Fields with Higher or Arbitrary Spin  

In General > s.a. anti-de sitter space; boundaries in field theory; types of gauge theories [including continuous spin] and quantum field theories.
* Problem: Fields with spin higher than 2 do not couple satisfactorily to spin-2 and other fields, in flat spacetime; However, spaces with constant curvature that occur in the presence of a cosmological constant provide a loophole that allows construction of consistent higher-spin generalizations of gravity.
@ Intros, reviews: Sorokin AIP(05)ht/04; Bouatta et al ht/04-conf; Rahman a1307-ln [intro].
@ Lagrangians: Francia & Sagnotti PLB(05)ht; Francia NPB(08) [massive, arbitrary s]; Fotopoulos & Tsulaia IJMPA(09)-a0805-fs [free and interacting, gauge-invariant, BRST approach]; Buchbinder et al MPLA(11)-a1101 [manifolds with consistent Lagrangian formulations]; Bandelloni IJGMP(11); Koch & Rojas a1107; Buchbinder & Reshetnyak NPB(12)-a1110, Reshetnyak NPB(13)-a1211 [with arbitrary index symmetry]; Joung & Mkrtchyan JHEP(12) [higher-derivative actions]; Arias et al proc(17)-a1603 [3D and 4D, based on Chern-Simons and BF models]; Canarutto IJGMP(18)-a1704 [1st-order Lagrangian theory]; Reshetnyak JHEP(18)-a1803 [constrained BRST-BFV approach].
@ Interactions: Sagnotti a1002-conf [and currents]; Manvelyan et al NPB(11)-a1002 [cubic self-interactions]; Taronna JHEP(12)-a1107 [consistent interactions]; Buchbinder et al NPB(13)-a1308 [coupling to scalars: interaction and causality]; NPB(14)-a1307 [non-minimal]; Bandelloni IJGMP(15)-a1502 [interacting with a geometrical background]; Boulanger et al JPA(16)-a1508.
@ Inconsistencies, restrictions: Dayi IJMPA(97)ht/96; Sudarshan FP(03) [rev]; Afkhami-Jeddi et al a1811 [no-go result on particles with s > 2 coupled to gravity]; Dierigl & Dvali a1907 [entropy constraints].
@ Majorana equation / theory: Majorana NC(32) [infinite-component equation]; Plyushchay EJTP(06)mp [anyons]; Nanni APTA-a1503 [Majorana's theory of particles with arbitrary spin]; Parrochia a1907 [hist].
@ General references: Fierz & Pauli PRS(39); Rarita & Schwinger PR(41); Schwinger 70, 73; Biritz IJTP(79) [massive]; Henneaux & Teitelboim in(89); Illge CMP(93); Grigore ht/94; Fedoruk & Ivanov CQG(06), PAN(08)ht/07-proc ['master' system]; Bastianelli et al JHEP(07)ht [worldline perspective]; Engquist & Hohm JHEP(08) [frame formalism]; Dvoeglazov JPCS(07)ht, a1011-conf [generalized Bargmann-Wigner formalism]; Tóth IJMPA(14) [fields with reversed spin-statistics relation]; Simulik a1509 [covariant field equations]; Kirchbach & Banda Guzmán JPCS(16)-a1610 [universal description]; Bellazzini et al a1903 [massive, effective field theory].
@ History: Esposito AP(12)-a1110 [Majorana, Dirac, Fierz-Pauli, Bhabha, etc].

