History of Astronomy and Astrophysics  

In General
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@ And cosmology: North 08; Smolinski 17 [I].
@ Personal accounts: Giacconi 08.

Early Astronomy
@ General references: Thurston 94; Aveni 95; Ruggles PoS-a1010 [modern astronomy and "indigenous cosmologies"]; Kelley & Milone 11 [ancient and cultural astronomy]; Brosch a1103-conf [archeoastronomy]; Lee et al a2008-proc [including indigenous astronomy in the planetarium setting]; Protte & Hoffmann a2008 [accuracy of pre-telescopic magnitudes].
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XVI and XVII Century
@ Heliocentric vs geocentric models: Graney a1011, JHA-a1103 [Riccioli's arguments]; Sobel 11; Gingerich PT(11)sep [The Mars problem, Tycho and Kepler]; Graney a1112 [Tycho Brahe and the Copernicans]; Ghassib a1208 [why did Arabic science fail to achieve the Copernican revolution?]; Graney a1211 [Francesco Ingoli's arguments against the Copernican theory]; Timberlake AER(13)-a1301 [student activities on the Ptolemaic, Copernican, and Tychonic models]; Graney a1402 [the Inquisition's 1616 condemnation of the Copernican system]; Luminet a1701 [Provençal humanists]; Krisciunas & Bistue a1712 [Ptolemy's Almagest in Europe, and Copernicus]; Graney a1802 [Kepler and Brahe]; Graney JHA(19)-a1902 [Locher]; Timberlake & Wallace 19; Graney JHA(19)-a1906 [Kepler's universe]; Graney a1909 [André Tacquet and star sizes in a heliocentric universe]; Verbunt & van der Sluys JHA-a1909 [Halley, Cassini and proper motion].
@ Galileo: Graney a0811 [and naked-eye stars]; Peruzzi AIP(10)-a1704; Zik & Hon a1307 [knowledge of the theory].
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XVIII and XIX Century > s.a. solar planets [discovery of Neptune]; star properties.
@ References: Barrañón phy/04-conf [Copernican cosmography in Mexico]; Crovisier a0906-proc [in Jules Verne's novels]; Timberlake a1112 [Herschel's "star-gages" and his map of the Milky Way galaxy], TPT(13) [William Herschel]; Antonello a1401-proc [water-filled telescopes]; Krajnović a1501-conf [Rogerius Boscovich and the motion of the Earth].

XX and XXI Century > s.a. XXI century physics.
* Dark matter: (A precursor was Neptune, discovered from its effect on Uranus); 1933, Fritz Zwicky noticed that most of galaxies' mass is invisible, based on galaxy cluster velocity dispersions, and suggested it could be mapped via gravitational lensing; Later motivated by flat galaxy rotation curves and patterns in large-scale structure.
* 2017 predictions: Sources of fast radio bursts announcement? Event Horizon Telescope results? Jupiter results from Juno? Plunging end of Cassini mission.
@ General references: Struve PT(60)sep [1950s, astronomy in a state of turbulence]; Rowan-Robinson pw(99)dec [overview, status]; PT(99)may [in the US]; Sánchez & Benn AN(04)ap [different countries]; Longair 06 [and cosmology]; Antonelli et al a1007 [Italy, closing of INAF]; Schultz 12 [the Andromeda galaxy]; Gingerich ASP-a1302 [Russell's diagram].
@ Individual people: Kragh a1208-en [eight biographies]; Tai HSNS(17)-a1705 [scientific and socialist virtues of Anton Pannekoek]; news cosmos(18)may [Cecilia Payne, star composition].
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Specific Topics > s.a. history of particle physics [cosmic rays]; history of gravitational physics [black holes].
@ Solar system: Brush RMP(90) [origin]; Boccaletti phy/01-conf [Kepler's laws]; Gingerich Isis(02) [Ptolemy's model for Venus]; Magli phy/04 [precession].
@ Galaxies: Sheehan JAHH-a1111 [W W Morgan and the structure of the Milky Way galaxy]; news sn(20)apr [the 1920 Shapley-Curtis debate].
@ Other topics: Fernie AS(90) [Stonehenge]; Godwin 93 [music of the spheres]; Krisciunas ap/93 [sociology, strange cases]; Glass 97 [Victorian telescopes]; Kessler SHPSA(07) [M51 and 'pretty pictures' vs scientific images]; > s.a. radio astronomy and other wavelength ranges [X-ray].

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