Cosmic Strings  

In General > s.a. cosmic-string phenomenology; Vortex.
* Idea: Thin flux tubes of "false vacuum" for gauge and Higgs fields, that arise when a group G is broken to a subgroup H, and π1(G/H) = 0; Originally considered as unrelated to fundamental strings; They arise in GUTs, associated with some spontaneous symmetry breaking, around an energy scale η ~ 1016 GeV.
* History: 1981, First studied by Vilenkin (for uniform mass and angular momentum density), who showed they give rise to gravitational lenses; Later studied also by Gott; Paczyński; Kaiser and Stebbins; Interest in them as seeds for large-scale structure decreased, but after 2000 new possible effect were proposed, and a connection with string theory.
* Approximations: Although they present neither singularities nor hard walls, their stress-energy is often assumed for simplicity to be distributional on an infinitely long line; The metric exhibits thus a conical singularity on the string; If they are uniform, one gets that they have to rotate rigidly in order to obtain a solution of Einstein's equation.
* Gravitational field: ∇2φ = 4πG (ρ + p1 + p2 + p3); For a straight string along the 1-axis, p1 = −ρ, p2 = p3 = 0, so φ satisfies the Laplace equation; The infinite-string metric is ds2 = −dt2 + dz2 + dr2 + (1−4) r2 dθ2 (locally flat).
* Properties: If η = 1016 GeV, their thickness is 10 cm, their density 1022 g/cm ( = 10−6); Their shape is that of a random walk with correlation length ξ < t (from causality) and their distance from each other ξ.
* Origin: One loop forms per horizon volume per characteristic time, on the average; So, at any time there are loops of many sizes, with minimum size R = Gμt.
* Action and dynamics: One can use the Nambu-Goto action, in the thin-string approximation; A finite action is obtained coupling φ ∈ \(\mathbb C\) to an electromagnetic field with Aθ = 0 (& Unruh).
* Motion and evolution: They oscillate and form cusps, as tension tends to straighten them; Loops form even in initially infinite strings, from self-intersections, radiate gravitationally (and some electromagnetically), and shrink away in a time τ = L/; For L \(\ll\) horizon length, expansion is unimportant; The evolution of patterns is self-similar.

Superconducting Cosmic Strings > s.a. gamma-ray astronomy [GRBs].
* Effects: They will develop currents when moving in a background magnetic field; This will produce an electric field and pair production, which will screen the effect of the current in the string.
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Other References > s.a. classical particles; membranes; superstring phenomenology; supersymmetric theories.
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@ In other theories: Aldrovandi PRD(07)-a0706 [Einstein-Yang-Mills-Higgs theory]; Long et al JCAP(14)-a1405 [hidden sector, "dark strings"]; > s.a. Mimetic Gravity.
@ And quantum field theory: Linet PRD(87); Iellici CQG(97) [scalar field]; > s.a. quantum field theory in curved backgrounds.
@ Related topics: Raychaudhuri PRD(90) [and general relativity]; Bezerra & Letelier CQG(91) [loop variables]; Anandan PRD(96)gq/95 [geometric phase]; Cho & Vilenkin PRD(99)ht/98, PRD(99)gq/98 [without a vacuum]; Janca a0705 [and weak energy condition violation]; > s.a. hořava-lifshitz gravity.

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