Solar System Objects  

The Solar System in General
@ General references: Capelle EJP(04)phy [angle and time measurements]; Visser & Yunes ap/04, ap/04 [mass distribution from critical collapse]; Zakamska & Tremaine AJ(05)ap [constraints on acceleration and extra bodies]; Zakhozhay et al ap/06-proc [catalog of satellites and minor planets]; Weintraub 06 [historical; r PT(07)oct].
@ Formation: Woolfson 00, 14; Williams a0808-proc [and massive star death]; Boss et al ApJL(08) + pt(08) [numerical evidence for supernova trigger]; Lodders et al a0901-ch [element abundance]; Crida RMA(09)-a0903-proc; Aumer & Binney MNRAS(09)-a0905 [solar neighborhood]; news nat(10)aug [estimated age is 4.568 billion years old]; Williams CP(10) [the environment of the solar birthplace]; Qin et al GCA(11)-a1101 [variations in isotopic ratios]; Coradini et al SSR(11)-a1106; Perryman ER-a1111 [origin]; Gounelle & Meynet A&A(12)-a1208 [genealogy, from short-lived radionuclides in meteorites]; DeMeo & Carry Nat(14)jan-a1408; Pfalzner et al PS(15)-a1501 [rev]; Parker et al MNRAS(16)-a1511 [direct pollution or sequential triggered star formation?]; > s.a. chaos in gravitational systems [formation, stability].
@ Evolution: Booth et al MNRAS(09)-a0906 [debris disk and asteroids]; Morbidelli CRAS(10)-a1010 [outer solar system]; Dvorak et al AIPC(12)-a1506 [water transport in the early Solar System]; Turrini & Svetsov Life(14)-a1401 [Jupiter and the Asteroid Belt]; Marboeuf et al A&A(14)-a1407 [from stellar nebula to planetesimals]; Zeebe AJ(17)-a1709 [numerical simulation of orbital motions for the past 100 Myr].
@ Dynamical theory: Batygin & Morbidelli ApJ(15)-a1508 [spin-spin coupling effects]; Battista et al IJGMP(17)-a1607 [in general relativity].

blue bullet Related topics: see astronomical objects; earth [orbit]; solar planets [planets, satellites, Moon].

Kuiper Belt and TNOs > s.a. anomalous acceleration [Pioneer effect]; minor objects [asteroids, comets, meteoroids].
@ General references: Brown PT(04)apr; Jewitt et al a0808-proc; Lykawka MEEP(13)-a1212 [dynamics]; Volk & Malhotra AJ(17)-a1704 [warped plane].
@ Related topics: Luu & Jewitt SA(96)may; Jewitt pw(99)jul; Malhotra et al ap/99; Durda & Stern Icarus(00)ap/99; Trujillo et al ApJ(00)ap/99; Trujillo AS(03)sep; Grundy et al Icarus(05)ap [albedos]; Kobayashi et al Icarus(05) [early stellar encounter?]; Brown et al ApJL(05)ap, ApJL(06)ap/06 [2003 UB313 larger than Pluto]; Funato et al ap/05-proc [binaries]; Chiang et al ap/06-in [rev]; Cooray Nat(06)ap [a quadrillion objects?]; Iorio MNRAS(07)gq/06 [total mass estimate]; Carraro et al A&AL(06)ap [Eris]; Leinhardt et al a0705-in [collisions]; Lykawka & Mukai AJ(09)-a0712 [origin, outer planet]; Lacerda SPICA(09)-a0911 [sizes]; Brown ApJ(13)-a1304 [dwarf planet Makemake]; Nesvorný et al ApJL(16)-a1607 [beyond 50 au]; Turyshev et al a2005 [exploration].

