Cosmology in General Relativity  

In General > s.a. cosmology; singularities.
* Precursor: See E A Poe's 1849 "Eureka" (big bang with periodic universe).
* Result: It is a consequence of the singularity theorems that, if general relativity is correct, a couple of reasonable assumptions are satisfied, and there is as much matter as we see, there must have been a big bang.
> Models: see modern cosmological models and general relativistic models.

Types of Systems and Effects > s.a. averaging in cosmology; collapse; test-body orbits; thermodynamics; time.
* Isolated objects in cosmological backgrounds: The main models available are the Einstein-Straus ("swiss cheese") and McVittie ones; There is no known exact solution that smoothly interpolates between a black hole and an expanding universe.
@ Local effects: Anderson PRL(95) [multiparticle systems]; Bonnor MNRAS(96); Cooperstock et al ApJ(98)ap; Bonnor GRG(00); Bolen et al CQG(01)gq/00 [precession in McVittie spacetime]; Miller & Rouet PRE(02)ap/01 [on structure]; Domínguez & Gaite EPL(01)ap; Aurell & Fanelli cm/01 [evolution of perturbations]; Ellis NAR(02); Bel gq/03 ["osculating spacetime"]; Mizony & Lachièze-Rey A&A(05)gq/04; Mashhoon et al CQG(07)-a0705 [tidal accelerations]; Carrera & Giulini RMP(10)-a0810; Bochicchio & Faraoni GRG(12)-a1111 [Lemaître-Tolman-Bondi model]; Lemos BJP(14)-a1307 [simple harmonic-oscillator model]; > s.a. cosmological expansion; schwarzschild spacetime [McVittie solution].
@ Other local systems: Bonnor CQG(99) [H atom]; Matravers & Humphreys GRG(01)gq/00 [Einstein-de Sitter, collapsing dust]; Dumin ap/02/A&A, Dvali et al PRD(03)hp/02 [Moon orbit]; > s.a. gravitating bodies; lensing [models]; cosmological models [Einstein-Straus]; schwarzschild spacetime; Thomson Scattering.
@ And gravitational waves: Abramo PRD(99)ap [energy density and p]; Creighton gq/99.
@ Isotropization: Lim et al PRD(04)gq/03; > s.a. bianchi models, type I, type IX and other types.
@ And entropy, thermodynamics: Barrow NA(99)ap; Valageas & Silk A&A(99)ap; Brustein PRL(00)gq/99; Moreschi gq/99; Barnich JHEP(12)-a1208 [3D asymptotically flat cosmological solutions].
@ Structural stability, fragility: Tavakol & Ellis PLA(88); Coley & Tavakol GRG(92).
@ Related topics: Barrow gq/97-proc, Barrow & Maartens PRD(99) [anisotropic stress]; Jones gq/02/AN [and quantum cosmology]; Ringström CMP(06) [future decay of curvature]; Ballesteros & Bellazzini JCAP(13) [perfect fluids and effective field theories]; Ringström 13 [topology and stability, r CQG+(15)].
> Issues and effects: see cosmological geometry and topology; cosmological observations and perturbations; early-universe cosmology.
> Concepts and techniques: see gödel solution [rotation]; gravitational thermodynamics; renormalization.

References > s.a. history of relativistic physics; physics [Higgledy-Piggledy, etc].
@ Books, I: Sciama 71; Kaufmann 77; Weinberg 77; Preston 87; Parker 88; Trefil 88; Barrow 94; Rees 97.
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@ Texts, mathematical: Heller 92; Wainwright & Ellis ed-97.
@ Reviews, emphasis on inflation: Ellis in(91); Kamionkowski Sci(98)ap; Turner ap/99-proc; > s.a. inflation.
@ General references: Milne 51 [dR < c dt]; Bergmann FP(70); Ellis in(71); Ellis & Sciama in(72)*; Sachs in(73); MacCallum in(75); Olivo-Melchiorri & Melchiorri RNC(85); Ford GRG(87) [Ω < 1 and future expansion]; Jantzen PLB(87)gq/03; Lidsey GRG(93) [fragility and rigidity]; Chiba & Takahashi PRD(07)ap [consistency relation, vs other theories]; Barrow PRD(14)-a1401 [general description of cosmological model].
@ Philosophical: Torretti in(79).
@ Challenge to big bang: MNRAS 239(89)201 [comment Maddox Nat(89)aug]; Narlikar NS(91)mar.

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