Atom Interferometry  

In General > s.a. atomic physics; molecular physics; neutrons.
* Idea: Interference between atoms in a double-slit experiment was first seen in 1991; It can now can be used as a gyroscope using the Sagnac effect, or to measure accelerations (with a precision of the order of 10−9 g); A space version has been proposed as a way to improve tests of violations of the equivalence principle, as a high-resolution gradiometer, and to map the gravitomagnetic field (as opposed to integrating it like with Gravity Probe-B); 2008, Used to measure G.
@ General references: Bordeé PLA(89); Carnal & Mlynek PRL(91); Keith et al PRL(91); Vušković et al qp/01; Miffre et al PS(06)qp [rev]; Dowling et al PRA(06)ap [and molecules]; Pereira Dos Santos & Landragin pw(07)dec; Cronin et al RMP(09)-a0712 [rev]; news pw(12)sep [single-atom interference]; McKee PNAS(15); Abend et al a2001-proc [intro, and applications].
@ Practical aspects and applications: Clauser PhyB(88) [as accelerometers]; Kasevich & Chu PRL(91) [photon beam as splitter]; Wang et al a0808 [detecting translation speed?]; Chiow et al PRL(11) + Schmiedmayer & Arndt Phy(11) [beam-splitter techniques for increased precision]; Arndt PT(14)may [as measurement tools]; Hamilton et al PRL(15) [in an optical cavity]; Garrido Phy(17) [based on warm gas]; news Phy(17)jun [for lighter atoms]; Kastner et al NJP(20)-a2007 [active atom interferometry]; > s.a. acceleration.
@ In space: Jentsch et al GRG(04) [HYPER satellite mission]; news pw(06)sep [GAUGE mission proposal]; Müntinga et al PRL(13) + Arndt Phy(13) [BECs in microgravity]; Schuldt et al EA(15)-a1412 [design].
@ Entangled atoms: von Borzeszkowski & Mensky PLA(01); Yurtsever qp/01; Mensky PLA(01).
@ And quantum theory: Marzlin et al PRA(08) [complementarity and uncertainty relations]; Haine & Ferris PRA(11)-a1108 [surpassing the standard quantum limit]; > s.a. decoherence.
> Online resources: see Müller group page at UC Berkeley; Wikipedia page.

And Gravity
@ General references: Mathevet et al CQG(02) [non-Newtonian gravitational potentials]; Dimopoulos et al PRL(07)gq/06, PRD(08)-a0802 [and tests of general relativity]; Roura et al NJP(14)-a1401 [overcoming loss of contrast due to gravity gradients]; Burrage et al JCAP(15)-a1408 [as dark energy probe]; > s.a. Chameleon Field; Coriolis Force [cold atoms for precision inertial measurements].
@ Experiments: Hamilton et al PRL(14) [with antiatoms]; Biedermann et al PRA(15)-a1412 [horizontal gravity gradiometer]; Rosi et al PRL(15) [measuring the change in the gravity gradient produced by a large mass]; news upi(16)dec [using Bose-Einstein condensates]; news pt(19)dec [using an optical lattice to hold the atoms]; Roura PRX(20) [proposed superposition of atomic clocks at different heights]; Tino a2009 [rev].
@ And spacetime curvature: Chiao & Speliotopoulos IJMPD(03); Asenbaum et al PRL(17)-a1610 + Jaffe & Müller Phy(17) [phase shift].
> Related topics: see gravitational constant; gravitational redshift; gravitational-wave interferometers; particle effects in quantum-gravity; tests of the equivalence principle.
> Specific experiments: see Michelson-Morley Experiment.

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