Cosmological Constant  

In General > s.a. cosmological-constant phenomenology; cosmological-constant problem; dark-energy models; mach's principle; vacuum.
* History: Introduced by Einstein in 1917 to obtain static universes.
$ Def: A constant Λ representing a vacuum energy density, introduced in the action of general relativity or the Einstein equation, respectively,

M (R − 2Λ) dv,       Rab − \(1\over2\)R gab + Λ gab = 8πG Tab .

* In quantum field theory: Usually considered to be due to zero-point energy (as pointed out by Zel'dovich in 1968), but in some proposals arises from its fluctuations; Required by symmetry breaking in the early universe, Hawking's picture of spacetime foam, or the gauged SO(n) of extended supergravity.
* In quantum gravity: The ground state for a spacetime with non-zero Λ, to the extent that it is understood, is (Anti-)de Sitter spacetime; A common handwaving argument for the natural value of Λ in quantum gravity is that dimensional considerations lead to lP−2, but arguments of the fluctuation type can also be made assuming that each spacetime element contributes an amount lP−2 to the Lagrangian density but with a fluctuating sign.

Variable Cosmological Constant, Λ as a Field > s.a. non-commutative gravity; unimodular gravity; newton's gravitational constant.
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@ Related topics: Zel'dovich JETPL(67) [and elementary particles]; Gasperini PLB(89) [and spacetime dimension]; Henneaux & Teitelboim PLB(89) [and time]; Louko CQG(91) [discontinuity at Λ = 0?]; Datta IJMPD(96) [non-gravitating]; Aldrovandi & Barbosa gq/02 [and Lorentz group Casimir]; Aldrovandi et al FP(03) [Λ → ∞]; Mersini-Houghton gq/06 [arrow of time forbids Λ > 0]; Mazur ap/07 [from "gravitational atoms"]; Romano et al EPL(14)-a1311 [effect of primordial curvature perturbations]; Davidson & Rubin PRD(14)-a1401 [Λ = 0 in normalized general relativity]; > s.a. category theory; emergent gravity.
> Online resources: see Wikipedia page.

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