Engineering and Technology in General > s.a. sound.
* History: Has contributed to physics in thermodynamics (Carnot) and information theory (Shannon).
* Status: Three of the fastest-growing technology of our day – biotechnology, nanotechnology, and information technology – are converging to give scientists unprecedented control of matter on the molecular scale.
@ Simple: Brennan 90 [literacy]; Vincents 90; Petrosky 92; Burke SA(96)jul [essays]; Collins & Pinch 02; Constable & Somerville 03 [achievements, r PT(04)dec]; Auyang 04; McClellan & Dorn 06 [history]; Itzkoff NYT(08)apr [M Kaku and impossibilities].
@ Energy-related technology: news pw(10)jun, sn(10)jul [solar cells]; > s.a. nuclear technology.
@ Nanotechnology: issue SA(01)sep; Jones pw(04)aug; Tahan phy/06-ch; Whitehouse CP(08) [nanometrology]; Milburn & Wooley CP(08); Rodgers ed-09; Hoffmann 12 [molecular machines, order out of chaos, and the second law]; > s.a. carbon [graphene]; condensed matter [clusters and nanoparticles]; electronic technology; quantum information.
@ Related topics: Billah & Scanlan AJP(91)feb [Tacoma Narrows]; Ross CP(97) [automobiles and fuel efficiency]; Tennekes 09 [flight].

Information and Communication Technology > s.a. Cryptology; quantum technology [quantum cryptography].
@ Communications in general: Truxal 90; Bray 95; Solymar 99; Boyd et al PRX(18) [thermodynamic cost of modularity].
@ Data security: Javidi PT(97)mar [optical technology].
@ The Internet: Krol 94; Thomas 95 [for scientists]; PW(95)feb, 43-45; White PT(98)nov [hep origins]; Barabási pw(01)jul [as network, and statistical mechanics].
@ Related topics: Prevedel et al PRL(11) + Wilde Phy(11) [use of quantum entanglement in classical communication]; Gisin PRA(13)-a1304 [communication without any particles carrying the information]; Exirifard et al a2009 [in a curved spacetime geometry].

Other Technology > s.a. electronic [including MEMS & superconducting], nuclear, optical [including optomechanical] and quantum technology; vacuum.
@ History: Cardwell 95, 01; Denny 07 [ancient]; Ede 19 [and society].
@ Photography, development process: Rech(90)jan, p48.
@ Control theory: Meirovitch 90; Nijmeijer & van der Schaft 90.
@ Acoustics: news sa(14)mar [one-way sound transmission device].
@ Related topics: Mort PT(94)apr [xerography]; Bohren AJP(97)jan [microwave ovens]; news sn(10)aug, Linden et al PRL(10) [microscopic "refrigerators"].
> Specific items: see tests of general relativity [GPS].

Ordinary Objects > s.a. clocks; sound [instruments].
@ Everyday life objects: Goodwin 92; Weber 92; Petrosky 94.
@ Inventions: Flatow 92.
@ Bicycle: Franke et al EJP(90); Maddox Nat(90)aug.
@ Frisbee: NS(90)jul28, p37-40.
@ Parachute: Peterson PT(93)aug.
@ Roulette: in Bass 85; (in Gleick 87).
@ Other objects: Press AJP(78)oct [waterbed]; Case & Swanson AJP(90)may [swing]; Petrosky 90 [pencil]; Stewart SA(96)jul [shoelaces].

Games > s.a. game theory.
@ References: Dewdney SA(85)may, SA(87)feb.

"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled." – R. Feynman.

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