Initial-Value Formulation of General Relativity  

Based on a Spacelike Hypersurface > s.a. canonical formulation and connection variables; constraints; Sandwich Conjecture.
* Idea: We assign the value of the 3-metric qab and the extrinsic curvature Kab on an initial 3D spacelike hypersurface Σ, subject to some constraints, and then evolve them and find the full 4-metric in spacetime; If matter is present, we assign also the local mass density ρ and current density j, assumed to satisfy the energy condition ρ2j aja.
* Variables: The usual dynamical variables are qab and Kab, and the choice of gauge is represented by the lapse N and shift Na (and an initial choice of gauge/coordinates at t = 0); > s.a. gauge transformations.
* Alternatively: One can give, on Σ, the distribution and flow of mass-energy, ρ, j a and Sab, up to a conformal factor, and the conformal 3-geometry and its rate of change.
* Evolution equations: For vanishing shift Na = 0, the metric and extrinsic curvature (satisfying the constraints) evolve according to

\(\dot q\)ab = 2 N Kab ,   \(\dot K\)ab = −Da Db N − 2 N Kam KbmN KKab3Rab N + 8πG N qam qbm(T mnTgmn) .

* Hyperbolic, curvature-based: A formulation for arbitrary lapse and shift based on a wave equation for curvature.
blue bullet Other approaches: see initial-value formalism and approaches [existence and uniqueness, characteristic problem].

References > s.a. constraints for general relativity; numerical relativity; Peeling Properties.
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Types of Spacetimes > s.a. minkowski spacetime [classical stability]; spherical symmetry; types of spacetimes [including stationary].
@ Black holes: Cole & Valiente Kroon AHP(17)-a1609 [Kerr-Newman spacetime, geometric invariant]; > s.a. black holes.
@ Black-hole binaries: Pfeiffer et al PRD(02)gq [possible initial data]; Giulini in(03)gq [pedagogical]; Rácz a1605 [data]; > s.a. embedding [diagrams].
@ Asymptotically flat: Penrose PRS(65) [at scri]; Kánnár CQG(00)gq [with Killing vectors]; Valiente Kroon CQG(05)gq/04 [near spi and scri], PRD(05)gq [Schwarzschildean]; García-Parrado & Valiente Kroon PRD(07)gq/06 [Schwarzschild spacetime]; Lopes Costa JPA(10)-a0912 [upper bound for angular-momentum and charge]; Bäckdahl & Valiente Kroon PRL(10)-a1001, AHP(10)-a1005 [deviation from Kerr spacetime].
@ Conformally flat: Wagh & Saraykar PRD(89); Karkowski & Malec gq/04.
@ Higher-dimensional: Anderson & Tavakol gq/03 [including branes].
@ Other spacetimes and related topics: Beig LNP(00)gq [Bowen-York initial data]; Andersson et al AsJM-a1508 [initial data sets with horizons]; Beig et al a1901 [compact initial data of constant mean curvature]; > s.a. causality violations; constraints; gravitating bodies; numerical relativity.

For Other Theories > s.a. higher-order theories; scalar-tensor theories; supergravity.
@ Strong coupling limit: Salopek CQG(98)gq, CQG(99)gq/98 [Hamilton-Jacobi].

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