History of Relativistic Cosmology  

In General > s.a. history of cosmological models [earlier models]; history of relativistic physics; modern cosmology.
* XX century: The modern theoretical understanding of the origin and evolution of the universe started in 1917 with Einstein and de Sitter; The beginning of cosmology as an observational science was Hubble's redshift-distance relationship and the discovery of cosmological expansion; Precision cosmology is considered to have started in 2003 with the availability of the first WMAP data; 2018, IAU proposal about renaming Hubble's law.
@ General references: Merleau-Ponty 65; North 65; Durham & Purrington 83; Kerszberg 89; Hetherington AS(90); Lightman & Brawer 90; Gale & Urani AJP(93)jan; Kragh 96; Aczel 99; Martinez in(01)ap/02; Wudka 06; Wright ap/06-proc; Longair 06; North 08; López-Corredoira ASP-a0812, SHPMP-a1311 [sociology]; Einasto 13 [dark matter and cosmic web]; Comins 14.
@ Expanding universe: Kragh a1301, HSNS(14) [history and meanings of the term "Big Bang"]; Trimble a1307-talk; Belenkiy TPT(05)-a1403; MacCallum CQG(15)-a1504; Kragh a1809 [Hubble Law or Hubble-Lemaître Law?]; Elizalde a1810 [argument for Hubble-Lemaître-Slipher law].
@ In specific countries: Bertolami gq/06 [Portugal, the first 20 years]; Kragh a1204 [cosmology and political ideology in the Soviet Union, 1947-1963].
@ Other XX century: Peebles et al ed-09 [r PT(10)feb]; Wesson 10; Benedetto IJTP(11) [dark sector and alternative theories]; Peruzzi & Realdi AHES(11)-a1704 [early ideas for measuring the cosmic curvature radius]; Lima & Santos RBEF-a1709 [1917-1929]; de Swart a1903-in [principles, beliefs and observations, 1950s-1970s]; Dubois & Füzfa GRG(19)-a1904 [stationary cosmologies in the first half of the XX century].
@ Cosmic microwave background: Peebles EPJH(14)-a1310 [1948 papers]; Alpher AsJP-a1411 [prediction]; Durrer CQG(15)-a1506 [discovery and significance]; Ćirković & Perović SHPMP-a1705 [unorthodox interpretations]; Grant PT(18)aug [Herbert Gush].
@ Big Bang theory: Alpher & Herman PT(88)aug; Barrow & Silk 94; Alpher & Herman 01; Woolfson 13; Kragh AIP-a1410 [from the 1930s expanding universe to the 1960s emergence of the standard big-bang model]; Elizalde a1801 [and types of singularities].
@ Inflation: Kazanas a0803-proc [personal reminiscences].
@ Bouncing and cyclic models: Kragh a1308 [early history]; Neves CN(13)-a1506 [and Nietzsche's eternal recurrence].
@ Related topics: Kragh SHPMP(06) [varying speed of light theories]; Weinstein a1310 [George Gamow, Albert Einstein, and the cosmological constant]; O'Raifeartaigh & McCann EPJH(14)-a1312 [Einstein's 1931 model and views]; > s.a. cosmological constant; cosmological expansion [including original papers].
> Online resources: see AIP Center for History of Physics.

Personal Contributions
@ Lemaître: Luminet a0704-proc [1917–2006, Lemaître]; Way & Nussbaumer PT(11)aug-a1104; van den Bergh JRASC-a1106, Block a1106-proc; Shaviv a1107 [Lemaître's article and Hubble's discovery]; Nussbaumer & Bieri a1107; van den Bergh a1108/JRASC [myth of Hubble's discovery]; Steer JRASC-a1212 [Lemaître's predicted maximal size of the universe]; Luminet GRG(13)-a1305, a1503-proc [editorial note to Lemaître paper]; O'Raifeartaigh a1907-conf; O'Raifeartaigh & O'Keefe a1909 [Hubble's law vs Hubble-Lemaître law]; Mitton a2007 [biographical review].
@ Friedmann: Belenkiy PT(12)oct, ASP-a1302; Kragh PT(13)jun.
@ Hubble: Smith PT(90)apr; van den Bergh a1110/JRASC [and Shapley]; Steer a1212 [Lundmark, Lemaître and Hubble]; Way ASP-a1301.
@ Slipher: Thompson a1108; O'Raifeartaigh ASP-a1212; Peacock ASP-a1301; Thompson ASP-a1301; Freeman ASP-a1301; Nussbaumer ASP-a1303; O'Raifeartaigh ASO-a1404.
@ Einstein: Realdi & Peruzzi GRG(09) [1917, and de Sitter]; Nussbaumer EPJH(14)-a1311 [conversion to an expanding universe]; O'Raifeartaigh et al EPJH(14)-a1402, Nussbaumer a1402-in [unpublished 1931 steady-state model]; Janzen a1402/EPJH; O'Raifeartaigh et al EPJH(15)-a1503 [Einstein's 1933 review paper]; O'Raifeartaigh a1504-in [steady-state model and philosophy of cosmology]; Weinstein a1512 [1932 efforts of persuasion to renounce the cosmological constant]; O'Raifeartaigh PT(17)feb, et al EPJH-a1701, a1906-in [1917 model].
@ Other personal contributions: Unzicker AdP(09)-a0708 [ideas of Dirac, Sciama, and Dicke]; Tammann & Reindl ASS(12)-a1111-proc [Allan Sandage's work]; Harvey a1211 [Einstein and Schrödinger, and the first description of dark energy]; DeVorkin ASP-a1302 [Henry Norris Russell's reactions]; Weinstein a1309 [Einstein, 1917-1923].

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