Dark Energy and Dark Matter  

In General > s.a. brans-dicke theory; dark-energy models; equivalence principle [violation].
* Idea: The two could originate from the same field(s); For example, dark matter (possibly in the form of massive, sterile neutrinos) could condensate and act as dust on scales below the horizon, and be in a negative-pressure vacuum at scales above the horizon; Or they might interact.
@ General references: Sandvik et al PRD(04) [distinct]; Chimento et al MPLA(05)ap/04 [transition, k-essence]; Mainini & Bonometto PRL(04) [from Peccei-Quinn model]; Kunz PRD(09)-ap/07 [degeneracy in the models]; Kunz JPCS(08)-a0710, Kunz et al a0806-proc [need to understand dark matter]; Basilakos & Plionis AIP(10)-a0911 [interacting dark matter].
@ Observations: Bonometto et al ap/06 [and WMAP data]; Costa et al PRD(14) [and Planck data]; Baker et al RMP-a1908 [The Novel Probes Project].

* Rem: An exchange of energy within the dark sector would offer an interesting approach to the coincidence problem.
@ Reviews: Zimdahl IJGMP(14)-a1404-proc; Wang et al RPP(16)-a1603 [implications and signatures].
@ General references: Hoffman ap/03; Comelli et al PLB(03); Quartin JCAP(08)-a0802; Bean et al PRD(08) [instability]; Pereira & Jesus PRD(99)-a0811 [thermodynamical perspective]; Caldera-Cabral et al PRD(09)-a0812; Zimdahl AIP(09)-a0812 [and acceleration]; Pavón & Wang GRG(09) [energy transfer]; Costa et al PRD(09)-a0905 [cosmological consequences]; Jamil et al PRD(10)-a0910 [thermodynamics]; Cai & Su PRD(10)-a0912; Costa & Alcaniz PRD(10); Simpson et al MNRAS(11)-a1004 [and bias in inferred growth of perturbations]; Li & Ma EPJC(10)-a1004 [in classical Einstein gravity and loop quantum cosmology]; Cueva & Nucamendi AIP(10)-a1007, a1207; Simpson PRD(10); He et al PRD(11)-a1012; Zimdahl AIP(12)-a1204; Bolotin et al IJMPD(15)-a1310; Salvatelli et al PRL(14) [late-time interaction and increase in dark energy]; Mukherjee & Banerjee a1610 [kinematic approach]; Zhang a1702 [and the parametrized post-Friedmann approach]; Di Valentino et al PRD(17)-a1704 [and the H0 tension]; Cardenas & Grandon a1804 [evidence]; Solà et al a1904 [signs].
@ Models: Böhmer et al PRD(08); Zhang et al JCAP(12)-a1204 [holographic]; Kaeonikhom et al PRD(12)-a1209 [Dirac-Born-Infeld dark energy]; Pourtsidou et al PRD(13)-a1307; Faraoni et al PRD(14)-a1405 [towards a covariant formulation]; D'Amico et al a1605 [quantum field theory]; Ludwick a1909 [minimal coupling].
@ And galaxy clusters: Abdalla et al PLB(09)-a0710; Pellicer et al MPLA(12)-a1102; Bertolami et al GRG(12)-a1105; He et al JCAP(10)-a1001.
@ Constraints / Evidence: Bean et al PRD(08)-a0808; Trodden a0910-proc [from instability]; Abdalla et al PRD(10)-a0910 [observations]; Wei PLB(10); Izquierdo & Pavón PLB(10) [limits on parameters]; Ferreira et al PRD(17)-a1412; Yang et al PRD(15)-a1505 [and SN data]; Grandón & Cárdenas GRG(19).

Unified Models
@ General references: Bilić et al PLB(02); Padmanabhan & Roy Choudhury PRD(02)ht; González-Díaz PLB(03); Majumdar et al PLB(09)gq/05 [dark-matter wave function collapse]; Takahashi & Yanagida PLB(06)hp/05; Liddle & Ureña PRL(06)ap [and string landscape]; Mainini & Bonometto JCAP(07); Zhao ApJL(07) + news sr(08)feb; Bañados PRD(08)-a0801 [from general relativity + Born-Infeld theory]; Liddle et al PRD(08), Nojiri & Odintsov a0807-fs [and inflation]; Blanchet & Le Tiec PRD(08), PRD(09)-a0901 [based on gravitational polarization]; Chimento & Forte PLB(08); Henriques et al PRD(09)-a0903 [in Salam-Sezgin cosmological model]; Chimento & Forte ONPPJ(11)-a1008; Zimdahl et al JPCS(11)-a1012; Granda a1103 [holographic unification]; Abdalla et al PLB(12)-a1202 [decay of dark energy into hot and cold dark matter]; Čaplar & Štefančić PRD(13)-a1208 [generalized models]; Matsumoto a1610 [mimetic matter]; Kastner & Kauffman a1708 [from emergence of spacetime].
@ Fluid: Arbey ap/05, PRD(06); Beça & Avelino MNRAS(07)ap/05; Colistete et al PRD(07)-a0706 [bulk viscous fluid]; Farnes A&A(18) + news cosmos (18)dec [negative-mass fluid].
@ Scalar field: Scherrer PRL(04) [k-essence]; Mainini et al ApJ(05)ap [scalar]; Panotopoulos PRD(07) [inflaton field]; Sahni & Sen a1510 [non-canonical field].
@ Chaplygin gas: Bertolami ap/05-talk [generalized]; Zhang et al JCAP(06); Park et al PRD(10)-a0910; Popov PLB(10)-a0912 [superfluid].
@ Constraints: Barreiro et al PRD(08)-a0805 [WMAP5 data]; Fabris et al EPJC(11)-a1106; Richarte & Xu a1506 [using the growth rate of structure].

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