The Local Group of Galaxies  

In General > s.a. milky way galaxy [and immediate surroundings]; dark matter on cosmological scales; MOND.
* Composition: It consists of 36 galaxies as of Jan 2000, more than 54 as of Jul 2012, including M31 Andromeda (65% of mass), M32 dwarf elliptical satellite of M31, Milky Way (30%), the Magellanic Clouds (dLMC = 50,600 ± 2,400 pc), recently discovered Cetus dwarf spheroidal, SagDIG, etc; It looks "isolated in the general field," as Hubble claimed.
* M31 system: The dwarf satellite galaxies of the Andromeda galaxy are also aligned in a thin and kinematically coherent planar structure.
@ General references: van den Bergh A&AR-ap/99, PASP(00)ap; Grebel ASP-ap/00; Walker LNP(03)ap [distances]; Aparicio IAU-ap/03 [rev]; Brunthaler et al ap/06-proc [kinematical model]; Pasetto & Chiosi A&A(07)ap/06 [statistical distribution]; Tolstoy ASP-a1012; Peebles et al a1105 [dynamical model]; Fouquet et al a1211-conf [former major merger and tidal stream]; Pawlowski et al MNRAS(13)-a1307 [symmetric structures]; Mathews et al MPLA(14) [formation, evolution and nucleosynthesis]; Boylan-Kolchin et al MNRAS(16)-a1603 [and near-field cosmology]; Carlesi et al MNRAS(17)-a1611 [mass].
@ Dwarf galaxies: Mateo ARAA(98)ap; McConnachie AJ(12)-a1204; news SA(13)may [Leo P discovered 5 or 6 Mly away]; Weisz et al ApJ(14)-a1405 [star formation histories]; Hargis et al ApJL(14)-a1407 [predicted number and distribution].
@ Motions: Chodorowski & Ciecielag ap/03 [acceleration]; Reid et al a0902-rp [including beyond the Local Group]; Crook et al MNRAS(10)-a0906 [peculiar-velocity reconstruction]; Libeskind et al MNRAS(11)-a1010 [preferred infall direction]; Teyssier et al MNRAS(12)-a1207 [past interactions with the Milky Way].
> Online resources: see Wikipedia page.

Satellites of the Milky Way Galaxy
* In general: The Milky Way galaxy has some 30 dwarf satellite galaxies, distributed in a highly inclined Disc of Satellites (DoS), and about 150 globular clusters, with the young halo clusters and star streams distributed similarly to the DoS; Overall, the MW is surrounded by a Vast Polar Structure (VPOS) of subsystems; 2015, A number of new ultrafaint satellites found, associated with the Magellanic Clouds.
* Large Magellanic Cloud: Less evolved than the Milky Way; d ~ 163,000 ± 2.2%, as of 2013); It contains significantly less heavy elements.
@ General references: Libeskind et al MNRAS(05)ap [distribution, and dark matter]; Metz et al MNRAS(07)ap/06 [distribution]; Metz et al ApJ(09)-a0903 [origin]; news ns(09)aug [mystery of missing satellites]; Li et al MNRAS(10)-a0909; Strigari AiA(10)-a0911 [kinematics]; Pawlowski et al A&A(11)-a1106 [origin]; Fouquet et al MNRAS(12)-a1209; Pawlowski a1211-MG13, Pawlowski et al a1505/MNRAS [Vast Polar Structure]; Newton et al MNRAS(18)-a1708.
@ Magellanic Clouds: Walker ap/98-in, van den Bergh ap/98-IAU [distances]; Lake & D'Onghia ApJL(09)-a0802 [LMC and dwarf group]; Bekki ApJL(08)-a0807 [LMC + SMC dark matter halos]; Shattow & Loeb MNRAS(09)-a0808 [LMC orbit]; Bland-Hawthorn & Gallagher IAU-a0808 [overview]; D'Onghia et al IAU(08)-a0809 [as part of a group of dwarfs]; van der Marel et al IAU(08)-a0809; Lehner AIP(09)-a0812 [and FUSE]; van den Bergh Nat-a1012; Bekki MNRAS(11)-a1106 [LMC accretion onto MW]; news bbc(13)mar [distance to LMC]; news SA(13)apr [youthful look]; Subramanian & Subramanian A&A(15)-a1410 [disk of the SMC, as traced by Cepheids]; Sales et al MNRAS(16)-a1605 [satellites of the Magellanic Clouds]; Dennefeld a2009 [history].
@ DoS: Pawlowski et al MNRAS(12)-a1204 [and VPOS, and consequences for the standard cosmological model]; Smith et al ApJ(16)-a1511 [formation scenario]; Maji et al ApJ(17)-a1702, and comment Pawlowski et al AN(17)-a1702 [is it there?].
@ Other satellites: Wakker & Richter SA(04)jan [and surrounding HVCs]; Willman et al MNRAS(04)ap; Willman ASP-ap/05 [new]; Ibata & Gibson SA(07)apr [remnants]; Tollerud et al ApJ(08)-a0806 [hundreds?]; Koposov et al ApJ(09)-a0901 [explanation for population]; Libeskind et al a0905/MNRAS [system alignment]; Muñoz et al MNRAS-a0905 [and reionization]; Bullock et al ApJ(10)-a0912 [stealth galaxies]; Koposov et al ApJ(15)-a1503, news symm(15)mar [new ones].

Other Nearby Structures > s.a. galaxy distribution [including the Local Void]; Laniakea.
@ Our neighborhood: Karachentsev AJ(05)ap/04, Grebel ap/06-proc [the Local Group and other nearby groups]; Wang a1112-proc [galactic neighborhood and laboratory astrophysics]; Kitaura et al MNRAS(12)-a1205 [the local universe]; McCall MNRAS(14)-a1403 [Local Sheet and Council of Giants]; Forero-Romero & González IAU-a1412 [the Local Group in the cosmic web].
> Online resources: see Wikipedia page on the Local Sheet.

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