Cosmic Microwave Background Features  

In General > s.a. cosmic strings; lensing and types of lensing [weak]; perturbations [primordial]; Sachs-Wolfe Effect.
* Anomalies, preferred directions: 2007, An alignment ("axis of evil") has been reported between the quadrupole and octopole moments in the WMAP microwave sky survey, but its significance is still being debated; 2013, The variance of the fluctuations appears to be different in two opposing hemispheres of the sky, roughly divided along the ecliptic plane; Is this a remnant of the preinflationary universe? 2014, The Cold Spot is the most significant deviation from gaussianity in the cmb.
* Circles: They may arise from non-trivial spatial topology (> see cosmic topology), or from pre-Big-Bang collisions.
@ Large-scale anomalies: Inoue S&T-a0710; Starkman et al a1201-conf; Liddle & Cortês PRL(13) + Kamionkowski Phy(13) [model from curvaton mode from negative curvature scale]; Aslanyan & Easther PRL(13) [causation and correlation]; Gruppuso & Sagnotti IJMPD(15)-a1506-GRF [lack of power at large angular scales and pre-inflationary physics]; Romano et al a1509 [new one, aligned with cosmic structure]; Bueno JCAP(16)-a1602 [common origin, framework].

Preferred Directions > s.a. galaxies [dark flow]; galaxy distribution; polarization.
@ General references: Land & Magueijo PRL(05)ap, PRD(05) [odd parity?]; Consoli et al ap/06 [vs Great Attractor]; Helling et al PRD(06)ap; Ghosh et al PRD(07)ap/06 [hidden patterns and Bianchi VIIh]; Basak et al PRD(06); Souradeep et al NAR(06)ap [not much evidence]; Abramo et al PRD(06); Land & Magueijo MNRAS(07)ap/06; Ackerman et al PRD(07)ap; Rakić & Schwarz PRD(07)ap [preferred plane rather than axis]; Pullen & Kamionkowski PRD(07)-a0709; Campanelli et al PRD(07); Ho et al PRD(08)-a0801, Hirata et al PRD(08)-a0801 [and large-scale structure]; Carroll et al PRD(10)-a0811 [effect of translational invariance violation during inflation]; Tangen PRD-a0910 [super-Hubble inhomogeneity]; Bennett et al ApJS(11)-a1001 [no compelling evidence for anomalies]; Pullen & Hirata JCAP(10)-a1003; Kovetz et al ApJ(10)-a1005 [giant rings]; Copi et al AiA(10)-a1004 [rev]; Kashino et al PRD(12) [anisotropy of mean fluctuation]; Rassat & Starck A&A(13)-a1303 [no]; news at(14)mar [is the lopsidedness telling us something].
@ Hot and cold spots: Cruz et al MNRAS(05), MNRAS(08)-a0804, a0901-proc; Gurzadyan & Kocharyan A&A(08)-a0810 [void and Kolmogorov stochasticity parameter]; Hou et al MNRAS(09)-a0903; Masina & Notari JCAP(09)-a0905 [lensing effect on correlation functions]; Ayaita et al PRD(10)-a0905 [too few spots]; Granett et al ApJ(10)-a0911 [galaxy counts in cold spot]; Bernui PRD(09)-a0912; Vielva et al MNRAS(11)-a1002 [cold spot and polarization]; Vielva AiA(10)-a1008 [comprehensive overview]; Kovetz & Kamionkowski PRL(13)-a1211 [cold spot and 21-cm lensing]; Bueno PLB(14)-a1405 [the Cold Spot in inhomogeneous inflationary reheating]; Szapudi et al a1406-proc, Nadathur et al PRD(14)-a1408 [the Cold Spot as shadow of a supervoid]; Naidoo et al MNRAS(16)-a1512 [multiple voids?]; > s.a. galaxy distribution.
@ Circles: Gurzadyan & Penrose a1011, a1012, nat(10)dec [pre-Big-Bang collisions]; Nelson & Wilson-Ewing PRD(11) [and pre-Big-Bang gravitational-wave pulse]; Meissner et al PRS(13)-a1207 [evidence for ring-type structures]; Bielewicz et al MNRAS(12)-a1207 [search for concentric rings]; Gurzadyan & Penrose EPJP-a1302 [conformal cyclic cosmology and pre-Big-Bang collisions]; DeAbreu et al JCAP(15)-a1508 [circles are compatible with the standard model].
@ Related topics: Frolop & Scott a1603 [pi in the sky :-)].

The Galactic Foreground and Other Sources
@ General references: Land & Slosar PRD(07)-a0706 [(no) correlation with galactic HI]; news pw(07)nov [Verschuur's claim]; Dobler & Finkbeiner ApJ(08)-a0712; Ysard et al A&A(10)-a0906; Cho & Lazarian ApJ(10)-a1005 [statistical approach]; Ghosh et al MNRAS(11)-a1006 [foreground maps]; Delabrouille a1006-proc [component separation]; Carretti ASP-a1008 [and polarization]; Bonaldi et al MNRAS(14)-a1407 [removal requirements]; Czaja & Bromley PRD(14)-a1407 [distortion by the Milky Way]; Dickinson a1606-proc [rev]; Chluba et al a1701/MNRAS.
@ Specific sources: Hansen et al JCAP(12)-a1206 [Kuiper Belt objects]; von Hausegger et al JCAP(16)-a1511 [footprints of supernova remnant Loop I].
@ Related topics: Herranz & Vielva IEEE(10)-a1101 [background sources]; Ichiki PRD(14)-a1406 [testing the zero-mean hypothesis]; Lavinto & Räsänen JCAP(15)-a1507 [effect of random Swiss Cheese]; Imara & Loeb a1603 [effect of diffuse intergalactic dust].

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