Quantum Communication Technology  

In General >s.a. electronic technology; optical technology; quantum computers; quantum information.
@ Books and reviews: Pavičić 05 [computation and communication]; Gisin & Thew EL-a1007; Gisin a1507-in, et al JoO(16); Khatri & Wilde a2011-book.
@ General references: Brassard qp/01 [communication complexity]; Saha et al AdP(20)-a1806 [quantum vs supra-quantum correlations as resources].

* Idea: Transporting the quantum state of a system between two locations without moving in the intervening space; From the quantum 'no-cloning' theorem, it is possible only if the original is destroyed; Entanglement is a central concept.
* History: 1993, Proposed, Bennett et al; 1997–1998, Partial implementations, Bouwmeester et al & Boschi et al; 2005, Over the last few years, researchers have successfully teleported beams of light across a laboratory bench and the quantum state of a trapped Ca ion to another Ca ion has been teleported in a controlled way.
@ I + news: Zeilinger SA(00)apr; news pw(04)jun [of atom], sr(06)oct [between light and matter]; news disc(11)apr [packets of light]; Yin et al nat(12)aug + news sa(12)aug [over 97-km distance].
@ Theory: Bennett et al PRL(93); Vaidman AIP(99)qp/98, & Yoran PRA(99)qp/98; news pw(14)jan [long-distance energy teleportation]; Sagheer & Hamdoun CTP(15)-a1401 [with accelerated partners]; Mukhopadhyay & Pati JPComm(20)-a1901 [with superposition of causal orders].
@ General references: 3·Horodecki PLA(96)qp; Braunstein & Kimble PRL(98), Nat(98)qp; Nielsen et al Nat(98)qp [using NMR]; Maroney & Hiley FP(99) [and pilot-wave interpretation]; Kostenko et al qp/99-conf; Miranowicz & Tamaki MS(02)qp/03 [intro]; Peres IBM(04)qp/03; Darling 05 [I]; Vaidman et al IJQI(06)qp/05 [meaning]; Timpson BJPS(06)qp/05 [puzzles, logical status]; Czachor CQG(08)-a0803 [spacetime view]; Groisman a0806 [classical and quantum aspects]; news PT(10)jun [through open air]; Kho a1107 [proposed scheme]; Ma et al Nat(12)sep-a1205 [over 143 km]; news bi(14)sep [quantum state of a photon teleported to a crystal over 25 km]; Pirandola et al nPhot(15)-a1505 [rev].
@ And non-locality: Hardy qp/99; Żukowski PRA(00)qp/99; Barrett PRA(01)qp.
@ With accelerated partners: Alsing & Milburn PRL(03)qp, et al JOB(04)qp/03; Shiokawa a0910 [and black-hole information].
@ Experiments: Bouwmeester et al Nat(97)dec + pn(97)dec [photons]; Boschi et al PRL(98) + pn(98)jan; Lee et al Sci(11)apr-a1205 [strongly non-classical wave packets of light]; Takesue et al Opt(15)-a1510 [over 100 km of fiber]; Fedortchenko a1607 [undergraduate]; news cbc(16)sep [photons across Calgary]; Ren et al Nat(17)aug-a1707 [ground to satellite].
@ Related topics: Lloyd et al PRL(01)qp/00 ["quantum internet", creating and storing entanglement over long distances]; Opatrny & Kurizki PRL(01) + pn(01)mar [moving atoms]; Mermin PRA(02)qp/01; Chiribella et al PRA(12)-a1008 [only speakable quantum information]; Susskind & Zhao PRD(18)-a1707 + news sn(17)aug [through a wormhole]; Koga & Maeda a2105 [across a horizon].

Other Quantum Communication > s.a. Holevo Bound; quantum technology [including quantum cryptology]; ψ-Epistemic Quantum Theory.
@ With entangled photons: Yuan et al PRP(10); Northup & Blatt nPhot(14)-a1708; Hall et al PRL(11) + news wired(11)mar [first "quantum router"].
@ Related topics: Kadomtsev PLA(96); Pati qp/02-conf [remote state preparation]; news pw(06)oct [encrypted quantum key distance record]; Eisert & Gross PRL(09)-a0808 [supersonic communication in chains of bosonic systems]; news ns(12)sep [moving plane exchanges quantum keys with Earth]; Hosler PhD-a1306 [relativistic]; news pw(13)apr [communication without transferring a single photon]; Del Santo & Dakić PRL(18) + news sn(18)feb [two-way communication with a single photon]; Aharonov & Rohrlich PRL(20)-a2011 [counterfactual].
@ Special types of observers: Bradler et al CMP(12)-a1007 [with an accelerated observer, in Rindler space]; Ahmadi et al PRA(15)-a1508 [between inertial observers with partially correlated reference frames].
@ In space, satellite-based: Villoresi et al NJP(08)-a0803 [between Earth and satellite]; Bruschi et al PRD(14)-a1309 [space-time curvature effects]; Oi et al EPJqt(17) [using a CubeSat platform]; Pirandola a2012; Sidhu et al a2103 [recent developments]; Pirandola PRR-a2105.
@ In curved spacetime: Jonsson et al JPA(18)-a1708.

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