Black-Hole Entropy  

In General > s.a. black-hole thermodynamics; origin of black-hole entropy; specific types of black holes.
* Idea: Black-hole entropy was introduced in a formal way; Several interpretations of it have been proposed, some of which are variations on Bekenstein's original idea that it corresponds to the log of "distinct quantum internal states" of the black hole, S = kB ln W, but in general it is not clear what this W means physically; Classically, one has to use S = ∞ to avoid inconsistencies with the second law, but quantum mechanically there is black-hole radiation and all is ok.
* Schwarzschild spacetime: A Schwarzschild black hole of classical surface area \(A_{\rm H}\) has entropy (in any dimensionality)

\[S_{\rm B} = \textstyle{1\over4}(k_{\rm B}c^3/G\hbar)\,A_{\rm H}\;.\]

* Reissner-Nordström: An extremal black hole has S = 0 but A ≠ 0.
* Remark: With matter fields, in general SA/4; It is possible to form black holes without a global increase in entropy.
* Orders of magnitude: Compare SSun = 1058 with Ssolar mass bh = 1077.
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@ Related topics: Lue & Weinberg GRG(00)gq [and monopoles]; Acquaviva et al PRD(15)-a1411, a1604-MG14 [and collapse]; Zhang PRD(15)-a1510 [entropy in the interior, and thermodynamics]; Azuma & Subramanian a1807 [negative entropy?]; > s.a. gravitational phenomenology [spacetime measurement].
> Related topics: see noether charge; thermodynamical systems [contribution to cosmological entropy]; fine-structure constant [variation].

Corrections > s.a. black-hole radiation and thermodynamics; quantum black holes; specific types of black holes.
* Reasons: Can be due to thermal fluctuations around an equilibrium canonical ensemble, or quantum spacetime fluctuations within a microcanonical framework; Typically, higher-order gravity theories give corrections of the form AH R, R2, etc, while various approaches to effective quantum gravity corrections give terms of the form ln AH.
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@ Related topics: Belgiorno & Liberati GRG(97)gq/96 [and Casimir effect]; Liberati NCB(97)gq/96 ["intrinsic" thermodynamics]; Strominger JHEP(98)ht/97 [anti-de Sitter geometry]; Jacobson AIP(99)gq [partial horizon]; Wu IJMPD(00)gq [topology]; Dreyer et al CQG(01)gq [symmetries]; Carlip PRL(02)gq [conformal symmetry]; More CQG(05)gq/04 [higher-order corrections]; Ahmad & Alam a1207-proc [subleading corrections]; Park FdP(14)-a1304 [from ADM reduction, and subleading corrections]; > s.a. non-extensive entropy.

In Other Theories > see 2D gravity; 3D black holes; 3D quantum gravity; Shape Dynamics.
@ General references: Borsten et al PRP(09) [in string theory, and entanglement of qubits and qutrits]; Brustein & Medved JHEP(10)-a1003 [unitary theories]; Das MSc(10)-a1007 [for an arbitrary covariant theory of gravity, inputs and derivation]; De Haro et al a1904, van Dongen et al a1904 [in string theory, conceptual].
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> Other areas of physics: see high-temperature superconductors.

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