In General > s.a. astrophysics; cosmology; history of astronomy.
@ General references: Audouze et al 94 [atlas]; Coles CQG(02)in [extragalactic].
@ Status / future: NS(90)sep29, 38-42; PW(91)jan, p33; Seery et al ap/98-conf; Gilmozzi SA(06)may [future telescopes]; Myers a0904-rp [upcoming "Era of Great Surveys"]; Norris PoS-a1009; news pw(10)aug, ps(10)oct [Astro2010 Decadal Survey]; Chilingarian & Zolotukhin ASP-a1012 [computing skills bottleneck]; news pt(15)aug [30-m-scale telescopes].
@ Purpose of astronomy: Davoust ViA(95)ap; Bahcall ap/97; Rosenberg et al IAU-a1311.
@ I: Harrison 87; Kippenhahn 87; Lightman 92; Bartusiak 93; Pasachoff et al 94 [objects]; Longair 96; Odenwald 00, 03 [astro caf].
@ II: Shu 82; Friedlander 85; Zeilik 93; Kaufmann 94; Fix 95; Morrison et al 95; Pasachoff 95; Chaisson & McMillan 99; Kutner 03; Roy & Clarke 03 [IIb]; Barbieri 07 [IIb]; Bennett et al 09; Unsld & Baschek 11; Greenstein 13.
@ III: Hoyle 75 [and cosmology]; Shipman 80 [especially black hole and cosmology]; Acker & Jaschek 86.
@ Data management: Norris IAU(05)ap; Borne a0909-rp [future, astroinformatics]; Ball & Brunner IJMPD(10) [data mining and machine learning]; Gray & Woan a1103-proc [data preservation]; Marshall et al ARAA(15)-a1409 [citizen science].
@ Sociology: Lahav ap/01-in [surveys]; Salucci a1004/JCOM [astrophysics by Facebook]; Davenport et al a1403, Pritchard et al A&G(14)-a1412 [survey on gender at conference talks]; Tenn JAHH-a1612 [AstroGen project].
@ Training, careers: Forbes Merc-a0805 [aspiring professional astronomers]; Loeb a1008-conf [safe and risky topics], a1507 [career opportunities].
@ Observational topics: Soffel & Langhans 13 [reference systems: astrometry, motions, timekeeping]; de Grijs et al SSR a1706 [consistent distance scale]; Høg a1707 [astrometry, history].
@ Space travel: Mullane 97; Hoang & Loeb a1706 [forces on a relativistic spacecraft].
@ Related topics: AS 78(90)407 [cartoons]; Andernach ap/98-proc [internet resources]; Ifland 98 [celestial navigation]; Gaither & Cavazos-Gaither 02 [quotations]; Price et al AER(06)ap [Slacker Astronomy Podcast]; Heydari-Malayeri ap/07, a0911 and website [etymological dictionary]; West IAU-a0905 [public perception of astronomers]; Fabian a0908, Kellermann et al PoS-a0912 [serendipity and discoveries]; Courvoisier IAU(11)-a1012 [astronomy, space science and geopolitics]; Loeb a1405 [examples of beliefs leading to wrong strategic decisions]; > s.a. chaos; computation [data management]; gravitating matter.
> Related topics: see orbits [celestial mechanics]; stars; units.
> Online resources: Astronomy Picture of the Day site and Starship Asterisk*; Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics website; Unified Astronomy Thesaurus site.

