Cosmology in Modified Gravity Theories II  

Theories with Varying Constants > s.a. variation of constants / branes, Metric-Affine Gravity, supergravity, other theories.
* Motivation: A scale dependence of G and Λ is given by the flow equation of the effective action for gravity.
@ Varying c: Albrecht & Magueijo PRD(99)ap/98; Barrow PRD(99)ap/98; Coule MPLA(99)gq/98; Bassett et al PRD(00)ap; Magueijo PRD(00)gq; Chimento & Jakubi IJMPD(01) [pfluids]; Alexander & Magueijo ht/01-proc [non-commutative geometry]; Niemeyer PRD(02)ap/01 [stringy cutoff]; Moffat IJMPD(03)ht/02, IJMPA(05)gq/04-conf [bimetric]; Youm PRD(02)ht [and second law of thermodynamics]; Barrow PLB(03)gq/02; Szydłowski & Krawiec PRD(03)gq/02 [dynamical systems]; Chakraborty et al PS(03) [with fluid]; Kragh SHPMP(06) [historical]; Nassif & Amaro PRD(12)-a1205 [variation with temperature]; > s.a. cosmological constant.
@ Varying G: Barrow & Parsons PRD(97); Barrow et al PLB(02)gq [and α].
@ Varying cosmological constant: Liu & Wesson ApJ(01)gq.
@ Varying G and cosmological constant: Abdel Rahman NCB(00); Bonanno & Reuter PRD(02) [from renormalization]; Singh IJTP(06), MPLA(06) [k = 0 FLRW model + pfluid]; Bonanno et al CQG(07)gq/06 [Noether symmetry approach]; Piedipalumbo et al GRG(12)-a1104; Khurshudyan CEJP(14)-a1311.
@ Varying α: Barrow & Mota CQG(02)gq; Barrow et al PRD(02)ap/01; Mota & Barrow PLB(04); Barrow & Graham PRD(13)-a1307 [general dynamics].
@ Related topics: Belinchón IJTP(00); Sandvik et al PRL(02)ap/01 [e or α]; Barrow et al CQG(04)ap [and bounces].

Theories with Generalized Forms of Matter > s.a. Chameleon Field; Galileon Field; Phantom Field.
* Cardassian expansion: An accelerating, quintessence model, in which the Friedmann equation becomes H2 = a new function of the energy density; The universe is flat, matter dominated, and accelerating, and the distance-redshift relation predictions can be very different from that of generic quintessence models; > s.a. quintessence.
@ Cardassian expansion: Freese & Lewis PLB(02)ap; Freese NPPS(03)hp/02; Gondolo & Freese PRD(03)hp/02 [fluid interpretation]; Das & Das PRD(03) [WMAP constraints]; Wang et al ApJ(03)ap [and supernova data]; Alcaniz et al ApJ(05)ap [constraints from lens statistics]; Freese NAR(05)ap; Koivisto et al PRD(05) [cmb spectrum]; Lazkoz & León PRD(05) [exponential potentials]; Szydłowski & Czaja AP(05) [behavior]; Liu et al PLB(06)ap/05 [exponential]; Wang & Wu PLB(09) [observational constraints]; Zhai et al PRD(17)-a1705 [from an action, with torsion].
> Related topics: see Barker's Theory; cosmological perturbations; Lyra Geometry; modified general relativity; multiverse; relativistic cosmological models [including bounces]; types of singularities [including sudden].

Higher-Dimensional Theories > s.a. branes; brane cosmology [including ekpyrotic]; kaluza-klein phenomenology.
@ References: Jantzen in(87)gq/03; Bernardeau & Uzan PRD(01) [lensing a gravitational potential]; Paul PRD(01)gq [viscous fluid]; Chakraborty & Debnath IJMPD(04) [Szekeres metric with pfluid and cosmological constant]; Milton G&C(02) [and terrestrial]; Buettner et al IJMPA(04) [early-universe spectroscopy]; Bernardeau ap/04/PRL [galaxy surveys, cosmic shear]; Balasubramanian et al JHEP(08)-a0712 [topology from cosmology]; Afshordi et al JCAP(09)-a0812 [evidence for cosmological-size extra dimensions]; Steinhardt & Wesley a1002 [dark energy and variation of Newton's constant]; Shankar et al PRD(12)-a1203 [with torsion, spherical solutions and FLRW cosmology].
@ And dark matter: Qin et al ap/05/PRL; Cembranos et al eConf-ap/05; Fucito et al JCAP(06) [string-inspired]; Hooper & Profumo PRP(07); Kahil & Harko MPLA(09)-a0809; > s.a. kaluza-klein theory.
@ And dark energy: Milton G&C(03); Fabi et al PRD(06)ht [Casimir energy from non-commutative extra dimensions].

Other Types of Gravity Theories
@ Fractal: Pompilio & Montuori CQG(02)ap/01; > s.a. fractals in physics.
@ Teleparallel theories: Wu & Yu PLB(10)-a1007 [teleparallel, f(T) theories].
@ f(T) gravity theories: Capozziello et al PS(08)-a0810; Wu & Yu PLB(10)-a1007, PLB(10)-a1006; Chen et al PRD(11)-a1008, Dent et al JCAP(11)-a1010 [and perturbations]; Bengochea PLB(11)-a1008; Cardone et al PRD(12)-a1204 [constraints]; > s.a. bianchi I and bianchi IX models; Birkhoff's Theorem; dark-energy models; laws of black-hole thermodynamics.
@ Other theories with torsion: Wanas a0705, IJMPA(07)-a0802 [torsion energy]; Popławski PLB(10)-a1007 [Einstein-Cartan-Sciama-Kibble theory as an alternative to inflation]; Tilquin & Schücker GRG(11)-a1104, Schücker & Tilquin IJMPD(12)-a1109 [Einstein-Cartan theory and dark energy]; Setare & Mohammadipour JCAP(12)-a1211 [viability as dark-energy models]; Järv & Toporensky PRD(16)-a1511 [scalar-torsion theory, general relativity as an attractor]; > s.a. theories of cosmological acceleration; FLRW models; inflationary scenarios; torsion in physics; torsion phenomenology.
@ Area-metric cosmology: Schuller & Wohlfarth JCAP(07)-a0705.
@ Other theories: Carmeli IJTP(99)gq, 02 [cosmological relativity]; Easson et al PRD(05)ap [quantum-gravity-motivated deformation].
> Metric theories: see cosmology in general relativity; cosmology in higher-order gravity; bimetric gravity.
> Other theories: see cosmology in gravitational theories I [(post-)Newtonian cosmology, scalar-tensor and Hořava-Lifshitz gravity]; brane-world cosmology.

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