Information and Physical Theories  

In General > s.a. critical phenomena; entropy; quantum information [including information flow]; statistical mechanics and states.
* History: 1990, Wheeler launched his "it from bit" project to try and derive physics from information theory.
@ Reviews: Grandy AJP(97)jun [RL]; Adami qp/04; Gisin qp/04; Bais & Farmer a0708-ch; Mézard & Montanari 09 [computation].
@ General references: Hartle PRD(95)gq/94, comment Kent PRD(97)gq/96 [and decoherent histories]; Kak FP(96) [and computation]; Pospiech qp/00/EJP [intro, quantum mechanics]; Semitecolos qp/02-wd; Faigon qp/03, Busch qp/04-conf [classical and quantum mechanics]; Halvorson SHPMP(04) [characterization of theories]; Paterek et al NJP(10)-a0804 [quantum mechanics and other possible theories]; Karnani et al PRS(09); Knuth AIP(11)-a1009 [from statistical physics to information physics]; Wharton ch(15)-a1311-FQXi [and reality]; Rovelli a1311-FQXi [relative information and foundations]; Alicki a1402 [information is not physical]; Khatam & Shafiee FS(14)-a1510 [von Weizsäcker's view]; Wüthrich a1708-in [in fundamental physics].
@ Information transmission, signaling: Jonsson JPA(16)-a1512 [energyless signaling with 2D massless fields]; Benioff a1803-in [the "no information at a distance" principle]; Beheshti et al a1901 [frame-invariant information].
@ Physics from information: Knuth CP(14) [information-based physics]; Walsh & Knuth a1411-conf [influence and forces]; D'Ariano IJTP(17)-a1701 [quantum field theory]; Coll a1712-proc ["epistemic relativity"].
@ Wheeler's "it from bit": Plastino PhyA(04); Foschini a1306-FQXi; Bassi et al a1310-FQXi; Stoica a1311-FQXi; Leifer a1311-FQXi ["bit from it"]; Dreyer a1311-FQXi.
@ Physics is information: Lee a1011; D'Ariano AIP(11)-a1012, a1110-conf; > s.a. physics.
@ Fisher information: Lavis & Streater SHPMP(02); Nettleton JPA(03) [and entropy]; Pennini & Plastino PLA(06) [and canonical ensemble]; Gibilisco et al a0712 [and quantum covariance]; Hyllus et al PRA(12)-a1006 [bounds]; Petz & Ghinea proc(11)-a1008 [quantum]; Facchi et al PLA(10)-a1009 [geometric formulation]; Frieden & Soffer PLA(10) [negative, weighted]; Venkatesan & Plastino PLA(14) [relative, properties]; Plastino et al AMP(15)-a1504 [conjecture]; > s.a. quantum information.

Specific Theories and Models > s.a. spin models.
* Statistical mechanics and thermodynamics: The Khinchin axioms fix the most desirable properties an information measure should have, and ultimately lead to the Shannon entropy as the fundamental information measure on which statistical mechanics is based; > s.a. thermodynamics.
@ General references: Ng & Parwani MPLA(11)-a0908 [relativistic quantum spinors]; Berrada et al PLA(12) [qubit inside a dissipative cavity, quantum]; Zhang & Chen EPJD(15)-a1503 [Dicke model, quantum].
@ Statistical mechanics and thermodynamics: Fort CP(99) [non-equilibrium matter + radiation]; Plastino PhyA(04); Caticha AIP(07)-a0710 [and entropy]; Ben-Naim 08 [replacing entropy]; Beck CP(09) [generalized measures, and entropy]; Dahlsten et al NJP(11)-a0908 [work value]; Short & Wehner NJP(10)-a0909 [and entropy]; Ellison et al JSP(09) [amount of information stored in the present]; Baez & Stay a1010 [algorithmic thermodynamics]; Levitin & Toffoli IJTP(11)-a1101 [conversion into work]; Tajima PRE(13)-a1212 [second law]; Horowitz & Esposito PRX(14); Goold et al JPA(16)-a1505 [rev]; Faist a1607-PhD [general framework, quantum coarse-graining]; Bera et al a1805-ch [rev]; Scandolo a1901-PhD [foundations]; Alicki & Horodecki JPA(19)-a1905; > s.a. Open System.
@ Other theories: Carney et al a1802 [information-theoretic aspects of QED]; > s.a. information and spacetime / gravity.
@ And holography: Correa-Borbonet IJQI(05)ht/04 [Shannon & Boltzmann entropies]; Wolf et al PRL(08)-a0704 [thermal equilibrium, area scaling of information and correlations].
@ Other applications: Walker et al 17 [nature and origin of life].

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