Gamma-Ray Astronomy  

In General > s.a. photon phenomenology in quantum gravity.
* VERITAS: (The Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System) A ground-based array located at the Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory in southern Arizona, and one of the world's most sensitive gamma-ray instruments at energies of 85 GeV to > 30 TeV; Objects, dark matter, cosmic rays.
@ General references: Hillier 85; AS 81(93)342; Gehrels & Paul PT(98)feb; Miniati ap/02-proc [and large-scale structure]; Voelk NPPS(05)ap/04 [high-energy]; Moskalenko ap/04-conf [propagation]; Primack et al AIP(05)ap [observational]; Grenier a0804-conf [sources, rev]; Vandenbroucke a1012-conf [rev]; Holder APP(12)-a1204 [TeV, rev]; Knödlseder CRP(16)-a1602 [future]; Horns & Jacholkowska CRP(16)-a1602 [intergalactic medium and fundamental physics].
@ Ground-based, VERITAS: Aharonian ap/97-conf [VeritasTeV]; Weekes et VERITAS a1001-proc [status]; Staszak et al a1510-proc [highlights].
@ Ground-based, other: Halzen & Hooper JCAP(03) [IceCube]; Krawczynski et al a0709-proc [status and future]; Hinton & Hofmann ARAA(09)-a1006 [TeV observations]; Holder BJP(14)-a1407-conf; Horns JPCS(16)-a1602 [rev].
@ Space missions: Knödlseder EA(05)ap-proc; Atwood et al SA(07)dec, McEnery et al pw(08)may [GLAST]; Diehl PoS-a1005, Winkler SSR-a1110-proc [INTEGRAL]; Thompson et al PT(12)nov [Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope].
@ Very high energy: Ong PRP(98); Hoffman et al RMP(99); Sinnis ap/99; Weekes AIP(01)ap/00; Thompson et al ApJS(05)ap/04 [highest energies seen by Compton GRO]; Cuoco et al JCAP(07) [and large-scale structure]; De Angelis et al RNC(08)-a0712; Ribo ChJAA-a0801-conf [rev]; Mori JPSJ(09)-a0809-proc [rev]; Lorenz & Wagner EPJH(12)-a1207 [history]; Biteau & Williams ApJ(15)-a1502 [conclusions for cosmology and particle physics from TeV observations]; Owen et al PoS-a1506 [Milky Way, above 10 GeV]; De Angelis AIP(17)-a1610 [and fundamental physics]; Ong Phys(19) [E > 100 TeV detection]; news sn(21)may [E > 1015 eV detection].

Gamma-Ray Sources > s.a. gamma-ray bursts [GRBs]; wormholes.
* Terrestrial gamma-ray flashes: Short bursts, of less than 1 ms in duration, discovered in 1992 by NASA's Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory, which can be produced by any thunderatorm, usually in the higher parts (11 to 14 km high).
* Diffuse galactic emission: 1990s, EGRET and CGRO measured a diffuse galactic emission larger than expected from cosmic-ray interaction models; 2009, Fermi LAT measurements were consistent with models and did not confirm the excess; 2012: Most gamma rays detected by Fermi LAT cannot be attributed to individual point sources].
@ Dark matter annihilation: Beacom et al PRL(05) [through positron production]; Elsässer & Mannheim PRL(05) [supersymmetry]; Ando PRL(05); Ahn & Komatsu PRD(05) [1–20 MeV]; Bertone ApSS(07)ap/06-proc [rev].
@ Background, diffuse emission: Strong et al AIP(05)ap; Dado et al NPPS(07)ap/06, Ando et al PRD(07) [origin]; Kneiske a0707-proc [rev]; Ando & Pavlidou MNRAS(09)-a0908 [and galaxy clustering]; Abdo et al PRL(09) [galactic, Fermi LAT measurements]; Abdo et al PRL(10) + Oberlack Phy(10) [extragalactic, Fermi LAT measurements]; Gómez et Fermi-LAT NCC(11)-a1012-in [anisotropies]; Boyarsky et al a1205 [in the galactic plane, and the feature at 130 GeV]; Inoue a1412-proc [rev]; Fornasa et al PRP(15)-a1502; Ruiz-Lapuente ApJ-a1502 [MeV range, origin]; Bartoli et al ApJ(15)-a1507 [from the galactic plane].
@ Terrestrial gamma-ray flashes: Abdo et al PRD(09); news NASA(10)jan [Firefly mission], NASA(10)feb [potential dangers]; Tavani et al PRL(11) + Dwyer Phy(11) [in storm clouds]; Gurevich et al PLA(11) [thunderstorm discharges]; news mnn(12)dec [detection by satellite]; news pw(13)apr, Tsuchiya et al PRL(13)-a1306 + news pw(13)jul [and lightning]; news NASA(13)sep [future measurements], NASA(14)dec [results].
@ From the Milky Way galactic center: Dogiel et al PASJ(09)-a0906; Hooper & Linden PRD(11)-a1110; Fields et al PRL(14).
@ From galaxy clusters: Blasi et al IJMPA(07); Pinzke et al PRD(11).
@ Cosmic rays: Anchordoqui et al PRL(07)ap/06 [cosmic ray photo-disintegration/de-excitation]; Macias & Gordon PRD(14) [and molecular clouds]; Aloisio PoS-a1412 [acceleration and propagation of cosmic rays].
@ Related topics: Tavecchio a1001-proc [AGNs]; news bbc(10)aug [novae]; news Sci(10)dec [dark bursts]; news msnbc(11)may [superflare from M1].

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