Cosmological Constant  

In General > s.a. cosmological-constant phenomenology; cosmological-constant problem; dark-energy models; mach's principle; vacuum.
* History: Introduced by Einstein in 1917 to obtain static universes.
$ Def: A constant Λ representing a vacuum energy density, introduced in the action of general relativity or the Einstein equation, respectively,

M (R – 2Λ) dv,        Rab – \(1\over2\)R gab + Λ gab = 8πG Tab .

* In quantum field theory: Usually considered to be due to zero-point energy (as pointed out by Zel'dovich in 1968), but in some proposals arises from its fluctuations; Required by symmetry breaking in the early universe, Hawking's picture of spacetime foam, or the gauged SO(n) of extended supergravity.
* In quantum gravity: The ground state for a spacetime with non-zero Λ, to the extent that it is understood, is (Anti-)de Sitter spacetime; A common handwaving argument for the natural value of Λ in quantum gravity is that dimensional considerations lead to lP–2, but arguments of the fluctuation type can also be made assuming that each spacetime element contributes an amount lP–2 to the Lagrangian density but with a fluctuating sign.

Variable Cosmological Constant, Λ as a Field > s.a. non-commutative gravity; unimodular gravity; newton's gravitational constant.
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@ Related topics: Zel'dovich JETPL(67) [and elementary particles]; Gasperini PLB(89) [and spacetime dimension]; Henneaux & Teitelboim PLB(89) [and time]; Louko CQG(91) [discontinuity at Λ = 0?]; Datta IJMPD(96) [non-gravitating]; Aldrovandi & Barbosa gq/02 [and Lorentz group Casimir]; Aldrovandi et al FP(03) [Λ → ∞]; Mersini-Houghton gq/06 [arrow of time forbids Λ > 0]; Mazur ap/07 [from "gravitational atoms"]; Lee et al JCAP(07)ht [from entanglement energy]; Romano et al EPL(14)-a1311 [effect of primordial curvature perturbations]; Davidson & Rubin PRD(14)-a1401 [Λ = 0 in normalized general relativity]; > s.a. emergent gravity.
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