Information and Spacetime / Gravity  

And Spacetime / Gravity > s.a. computation [the universe as a computer]; gravity; reference frames.
* Information storage: Hints of a limit to how much information can be stored in a spacetime region come from the holographic bound.
* Information propagation: For massless fields, whereas energy propagates strictly only on the lightcone, it has been shown, at least in 2D, that information can travel also inside the future lightcone of the source.
@ Books, reviews: Harmuth 93; Peres & Terno RMP(04)qp/02 [overview].
@ General references: Cocke & Frieden FP(97); Frieden 98 [Fisher information]; Volovich qp/01; Lloyd PRL(02)qp/01; Bekenstein in(02)qp/01, APPB(01)qp-proc; Volovich qp/02, qp/02-conf; Garisto qp/02 [speed]; Kribs & Markopoulou gq/05 [emergence of geometry]; Hsu IJMPA(07)-a0704; Kempf & Martin PRL(08)-a0708 [and spectral geometry]; Oppenheim & Reznik a0902 [relational theory of information destruction, and conservation laws]; Kempf PRL(09)-a0908 [cutoff]; Hayden & May JPA(16)-a1210 [summoning information to a set of spacetime points, and causality]; Flammia et al Quant(17)-a1610 [fundamental limits on storage]; Donnelly & Giddings PRD(17)-a1706 [information localization in gravity].
@ Models: Höhn a1706-proc [locally finite network of degrees of freedom exchanging information]; Karlsson JHEP(19)-a1903 [flat spacetime from information exchange between quantum fluctuations]; Caticha a1909-conf [maximum entropy method].
@ Related topics: Kempf PRL(04)gq/03, gq/03-proc [sampling, covariant]; Kempf gq/04-MGX [sampling, and discreteness]; Vanchurin IJMPA(18)-a1707 [covariant]; Cotler et al JHEP(18)-a1711 [superdensity operators].
@ Curved spacetime: Terno qp/01-proc; Lee et al JKPS(13)-a1001 + news tr(10)mar [Einstein gravity]; Martin-Martinez PhD-a1106 [general-relativistic scenarios].

blue bullet Related aspects: see lorentz group [emergent from quantum communication]; quantum communication; spacetime [measurement].

In Quantum Gravity > s.a. discrete spacetime; quantum gravity; approaches to quantum gravity; quantum spacetime.
@ General references: Schiffer GRG(93); Srednicki NPB(93); Itzhaki CQG(95)ht; Zizzi GRG(01)gq/00-conf; Lloyd qp/05/Sci; Kempf FP(14) [simulation on a quantum computer]; Gyongyosi & Imre QE(19)-a1401 [information processing structure]; Chatwin-Davies a2102-ln [black holes, AdS/cft].
@ And gravitational Hilbert space: Bao et al IJMPD(17)-a1704-GRF [locally finite-dimensional]; Donnelly & Giddings PRD(18)-a1805 [splitting, and information localization].
@ And lqg / spin networks: Marzuoli & Rasetti PLA(02), AP(05)qp/04 [evolution]; Girelli & Livine CQG(05)gq [as harmonic oscillators]; Terno JPCS(06)gq/05 [black hole model].
> Related topics: see black holes and information; causal sets; horizons; quantum foundations; quantum cosmology.

Specific Models and Spacetimes
@ Black holes: Bekenstein SHPMP(01); Ng & van Dam IJMPA(05)gq/04-proc [black hole quantum computers]; Gkigkitzis et al PhysInt(14)-a1406 [geometry, information, and the Kretschmann scalar]; 't Hooft et al a1609-panel; Wüthrich a1708-in [information-theoretic notions are problematic]; > s.a. black holes [as computers]; black holes and information; black-hole thermodynamics; quantum black holes.
@ Horizon effects: Mathur GRG(11)-a1105-GRF [effective information loss outside the horizon]; > s.a. horizons.
@ Cosmology: Tegmark FPL(96)qp [little information, complicated dynamics]; Hogan ap/02-conf [inflation]; Barrow & Hervik PLB(03) [open universes]; Hosoya et al PRL(04) [inhomogeneous]; Gough Ent(08)-a0709 [information equation of state]; Guillemant et al a1311 [observation and information]; Hashemi et al GRG(15)-a1509 [thermodynamics and cosmological evolution]; Blasco et al PRD(16)-a1510 [transmission of information and correlations through quantum fields]; Padmanabhan & Padmanabhan PLB(17)-a1703 [the cosmological constant and primordial perturbations]; > s.a. anthropic principle.
@ Other spacetimes: Bousso et al PRD(16)-a1607 [information content of gravitational radiation].

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