Cosmic-Ray Propagation  

In General
* In the Milky Way galaxy: Self-induced turbulence from magnetic waves due to the cosmic rays themselves, dominates the energy dependence of the cosmic rays' diffusion constant below 230 GeV, while turbulence in preexisting magnetic fields dominates diffusion above this energy.
@ In the Milky Way galaxy: Erlykin et al APP(03)ap/02 [and ISM]; Strong et al ARNPS(07)ap; Huang & Pohl a0706-conf [Monte Carlo]; Harari et al JCAP(10) [galactic magnetic field and anisotropy]; Blum JCAP(11) [lessons from radioactive nuclei and positron data]; Blasi et al PRL(12) [and cosmic-ray induced turbulence]; Giacinti et al PRL(12) [diffusion on small scales; Biermann et al ApJ(13)-a1206 [anisotropy and transport through stellar winds]]; Evoli & Yan ApJ(14)-a1310 [in galactic turbulence]; Lipari a1407; Zirakashvili NPPS(14)-a1412; Miyake et al A&A(15)-a1412 [stochastic simulation, as a diffusion-convection process]; Nierstenhöfer et al JPCS(15)-a1501 [from supernova remnants, simulations]; Snodin et al MNRAS(16)-a1509 [diffusion tensor]; Giacinti & Kirk a1702-proc [role of local interstellar turbulence].
@ In the intergalactic medium: Salem et al MNRAS(15)-a1511 [structure and composition, simulations]; Dzhatdoev et al JPCS(17)-a1701 [models].
@ Other topics: Catanese ap/99-proc [Cerenkov]; Zweibel ApJ(03)ap/02 [B fields]; Lipari NPPS(03)ap [and high-energy physics]; Alberghi et al PLB(04) [de Sitter vacua]; Kopenkin & Fujimoto PRD(06) [explanation of Centauro events]; Frandsen et al PRD(11)-a1011 [sum rules]; Aladro et al proc(13)-a1207 [in the galaxy NGC 1068]; Aguilar et AMS PRL(18) [secondary cosmic rays].

blue bullet Other aspects: see cosmic rays; UHE cosmic rays; cosmic-ray sources.
blue bullet Special types: see astronomical objects [strangelets]; gamma rays.
blue bullet Related topics: see lorentz-symmetry violation phenomenology; matter phenomenology in quantum gravity; spacetime foam.

Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Rays > s.a. GZK Effect.
@ Reviews: Stecker PRL(98) [and origin]; Ostapchenko JPCS(07)ap/06 [interactions].
@ General references: Candia PhD(04)ap; De Marco et al JCAP(07) [numerical]; Taylor et al AIP(09)-a0902; Alves Batista et al NIMA(14)-a1308-proc.
@ And the cmb: Tipler a1007 [effects of suggested non-coupling of cmb photons to right-handed quarks]; Pauchy Hwang & Ma a1107.
@ Other extragalactic: Wibig CEJP(04)ap [extragalactic magnetic fields]; Aloisio et al a0706-proc [in an expanding universe]; Allard APP(12)-a1111; Kuempel a1409-proc.

Acceleration Mechanisms
* 2018: Large simulations indicate kink instabilities in AGN jets as a possible acceleration mechanism for UHECRs.
@ General references: Caprioli PoS-a1510 [status of simulations, and propagation].
@ UHE cosmic rays: Blandford PS(00)ap/99-in; Meli & Biermann A&A(06)ap [and shocks]; Fraschetti & Melia MNRAS(08)-a0809, O'Sullivan et al MNRAS(09)-a0903 [stochastic particle acceleration]; Diehl EPJD(09)-a0902 [rev]; Vannoni et al a0910/A&A [in galaxy clusters]; Lemoine IJMPD(09); Tawfik et al PInt(12)-a1006; Kalashev et al PRD(12)-a1207 [magnetospheres of SMBHs]; Caprioli JCAP(12) [supernova remnants], ApJL(15)-a1505; Lemoine JPCS(13)-a1209 [and propagation]; Aloisio PTEP(17)-a1707; Alves et al PRL(18) [kink instabilities in relativitic jets].

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