Neutron Stars – Models and Types  

Models in General > s.a. bose-einstein condensates; matter.
@ Equation of state: Özel & Psaltis PRD(09)-a0905 [and observations]; Markakis et al a1008-MG12, Pannarale et al PRD(11)-a1103 [and binary-inspiral waveforms]; Hebeler et al ApJ(13)-a1303 [theory and observations]; Lattimer & Prakash PRP(16)-a1512.
@ Nuclear physics: Piekarewicz AIP(09)-a0901; Page a1206-ch [nucleon pairing and the cooling of neutron stars]; Wolf et al PRL(13) + news sn(13)jan [and the Zn-82 mass]; Piekarewicz AIP(14)-a1311 [and structure].
@ Models: Friedman et al ApJ(86); Berti et al MNRAS(05) [rotating, comparisons]; Carter et al GRG(06)gq/05 [dynamics of magnetoelastic solid]; Marranghello et al JPCS(08)-a0910 [collapse from hadron-quark phase transition]; Liebling a1002-MG12 [dynamics and stability]; Watts a1206-proc [information from instabilities and bursts]; Pétri MNRAS-a1505, MNRAS(16)-a1512 [QED corrections]; Kalam et al a1510.
@ Masses: Friedman & Ipser ApJ(87) [maximum mass]; Sagert et al EJP(06)ap/05 [and equation of state, radii]; Drago & Lavagno a1004 [and sizes]; Schwab et al ApJ(10)-a1006 [bimodal distribution, and formation]; news pw(10)oct [most massive known one has nearly two solar masses]; Kiziltan et al ApJ(13)-a1011 [distribution]; news pt(10)nov, Lattimer & Prakash a1012-fs [consequences of 2-solar-mass neutron star]; Valentim et al MNRAS(11)-a1101, Özel et al ApJ(12)-a1201 [mass distribution]; Majumdar a1204 [critical mass for gravitational collapse]; Lattimer ARNPS(12)-a1305; Ekşi et al PRD(14)-a1402; Miller & Miller PRP(14)-a1408 [and spins]; Özel et al ApJ(16)-a1505; Miller & Lamb EPJA(16)-a1604 [reliable measurements]; Horvath & Valentim a1607-in.
@ Exterior metric: Teichmüller et al CQG(11)-a1103; Pappas & Apostolatos MNRAS(13)-a1209, PRL(14) [universality of spacetime geometry]; Manko & Ruiz PRD(16)-a1603 [4-parameter exact solution]; Pappas MNRAS(17)-a1610.
@ Internal structure: Alvarez-Castillo & Kubis AIP(11)-a1112; news sn(11)feb [superfluid core?]; Cirigliano et al PRC(11) [phonon interactions]; Rueda et al PRC(14)-a1305 [surface tension of core-crust transition layer]; news Phy(14)apr [internal magnetic field causes wobbling]; Lastowiecki et al PPN(15)-a1503 [deconfined quark matter core?].
@ Crusts: Chamel & Haensel LRR(08)-a0812; Tsang et al PRL(12) [resonant shattering and short gamma-ray burst precursors]; Kobyakov & Pethick PRL(14) [rethink of models].
@ Formation: van den Heuvel AIP(07)-a0704 [two different mechanisms]; Kazeroni et al MNRAS(16)-a1509 [spin-up during core collapse].

Special Types > s.a. astronomical objects [magnetars]; Kilonova; pulsars.
@ Binaries: Piran SA(95)may; > s.a. astrophysics [nucleosynthesis]; computational physics [astrophysics]; sources of gravitational radiation.
@ Binary mergers: Shibata & Taniguchi LRR(11) [coalescence of black hole-neutron star binaries, numerical]; Faber & Rasio LRR(12)-a1204; Palenzuela et al PRL(13)-a1301; Bernuzzi et al PRL(14)-a1402; Bernuzzi et al PRL(15)-a1504 [gravitational wave spectrum]; Siellez et al a1606 [evidence for a dual population]; Baiotti & Rezzolla RPP(17)-a1607 [rev]; Giacomazzo et al CQG+(16); news sn(17)dec [first observation]; news symm(18)ag [and multimessenger astronomy].
@ Other types: Aringazin et al JCAP(15)-a1412 [neutron star plus wormhole, magnetic fields]; Brightman et al nAst(18) + cosmos(18)feb [ultraluminous X-ray sources].

In Modified Gravity Theories > s.a. higher-order gravity; Mimetic Gravity; modified lorentz group; modified newtonian dynamics [in TeVeS].
* In scalar-tensor gravity: In some versions of these theories the structure of a "scalarized" neutron star (one with an appreciable scalar charge) can differ significantly from that in general relativity; Numerical simulations have been carried out of neutron-star binaries which show that during the merger phase the stars can become "dynamically scalarized".
@ General references: Kamiab & Afshordi PRD(11) [gravitational aether theory]; Ulhoa & Rocha BJP(13)-a1206 [teleparallel gravity]; Hendi et al JCAP(17)-a1701 [massive gravity].
@ In f(R) gravity: Reijonen a0912 [and white dwarfs]; Orellana et al GRG(13)-a1301 [R + αR2 gravity]; Cheoun et al JCAP(13); Yazadjiev et al PRD(15)-a1501 [R2 gravity, rapidly rotating]; Capozziello et al PRD(16)-a1509 [mass-radius relation]; Aparicio et al PDU(16)-a1602.
@ Other higher-order gravity: Iorio & Ruggiero IJMPA(07) [double pulsar]; Santos ApSS(12)-a1104; Santos a1112 [avoiding the gravitational collapse]; Astashenok et al JCAP(15)-a1408 [and f(G) gravity].
@ In scalar-tensor theories: Barausse et al PRD(12)-a1212; Doneva et al PRD(13)-a1309; Palenzuela et al PRD(14)-a1310 [dynamical scalarization]; Okada da Silva et al CQG(15)-a1411 [slowly rotating, anisotropy effects on spontaneous scalarization]; Cisterna et al PRD(15)-a1504; López & Romero GRG(17)-a1611 [scalar-tensor-vector theory].

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