red bullet Fields and Particles in de Sitter Spacetime  

In General > s.a. classical, spinning and quantum particles; geodesics; green functions; huygens principle.
@ References: Woodard gq/04-proc [against de Sitter invariance in field theory]; Cheung et al JHEP(08)-a0709 [effective field theory of inflationary fluctuations]; Akhmedov et al PAN(12)-a0905 [non-conformal coupling and perpetuum mobile]; Cotăescu GRG(11)-a1006 [Casimir operators for field representations of isometries]; Cotăescu MPLA(13)-a1210 [representations of the de Sitter group]; > s.a. particle effects.
@ Spin-1/2 fields: Rodrigues et al AACA(16)-a1502 [Clifford-bundle approach].
@ Gauge fields: Rather et al a1408 [inner product].
> Scalar fields: see klein-gordon fields and quantum klein-gordon fields.
> Other types of fields: see dirac fields; electromagnetic fields; fields of arbitrary spin; perturbations [and waves].

Quantum Fields > s.a. quantum field theory effects in curved spacetimes.
* Idea: Free scalar fields in de Sitter space have a one-parameter family of states invariant under the de Sitter group, including the standard thermal vacuum; Except for the thermal, Bunch-Davies vacuum, these states are unphysical when gravitational interactions are included [@ Kaloper et al JHEP(02)ht].
@ General references: Wyrozumski CQG(88), Molina-Paris gq/97-MG8, Sarkar & Biswas IJMPA(00) [particles]; Bros et al CMP(98) [framework]; Bertola et al PLB(99)ht [and higher-dimensional Minkowski]; Goldstein & Lowe PRD(03)ht/02; Collins & Holman PRD(04)ht/03 [new propagator]; Greene et al JHEP(06)ht/05 [correction to Bunch-Davies]; Losic & Unruh PRD(06)gq [gravitational backreaction]; Joung et al JHEP(06)ht, JHEP(07)-a0707 [group theoretical]; Gazeau & Lachièze-Rey PoS-ht/06 [survey]; Gómez & Villaseñor CQG(08)-a0712 [no unitary dynamics]; Burgess et al JCAP(10)-a1005 [scalar field, breakdown of semiclassical methods]; Marolf & Morrison PRD(10)-a1006 [loop corrections to scalar propagators]; Greenwood et al PLB(10)-a1008 [particle creation]; Rajaraman PRD(10)-a1008 [Euclidean, massless fields]; Colosi a1010 [scalar, general boundary formulation]; Singh et al PRD(13)-a1302; Sofi et al a1312; Takook a1403; Boddy et al FP-a1405 [with no quantum fluctuations]; Feng LHEP-a2003 [generally covariant scheme]; > s.a. quantum field theory in curved backgrounds.
@ Vacuum state: Allen PRD(85); Collins ht/03-conf [α-vacua and divergences]; Brunetti et al JHEP(05) [α-vacua]; 't Hooft & Nobbenhuis CQG(06)gq [vacuum with zero energy]; Boyanovsky & Holman JHEP(11)-a1103 [stability of the Bunch-Davies vacuum]; Leonard et al JMP(13) [vacuum polarization]; Aslanbeigi & Buck JHEP(13)-a1306, Surya et al JHEP(19)-a1812 [Sorkin-Johnston vacuum]; Aalsma et al JHEP(19)-a1905 [Unruh state, scalar field].
@ Interacting fields: Akhmedov & Buividovich PRD(08)-a0808 [interacting theories are non-unitary]; Hollands AHP(12)-a1105 [massless]; Akhmedov IJMPD(14)-a1309-ln; Barata et al a1607; Jäkel & Mund PLB(17)-a1703 [2D].
@ Specific types: Pol'shin ht/00, ht/00, JPA(00)ht [Klein-Gordon, spinor]; Spradlin et al ht/01-ln [conformal field theory]; Garidi et al JMP(03)ht [massive spin-2 fields]; Finelli et al PRD(05)gq/04 [graviton, regularization]; Balakin et al IJMPD(08)-a0710 [Einstein-Yang-Mills-Higgs, non-minimal coupling]; Alencar et al EPL(12)-a1110 [scalar, D-dimensional]; Feng & Mochena a2012 [Dirac fields, generally covariant]; > s.a. deformed quantum fields; modified QED.
@ Related topics: Redmount PRD(06) [energy of wavepackets and detector response]; Marolf & Morrison CQG(09)-a0808 [1+1 dimensions, group averaging and de Sitter-invariant states]; Higuchi CQG(09)-a0809 [tree-level instability]; Poon PhD(09)-a0901 [time evolution is not unitarily implementable for a pure Klein-Gordon field]; Burgess et al JCAP(10) [Super-Hubble fluctuations and the dynamical RG]; Pérez-Nadal et al JCAP(10) [stress-tensor fluctuations]; Lagogiannis et al a1106 [odd-dimensional de Sitter space is transparent]; Akhmedov et al PRD(20)-a2005 [in the static patch].

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