Bianchi Spacetime Models of Type IX  

In General > s.a. chaos in bianchi models; gravitational instanton; minisuperspace quantum cosmology.
$ Def: In the Lie-algebra classification, nij = (+1, +1, +1), vi = 0; The group G is (the simply connected covering group of) SO(3).
* History: The Russian school (BKL) started studying Bianchi IX in 1962, hoping to understand the behavior of the metric near a generic singularity (introduced map for u); Misner started in 1966, but using earlier work on Taub-NUT, hoping to understand anisotropy dissipation (introduced Hamiltonian and potential).
* Special cases: \(l_1 = l_2 = l_3 = {1\over2}\,R\), FLRW models; Kasner solution; Taub-NUT solution; Diagonal models, the metric has gab = diag(l1, l2, l3), with li functions of time; The diagonal vacuum model is also called Mixmaster universe.
* Geometry: 3V = 16π2 l1 l2 l3,

ω1 = cosψ dθ + sinψ sinθ dφ ,      ω2 = sinψ dθ − cosψ sinθ dφ ,      ω3 = dψ + cosθ dφ .

* Evolution: Well approximated by a sequence of Bianchi I (Kasner) epochs; Each one is characterized by the value of a parameter u, which gives rise to an approximate discrete dynamics, the Gauss map

un+1 = (un − [un])−1 ;

In the Hamiltonian approach, each epoch is the time between two bounces off the potential; At each bounce, two scale factors switch between expansion and contraction, while the third one keeps contracting; An era is a set of epochs with the same two factors switching behavior, i.e., bouncing off the same pair of walls.
* Better approximation: & Garfinkle.

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