Special Types of Theories and Backgrounds > s.a. low-spin fields; types of spinors [including classification] / theories of gravity [higher-spin].
@ General references: Gornik & Mankoč Borštnik HJ(03)ht/01, ht/01 [m = 0, even D]; Bastianelli et al JHEP(08) [in (A)dS]; Fotopoulos & Tsulaia IJMPA(08) [gauge-invariant Lagrangians, BRST approach]; JHEP(14)-a1407 [odd D, actions]; Stokes & Bennett NJP(15)-a1411 [massless, unified physical boundary conditions]; Gersten & Moalem JPCS(15)-a1601 [massless, consistent quantization]; Sorokin & Tsulaia a1710 [massless higher-spin, tensorial, matrix or hyperspace approach]; Didenko et al JHEP(18)-a1712 [Lorentz-covariant].
@ 3D theories: Lucena a1307-ln; Afshar PRL(13)-a1307 [in 3D flat space]; Lucena a1406-PhD [with fermions].
@ Diffeomorphism-invariant: Pons et al PRD(97)gq/96 [gauge transformations]; Bordemann & Hoppe JMP(98); Barbero & Villaseñor PRD(00)gq/99 [free, no local degrees of freedom].
@ Spin-5/2 fields: Metsaev PRD(08) [interactions, in (anti)de Sitter space]; > s.a. Hypergravity.
@ Spin-3 fields: Zinoviev CQG(09)-a0805 [interaction with gravity]; Mendonça & Dalmazi EPJC(16)-a1509, Bergshoeff et al JHEP(17)-a1612 [in 3D]; > s.a. 3D gravity theories.
@ Massive, s > 1: Deser & Waldron PRL(01)ht [and gauge], NPB(02)ht/01 [problems], Deser in(03)gq/02; Deser NPPS(04)gq/03 [de Sitter]; Zecca IJTP(06) [in Schwarzschild spacetime, separation of variables]; Porrati & Rahman PRD(11)-a1103 [consistent Lagrangian description]; Afkhami-Jeddi a1811 [bound].
@ Massless bosonic: Bell & Szekeres IJTP(72) [any spin, curved spacetime]; Frønsdal PRD(78); Labastida PRL(87); Ouvry ZPC(88); Couch & Torrence GRG(89) [spherically symmetric spacetime]; Brooke & Schroeck JMP(96); Vasiliev NPB(01)ht [in AdS5]; Sezgin & Sundell JHEP(02)ht; Boulanger & Leclercq JHEP(06)ht [coupling between spin-2 and spin-3]; Campoleoni & Francia JHEP(13)-a1206 [Lagrangian].
@ Massive bosonic: Klishevich TMP(98)ht/97 [spin-2 and 3 gauge theory, Hamiltonian from non-canonical Lagrangian], CQG(99)ht/98 [in Einstein space], IJMPA(00)ht/98 [in electromagnetic field], ht/00-proc [interactions]; Buchbinder & Krykhtin NPB(05)ht, ht/05-proc [BRST Lagrangian formulation]; Buchbinder et al NPB(07) [in AdS, gauge-invariant]; Rahman & Taronna in(17)-a1603 [in non-trivial backgrounds].
@ Fermionic, half-integer spin: Fang & Frønsdal PRD(78) [massless]; Frauendiener & Sparling JGP(99)gq/95; Klishevich IJMPA(00)ht/98 [in electromagnetic field]; Niederle & Nikitin PRD(01)ht/04 [wave equations]; Buchbinder & Krykhtin ht/05-proc [massless, BRST approach]; Metsaev a1211; > s.a. fermions.
@ In 2+1 dimensions: Grigore JMP(94)ht; Gaitan PhD(05)-a0711; Campoleoni a1110-proc [toy models, gauge theories and others].
@ In curved spacetimes: Pol'shin gq/98, gq/98-wd, gq/98; Vasiliev ht/01-conf [AdS4]; Fukuma et al a1605 [need for non-minimal couplings]; Homma & Tomihisa a2005 [on constant-curvature spaces].
@ Other types: Lindesay mp/03, mp/03 [linear spinor fields]; Bandos et al JHEP(05)ht [conformally invariant]; Zecca IJTP(07) [with torsion]; Sezgin & Sundell JPA(16)-a1208 [supersymmetric]; Guo a1301 [from Finsler geometry]; Bekaert & Skvortsov IJMPA(17)-a1708 [fields with continuous spin].

Related Topics > s.a. BRST theory; casimir effect; FLRW spacetime; particle types [in experiments]; symplectic structures.
@ And string theory: Sagnotti & Taronna NPB(10); Sagnotti a1112-ln; Rahman & Taronna a1512-in [primer].
@ Vasiliev theory: Vasiliev & Fradkin JETPL(86) + news SA(12)apr; Vasiliev PLB(90); Alkalaev et al JPA(15)-a1409.
@ Gyromagnetic things: Giannakis et al PLB(99)ht [gravitational quadrupole and supersymmetry].
@ Characteristic initial-value form: Penrose GRG(80).
@ Fermions from / to bosons: Vachaspati PLB(98)ht/97; Daoud et al PAN(98)qp; > s.a. Bosons [bosonization]; Dyon; Supersymmetry.
@ Symmetries: Anco & Pohjanpelto PRS(03)mp/02 [conserved currents]; Pohjanpelto & Anco Sigma(08)-a0801 [generalized].

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