Astrophysical and Cosmological Neutrinos  

In General > s.a. astrophysics; cosmic rays; equivalence principle; modified lorentz symmetry; quantum-gravity phenomenology.
* Abundance: Can be determined indirectly from cmb anisotropy; Contributes to the dark matter.
* Sources: The known sources are the Sun and SN1987A, neither above 108 eV; The next ones detected should be other supernovae.
* Number of species: 2013, Current cosmological data do not require any non-standard neutrino properties; 2014, The mismatch between observations of galaxy clusters and measurements of the cosmic background radiation could be explained if neutrinos are more massive than is usually thought, and hints at a fourth type of neutrino.
@ Books: Kim & Pevsner 93; Lesgourgues et al 13.
@ Reviews: Beacom a0706-ln; Halzen & Klein PT(08)may; Haxton a0808 [introductory]; Gaisser NIMA(12)-a1201; Riemer-Sørensen et al PASA(13)-a1301; Volpe JPCS(15)-a1503; Ishihara a1511-conf [rapporteur talk]; Volpe a1609-ln; Mészáros PT(18)oct [high-energy].
@ General articles: Sarkar NPPS(98)hp/97; Roulet ap/00-ln; Bahcall IJMPA(01)hp/00; Dolgov PRP(02)hp; Lipari et al PRD(07) [flavor composition and energy spectrum]; Fargion et al a0708 [role of τ neutrino]; Lipari PRD(08) [and proton astronomy]; Vissani et al NCC(09)-a0912-conf [goals]; Raffelt a1201-ln; Volpe AdP(13)-a1303; news sa(14)feb [cosmic mismatch and neutrino properties].
@ Constraints on number of species: Hansen et al PRD(02)ap/01 [nucleosynthesis and cmb]; Mangano et al PLB(02) [effective number]; Ichikawa a0706-proc; Ichikawa et al PRD(08) [from cmb]; Vanderveld & Hu PRD(13)-a1212 [and masses, from weak lensing surveys]; Feeney et al JCAP(13)-a1302 [no need for non-standard neutrinos].
@ And Earth / geoneutrinos: Araki et KamLAND Nat(05)jul + pw(05)jul; Fiorentini et al PRP(07), Ioannisian et al PRD(17), Donini et al nPhys(18)nov + news sn(18)nov [Earth's interior].
@ From GRBs: Razzaque et al PRD(03) [and stellar collapse]; news pw(12)apr [surprisingy few detected by IceCube]; Mészáros NPPS(14)-a1407 [rev].
@ Supernovae: Vissani & Costantini ap/05-proc; Mirizzi et al RNC(16)-a1508; Tamborra a1605-conf [theory]; Gil-Botella a1605-conf [detection]; Janka a1702-ch [emission].
@ Other sources: Waxman PS(05)ap-in [high-E]; Daigne et al PRD(05) [first stars]; Caballero et al PRD(09)-a0910 [bh-ns mergers]; Bai et al PRD(14)-a1407 + news ns(14)oct [Sagittarius A*]; Sahakyan EPJwc(16)-a1512 [galactic sources].
@ And neutrino mixing: Serpico & Kachelrieß PRL(05); Balantekin AIP(14)-a1401, a1609-proc [rev]; > s.a. neutrinos [mass]; spin-statistics theorem.

Cosmological Neutrinos > s.a. contents of the universe; dark energy and types of dark energy [neutrino condensate]; dark matter.
* Idea: 2014, No known objects within our galaxy are capable of accelerating particles to energies beyond 1019 eV; The leading explanation for any cosmic rays with those energies is that they come from GRBs and AGNs, both powered by the rapid accretion of mass onto black holes and producing jets.
* Cosmic neutrino background: 2015, The current temperature is estimated to be about 1.945 K, but it cannot yet be measured.
@ Reviews: Pisanti & Serpico AIP(05)ap; Hannestad PPNP(06)ap/05-proc; Krauss ap/06-conf; Hannestad a1311-proc, a1605-conf; Gerbino a1803-conf.
@ In general: López et al PRL(99) [Nν/Nγ]; Fodor et al JCAP(03) [bounds on flux]; Crocker et al PRD(04)hp/03 [interferometry from curved spacetime]; Altaie CQG(03)gq/02 [back-reaction on static universe]; Gorham et al PRL(04) [UHE, flux limits]; Athar & Kim PLB(04) [ντs]; Seckel & Stanev PRL(05) [and uhecr sources]; Pfenniger & Muccione A&A(06)ap [entanglement and pressure]; Cirelli & Strumia JCAP(06)ap [and other light particles]; Quigg a0802-conf; Pritchard & Pierpaoli PRD(08)-a0805 [constraints from 21-cm observations]; Dodelson & Vesterinen PRL(09)-a0907 [last-scattering surfaces]; Smith et al PRD(12) [and flatness assumption]; Giusarma et al PRD(13); Anchordoqui et al PLB(14)-a1404 [high-energy cutoff]; Lesgourgues & Pastor NJP(14)-a1404; Villaescusa-Navarro et al JCAP(14) [matter, galaxies, and haloes].
@ High-energy: Vietri PRL(98) [from GRBs]; Stasto IJMPA(04)ap/03; Weiler IJMPA(03)ap-proc; Halzen AIP(06)ap/05; Mocioiu IJMPA(05), Quigg ap/06-conf [rev]; Halzen ap/06-conf [rev]; Meszaros & Razzaque ap/06-conf [from GRBs]; Lipari NIMA(06)ap-proc; Halzen & Hooper PRL(06) [flux bounds]; Chiarusi & Spurio EPJC(10)-a0906 [rev]; Scholten et al PRL(09)-a0910 [E > 1022 eV]; Spiering EPJH(12)-a1207 [history]; Aartsen et al PRL(13), PRL(14) [PeV-neutrinos observed with IceCube]; Lunardini et al JCAP(13); Halzen AN(14)-a1311-conf [cosmic origin]; Spiering PU(14)-a1402-conf [outlook]; Waxman Phy(14); Murase AIP(15)-a1410, Aloisio JPCS(16)-a1601 [origin].
@ Cosmic neutrino background: Alpher et al PR(53); Mangano ap/06-conf [non-thermal features]; Loeb & Waxman JCAP(06) [from starburst galaxies]; de Bernardis et al JCAP(08)-a0707 [and the age of the universe]; Fuller a1110.
@ Cosmic background, detection: Ringwald NPA(09)-a0901-proc [prospects]; Beacom ARNPS(10)-a1004 [from supernovae]; Sellentin & Durrer PRD(15)-a1412; Li IJMPA(15)-a1504-proc [prospects]; Domcke & Spinrath a1703 [using laser interferometers].
@ Cosmic background, anisotropy: Trotta & Melchiorri PRL(05)ap/04; Michney & Caldwell JCAP(07); Hannestad & Brandbyge JCAP(10)-a0910; Safdi et al PRD(14) [annual modulation]; Lisanti et al PRD(14)-a1407; > s.a. Copernican Principle.
@ And the cmb: López et al PRL(99) + pn(99)apr; Bhattacharyya et al PLB(03), Hannestad JCAP(03)ap, ap/03-conf [WMAP and 2dF].
@ And large-scale structure: Hu et al PRL(98); Gawiser ap/00-proc; Novosyadlyj et al AIP(01)ap/00; Elgarøy et al PRL(02) [2dF galaxy survey]; Dhungel et al a1201; Böhringer & Chon MPLA(16)-a1610 [constraints from nearby large-scale structure and galaxy clusters].

Related Topics > see neutrino search, detection and applications; magnetohydrodynamics.

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