Oort Cloud and Further Out > s.a. minor objects in the solar system [comets].
* Local Bubble: A peanut-shaped underdense region, about 300 light years long and filled with very thin (0.001 atoms per cc) and hot (roughly 1 MK) gas, that surrounds the Solar System; It was discovered gradually in the 1970s and 1980s, and associated in the 2010s with a cluster of supernovas 10 Myr ago.
@ General references: Weissman SA(98)sep; Brown et al ApJ(04)ap [Sedna]; Shannon et al MNRAS(15)-a1410 [asteroids in the Oort cloud].
@ Local Bubble: Frisch LNP(98)ap/97; Breitschwerdt & Cox ap/04-proc; Breitschwerdt et al ap/05-conf [origin]; Breitschwerdt & de Avillez A&AL(06)ap; Frisch SSR(07)ap-in; Slavin SSR(09)-a0804-proc; Shelton SSR(09)-a0804 [debate]; Frisch SSR(09)-a0804-in [magnetic field and radiation field]; Welsh & Shelton ApSS(09)-a0906; news NASA(14)aug [and supernovas 10 Myr ago].
@ Solar environment / neighborhood: Lamers & Gieles ap/07-proc [absence of star clusters]; Kaib & Quinn Icarus(08)-a0707 [Oort Cloud and open cluster environment]; Wickramasinghe & Napier MNRAS(08)-a0803 [impact cratering and passage through galactic plane]; Murphy & Bessell a0806-proc [stars within 150 pc]; Matese & Whitmire Icarus(10)-a1004 [Jovian-mass solar companion]; Jilkova et al MNRAS(15)-a1508 [capture of Sedna and family]; McKee et al ApJ(15)-a1509 [stars, gas and dark matter]; Martínez-Barbosa et al MNRAS(16)-a1609 [rate of stellar encounters]; > s.a. interstellar matter [including local bubble]; stars [properties of nearby stars].
@ Nemesis, the Death Star: Frogel & Gould ApJL(98)ap; Potemin a1003 [candidate stars]; Melott & Bambach MNRAS(10)-a1007, news space(10)jul [may not exist after all].

The Sun > s.a. {#Anaxagoras}; stars [radius].
* Parameters: MSun = (1.988435 ± 0.000027) × 1030 kg (2000); Tcorona up to 108 K seen [@ Glanz Sci(96)jun + pn(96)jul].
* Solar wind: An e-p plasma blowing away from the Sun at 400–800 km/sec, like a tenuous atmosphere (heliosphere) extending over most of the solar system.
* Oscillations: 5-minute oscillations have been seen for a long time.
@ General references: Kippenhahn 94; Phillips 95 [r PT(96)feb]; Bahcall BL(01)ap/00 [history]; Parker PT(00)jun; Golub & Pasachoff 01; Bahcall NPPS(03)ap/02 [history of models]; Mullan 10; Pasachoff AJP(10)sep [solar physics RL]; Arlt & Fröhlich A&A(12)-a1205 [differential rotation]; Boyle SA(18)jun.
@ Solar siblings: Portegies Zwart ApJL(09)-a0903, SA(09)nov; Mishurov & Acharova MNRAS(11)-a1011; Bobylev et al AL(11)-a1106 [two possible candidates]; Dukes & Krumholz ApJ(12)-a1111 [massive cluster]; Batista et al A&A(14)-a1403 [HARPS data]; Liu et al A&A(15)-a1411.
@ Helioseismology: Harvey PT(95)oct; Couvidat et al ApJ(03)ap/02 [and neutrinos]; Di Mauro LNP(03)-a1212 [rev]; Houdek & Gough CiA(09)-a0812 [and solar age]; Kosovichev AIP(09)-a1001 [oscillations].
@ Interior: Bahcall PRL(93)hp [Tcore]; Bahcall et al PRL(03) [pp vs CNO], ApJ(04)ap [depth of convective zone].
@ Chemical abundances: Bahcall & Serenelli ApJ(05)ap/04 [and neutrino fluxes]; Asplund et al ARAA(09)-a0909; Meléndez et al ApJL(09)-a0909 [and planet formation]; Meléndez IAU(14)-a1307 [compared to similar stars, and planet formation].
@ Corona: Golub & Pasachoff 97; Dwivedi & Phillips SA(01)jun; Zirker & Engvold PT(17)jul [and prominences].
@ Solar wind: Woo & Habbal AS(02) [origin]; Cranmer ESA-ap/04 [review, and SOHO]; Kasper et al PRL(08) + Bale Phy(08) [heating mechanism].
@ Activity: Holman SA(06)apr [flares]; Usoskin LRSP(13)-a0810 [long-term behavior]; Holman PT(12)apr; Rai Choudhuri & Binay Karak PRL(12) [modeling grand minima in sunspot cycles]; Neuhäuser & Neuhäuser AN(16)-a1604 [sunspots, historic records]; Oliveira RBEF-a1910 [hist, Carrington and terrestrial connections].
@ Magnetic field: Orozco Suárez et al A&A(08)-a0712 [and granules]; Miller PT(13)sep [magnetic reconnection].
@ Multipole moments: Lydon & Sofia PRL(96) [and Mercury precession]; Redouane et al SP(04)-a0911 [J2 and J4, from helioseismology].
@ Missions: Lang SA(97)mar [SOHO]; Smith & Marsden SA(98)jan [Ulysses].
@ Related topics: Ilyanok ap/99 [!!!]; Sigismondi AJP(02)nov [angular diameter].

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