BRST Transformations and Quantization  

* Idea: In the quantization of gauge theories using the Faddeev-Popov procedure, Becchi, Rouet, Stora and Tyutin realized that the effective action, including ghost and gauge-fixing terms, although not gauge-invariant in the regular sense, was invariant under a group of gauge-like transformations; This is now considered to be the simplest quantization method for non-Abelian theories.

Classical Structure
* BRST extended phase space: Add one pair (η, π) of Grassmann-valued (ghost) variables for each constraint C of the theory.
* BRST charge: The expression Q:= Ca ηa + Cabc ηb ηa πc + Cabcde ηc ηb ηa πe πd + ..., where the Cas are the constraints, and the other Cs the (first-order, second-order, ...) are structure functions.
* BRST transformations: The canonical transformations on the extended phase space generated by Q; For any function F of (q, p, η, π),

δF = {Q, F} .

* Observables: An observable is a function F with ghost number zero which is (strongly) invariant under BRST transformations; If we consider the BRST δ as a coboundary operator, which gives a grading to the Fs by ghost number, then observables are the 0-th cohomology group of δ; Every observable in the usual sense as a function of (q, p) admits a BRST-invariant extension.

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And Physics, Other Concepts > s.a. lovelock gravity; noether's theorem.
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BRST Quantization > s.a. quantization of 1st-class and 2nd-class systems; dirac method; lagrangian dynamics; particles; QED; bosonic strings.
* Motivation: BRST invariance effectively implements gauge invariance in the path-integral quantization of gauge theories without having to fix the gauge, and having to confront the related tricky issues.
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Specific Systems > s.a. quantum gauge theories and path integrals for gauge theories.
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@ Other quantum systems: van Nieuwenhuizen ht/04-proc [quantum-mechanical model]; López & Rogers a1208 [systems with secondary constraints].

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