Observation Methods > s.a. cosmic microwave background; gravitational-wave detection; matter in the universe [various backgrounds].
@ General references: Krisciunas ap/99-en [history]; Bradt 04 [II/III]; Anchordoqui APPB(05)ap/04-conf [neutrons, neutrinos, ...]; Sutton 11, Kitchin 13 [techniques]; Mickaelian a1511-conf/BA [surveys over the entire electromagnetic spectrum]; Gallaway 16 [astrophysics]; Appenzeller AN(16)-a1702 [technological progress].
@ Amateur astronomy: O'Meara 10 [observing the Solar System with binoculars]; Consolmagno & Davis 11 [small home telescopes]; Kaler 12 [the bright sky]; Carter 15 [stargazing for beginners].
@ Astronomical spectroscopy: Massey & Hanson ch(13)-a1010; Hearnshaw 14.
@ Virtual observatories: Borne ap/00-proc, ESO(01)ap/00; Djorgovski ap/02-ch [and small telescopes], & Williams ap/05-proc [rev]; Lawrence in(09)-a0905; Hatziminaoglou a0911-proc.
@ Particle astronomy: Lipari PRD(08)-a0808 [protons and neutrinos]; > s.a. cosmic rays; neutrino astronomy.
@ Multimessenger astronomy: Vecchi a1105-proc [and Antares]; Christensen et LIGO & Virgo a1105-proc, Weinstein et LIGO & Virgo CQG(12)-a1112-proc [gravitational waves]; van Putten & Rossi a1203; Ando et al RMP(13)-a1203 [gravitational waves and neutrinos]; Hughes a1405-proc [gravitational waves, astronomy and cosmology]; Ghosh & Nelemans proc(14)-a1406 [electromagnetic and gravitational-wave data]; Aartsen et al (LIGO-Virgo and IceCube) PRD(14)-a1407 [gravitational waves and neutrinos]; Clark et al ApJ(15)-a1409, Regimbau et al ApJ(15)-a1410 [gravitational waves and GRBs]; Rosswog IJMPD(15)-a1501 [compact binary mergers]; Fan & Hendry a1509-ChSci [rev]; Yancey et al ApJ(15)-a1510 [gravitational-wave sources]; Lee et al SCPMA(15)-a1602; Santander a1606-in [rev].
@ Interferometry: Hg a1408-in [from space, a dream]; Wentz & Saha MNRAS(15)-a1411 [intensity interferometers, observing the Hanbury Brown-Twiss phase]; Lacki a1501 [generalization to arbitrary transform telescopes].
@ Quantum telescopes: Kellerer A&G(14)-a1403; Kurek et al OL(16)-a1508.
@ Related topics: Lowman & Lester PT(06)nov [observatories on the Moon?]; Hickson AS(07)#3 [liquid-mirror telescopes]; Merrifield & Saari A&G(09)-a0906 [telescope time allocation]; Djorgovski proc(09)-a0907 [Meta-Institute for Computational Astrophysics and virtual worlds]; Bland-Hawthorn & Kern PT(12)may [photonics in astronomy]; Laslandes et al JEOS(12)-a1209 [active optics]; Staley PhD(13)-a1404 [lucky imaging]; Parry & Moore a1501-proc [Dual Plane Imaging].
blue bullet At various scales: see radio astronomy; astronomy in other wavelength ranges [infrared, optical, ultraviolet, X-ray]; gamma-ray astronomy.

Astronomy Education
* Idea: Can one buy one or more sets of IR glasses, and look at objects with them before discussing astronomy?
@ General references: Gurr PT(92)aug; Bailey & Slater AJP(05)aug [astronomy education research, RL]; Borne et al a0909-rp [and data science]; Bailey & Nagamine AJP(12)jun [adoption of learner-centered instructional strategies].
@ Introductory courses: Zeilik et al AJP(97)oct, AJP(99)oct [conceptual approach]; Prather et al AJP(09)apr [national essessment study], PT(09)oct [teaching intro classes]; Schombert a1008 [and grade inflation]; McLin a1304-eConf [using current cosmological ideas]; Olson TPT(15)oct [astronomy and humanities]; Burin TPT(16)jan [daytime outdoors activities].
@ Specific topics: Price & Grover AJP(01)feb [cosmological expansion]; Krisciunas et al AJP(12)may-a1109 [cosmological distance ladder, the first three rungs]; Goodman et al a1201 [WorldWide Telescope program]; Sparavigna a1202 [problems on the solar system, ancient astronomy]; Allen et al a1307 [measuring cosmic distances, rev]; Forringer TPT(14) [guided inquiry exercises on Hubble plots and the Big Bang]; Gangui RLAEA-a1504 [parallel globe]; Arcadias & Corbet a1505 [animations produced by students, vimeo]; Wallace et al AJP-a1603 [extrasolar planet detection via microlensing]; Zingale et al a1606 [computational skills]; Montmerle et al IAU-a1607 [public naming of planets and satellites].
@ Undergraduate labs: Huebner & Reynolds 96; Cadmus AJP(99)aug [age of the universe]; Sigismondi AJP(02)nov [angular size of Sun]; Rubbo et al AJP(07)jul [simulated gravitational wave signals]; Jacobi et al AER(08)-a0809 [effectiveness of night labs]; Krisciunas AJP(10)aug-a1001 [eccentricity of Moon's orbit]; Sigismondi a1106 [examples of activities], in(00)-a1107 [pinhole astronomy and the 1st and 2nd Kepler laws]; Lahaye EJP(12) [eccentricity of Earth's orbit]; Camino & Gangui TPT(12)-a1305 [latitude]; Mandal et al a1601 [building affordable, portable college-level radio telescopes].
@ Popular astronomy: Whiting 10 [books written from 1833 to 1944].
@ Outreach: Dang & Russo CAP-a1507; Clarkson et al a1606 [sustained programs].
@ Mobile apps: Fraknoi AER(11) [list].

"Innocent light-minded men, who think that astronomy can be learnt by looking at the stars
without knowledge of mathematics will, in the next life, be birds." Plato, Timaeus.

"As far as astronomy is concerned, it must be confessed that we do appear to be fast reaching the limits of our knowledge".
Simon Newcomb, in an 18 November 1887 speech at Syracuse University [@ see Carter & Carter PT(10)jan].

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