Radio Astronomy  

In General > s.a. astronomy; other wavelength ranges.
* Interferometry: 1998, The precision at wavelengths of about 1 cm is about 1 nrad.
@ Texts and reviews: Verschuur 87; Rieke 94; Malphrus 96 [history]; Sullivan 09 [history]; Rieke 12; Trimble IAU(15)-a1410; Burke et al 19 [r PT(20)].
@ General references: Sovers et al RMP(98); Andernach ap/98-proc [internet resources]; news an(09)jan, van Driel a0906-conf [radio noise]; Wijnholds & van der Veen IEEE(08)-a1003 [fundamental imaging limits]; Wilson PSSS-a1111 [techniques, rev]; Padovani A&A(16)-a1609 [the faint radio sky].
@ Sources: Begelman et al RMP(84); Begelman SA(93)jun [radio galaxies].
@ The Arecibo Observatory: Altschuler & Salter PT(13)nov; Schmelz & Verschuur pt(18)feb; news pw(20)nov [decommissioning].
@ Interferometry: Begelman SA(88)jan [VLBA]; Thompson et al 01; Perley et al ApJL(11)-a1106 [Expanded VLA]; Avison & George EJP(13) [graphical tool, pedagogical]; Kardashev & Khartov AR(13)-a1303 [RadioAstron ground-space radio interferometer]; news nat(13)mar [ALMA]; > s.a. black-hole phenomenology [observation with VLBI and the EHT].
@ Other techniques: Wolverton SA(08)sep [digital upgrades]; news pw(09)sep [hierarchical pattern of antennas]; Morgan & Fisher a0908 [next-generation receivers]; > s.a. Event Horizon Telescope; SKA.

21-cm Radiation > s.a. cosmological parameters; milky-way galaxy.
@ General references: Furlanetto et al PRP(06), Bowman AIP(09)-a0901 [high-redshift, use in cosmology]; Xu et al MNRAS(11)-a1009 [from reionization, earliest galaxies]; Liu & Tegmark MNRAS(12)-a1106 [foreground contamination]; Book et al PRL(12)-a1112 [lensing by primordial gravitational waves]; Fialkov & Loeb JCAP(13)-a1311 [from recombination]; Zheng et al MNRAS(14)-a1405 [MITEoR, a scalable interferometer for precision 21 cm cosmology]; Pourtsidou & Metcalf MNRAS(15)-a1410 [gravitational lensing]; Dillon a1506-PhD [21-cm signal from the early universe].
@ Cosmic 21-cm background: Cooray PRD(06) [and electron scattering]; Kleban et al JCAP(07)ht, Wyithe & Loeb MNRAS(08)-a0708 [fluctuations]; Loeb JCAP(08)-a0801 [validity of classical treatment]; Metcalf NCB(07)-a0801-proc [gravitational lensing]; Pritchard & Loeb PRD(08)-a0802 [evolution]; Pen et al MNRAS(09)-a0802 [detection of structure]; Peterson et al a0902-rp [mapping]; Khatri & Wandelt a0910-proc [and fundamental physics]; Brax et al JCAP(13)-a1207 [signatures of modified gravity, chameleon-f(R) models, dilatons and symmetrons]; Mirocha et al ApJ(15)-a1509 [from high redshifts]; > s.a. observational cosmology; perturbations.

Related Phenomena
* Fast radio bursts (FRBs): Bursts of radio waves that in a few milliseconds can emit as much energy as the sun in a month over all wavelengths; They are common but only a small fraction are detectable, because radio telescopes see a small fraction of the sky; 2019, Ten repeating ones known, their mechanism is unknown.
@ General radio background: Ponente et al MNRAS(11)-a1104 [from star-forming galaxies]; Holder ApJ(14)-a1207 [unusual smoothness]; Fang & Linden PRD(15)-a1412 [anisotropy]; Crawford et al a1611-proc ["WTF", discovering the unexpected].
@ Fast radio bursts (FRBs): news sn(15)nov [search for the source]; Katz MPLA(16) [rev]; news sn(19)jan [second repeating burst observed]; news cosmos(19)jul [two sources identified]; news sn(19)aug [ten sources known]; > s.a. matter distribution in cosmology.
@ Microwaves: Miville-Deschênes ASP-a0905 [interstellar medium as foreground for cmb]; > s.a. cosmic microwave background.

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