities]; Bricmont a1906 [and scientific explanations].

In Quantum Theories > s.a. Born Rule; probability in quantum physics [including objective vs subjective].
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Other References > s.a. measurement types; particle statistics; probability theory [including complex]; physical theories.
@ And dynamics: Martin AIP(07) [gravity]; Hardy a1005 [formalism-local framework]; > s.a. causal sets; formulations of classical mechanics.
@ And decision theory: Deutsch PRS(99)qp; Wallace qp/02, SHPMP(03)qp, qp/03 [Deutsch's claim]; Mallah a0808 [criticism of approach].
@ Propensities: Suárez SHPMP(07) [and quantum mechanics]; Belnap SHPMP(07) [and branching spacetimes].
@ Negative probabilities: Bartlett PCPS(45); Mückenheim PRP(86); Feynman in(87); Scully et al PRA(94); Burgin a1008 [interpretation]; Halliwell & Yearsley PRA(13); Abramsky & Brandenburger a1401 [operational interpretation]; Acacio de Barros & Oas PS(14)-a1404-proc [and counter-factual reasoning]; Acacio de Barros et al a1412 [and the quantum double-slit experiment]; Blass & Gurevich a1807, a2009 [what they are for]; Gurevich & Vovk a2011 [and foundations of probability]; > s.a. identical particles; types of measurements.
@ Axiomatic approaches: Dass a0807 ["supmech" unified axiomatization]; Whiting a1412 [Popper's formulation].
@ Related topics: Caticha PLA(98)qp, PRA(98)qp [unitarity and consistency]; Youssef ht/01 [exotic probabilities]; Gyenis & Rédei FP(04) [and causality, common cause]; Marlow qp/05/FPL [and Lorentz invariance]; Albrecht & Phillips PRD(14)-a1212 [all probabilities are fundamentally quantum in origin, and multiverse]; > s.a. causality.
@ Physics in the news: news npr(10)oct [physicists and poker playing].

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