Types of Interpretations of Quantum Theory  

Realist Interpretations > s.a. interpretations / hidden-variable theories; pilot-wave interpretation.
* Transactional: A realistic, non-local interpretation proposed by Cramer in 1986, which posits retrocausal influences in quantum processes as an attempt to alleviate some of the interpretational difficulties of the Copenhagen interpretation; It interprets the ψ and ψ* wave functions present in all wave mechanics calculations as representing retarded and advanced waves moving in opposite time directions that form a quantum "handshake" or transaction; The collapse of the wave function is such a transaction, which involves an "offer" from the emitter and a "confirmation" from the absorber; This is consistent with relativistic quantum theory but it comes with the feature that an absorption (or destruction) process involves quantum states with negative energy; For this reason, TI has generally been neglected by the mainstream physics community; Maudlin (2002) has objected to any retrocausal model of quantum mechanics; In possibilist TI, it is the transactional processes that creates spacetime events.
@ General references: Chen a1810 [rev]; de Ronde a2101.
@ Transactional: Cramer RMP(86), IJTP(88); Garrett FP(90); Chiatti FP(95); Kastner Syn(06)qp/04 [avoiding the inconsistency charge]; Marchildon PE-qp/06; Kastner SHPMP(08) [counterfactuals and weak values]; Kastner SHPMP(10)-a0906 [quantum liar experiment]; Kastner & Cramer a1001 [and Everett interpretation]; Evans a1011 [and Maudlin's critique of retrocausation]; Kastner 12 [r CP(13)]; Boisvert & Marchildon FP(13)-a1207 [absorbers]; Kastner SHPMP-a1403 [refutation of Maudlin's challenge]; Cramer a1503-ch [and quantum non-locality]; Kastner 15, npr(15)sep; Cramer 16; Kastner PhilC-a1608 [overview]; Kastner & Cramer a1711 [and the absorption process]; Kastner IJQF-a1712 [reply to Marchildon]; Kastner IJQF-a2004 [and decoherence]; Cramer & Mead Symm(20)-a2006 [formalism describing a transaction]; > s.a. Hardy's Experiment; measurement and time in quantum mechanics.
@ Transactional, relativistic: Kastner FP(12)-a1204; Kastner a1610-in, IJQF-a1709; Marchildon IJQF-a1712 [critique]; Kastner a2101 [and direct-action theory].
@ Pondicherry: Mohrhoff AJP(00)aug-qp/99; Marchildon FP(04)qp/03; Mohrhoff FP(04)qp/03, Pra(05)qp/04; Shafiee et al SHPMP(06) [critique], reply Mohrhoff qp/06.
@ Hydrodynamical: Tsekov AUS(12)-a0904 [Madelung quantum hydrodynamics, vs pilot-wave theory]; Karimäki a1206 [fluid of virtual particles]; Tsekov et al a1804 [and turbulence]; > s.a. formalisms.
@ Contextual / non-local: Wiener & Siegel PR(53); Gudder JMP(70); Vujicic et al JPA(94); Sant'Anna qp/98.
@ Information-based: Palge & Konrad SHPMP(08) [Bayesian approach]; Khrennikov FP(16)-a1512 [on the Zeilinger-Brukner interpretation].
@ Local: Jongejan qp/00 [curved spacetime as hidden variable]; Kent in(02)qp [probabilistic]; Lan IJTP(08)qp/03, JRLR(05)qp/03, JRLR(07)-a0810; Suarez FP(08) [re Leggett models]; Flores a1010 [pointlike particles and necessity of vacuum fields].
@ Relational [no absolute state]: Rovelli; Laudisa FPL(01)qp/00 [EPR and special relativity].
@ Other interpretations: Jabs BJPS(92)-a1212 [in terms of epistemological realism]; Khrennikov in(02)qp, Fuchs qp/02, Khrennikov qp/04, a1210-proc [Växjö]; Hájíček & Tolar FP(09)-a0806, APS(10)-a1008; Schmelzer FP(11) [pure interpretations are not viable], in-a1103 [paleoclassical interpretation]; Santos FS(14)-a1203; Hájíček JPCS(13)-a1212; Waegell a1604 [locally causal, deterministic interpretations]; > s.a. Beables.

Other Interpretations > s.a. contextuality; quantum cosmology; quantum information; many-worlds; multiverse cosmology.
* Type-I: (ψ-Ontic Theories) Quantum probabilities are determined by intrinsic properties of the world.
* Type-II: (ψ-Epistemic Theories) Quantum probabilities deal with relational experiences between an observer and the world.
* Interactive: Intermediate between the København and hidden variables interpretations; Holistic; Observation does not have a preferred role.
* Stochastic: The quantum behavior is a consequence of an unspecified stochastic process affecting the system.
* Montevideo interpretation: The quantum-to-classical transition is achieved via a phenomenon called "undecidability" which stems from environmental decoherence, supplemented with a fundamental mechanism of loss of coherence due to gravity; > see also montevideointerpretation.org.
@ General references: Cabello et al PRA(16)-a1509 [thermodynamic cost of type-I, ψ-ontic theories]; Hájíček a1509-book [Realism-Completeness-Universality interpretation]; Healey FP(16)-a1601 [quantum states as informational bridges]; Prunkl & Timpson a1706 [refuting the Cabello et al claim]; Hardy a1807 [the Construction Interpretation, and quantum gravity]; Ellerman a1812 [objective indefiniteness or literal interpretation].
@ Stochastic: Fényes ZP(52); Bohm & Vigier PR(54); de la Peña-Auerbach & García-Colín JMP(68), JMP(68); Ghirardi et al RNC(78) [rev]; Cufaro Petroni et al LNC(81) [causality]; Nelson 85; Smolin in(86); Bohm & Hiley PRP(89); Cufaro Petroni PLA(89) [and quantum interference], PLA(91); > s.a. fluctuations; stochastic quantization.
@ Co-event interpretation: Ghazi-Tabatabai & Wallden JPA(09)-a0901 [dynamics and prediction]; > s.a. measures [quantum measures].
@ Montevideo interpretation: Gambini & Pullin JPCS(09)-a0905; Gambini et al SHPMP(11)-a1002; Gambini et al JPCS(11)-a1010; Butterfield SHPMP(15)-a1406 [assessment]; Gambini & Pullin Ent(18)-a1502 [short review]; Gambini et al FoC(15)-a1502, a1810 [single-world consistent interpretation]; Gambini & Pullin Univ(20)-a2010 [time and the measurement problem].
@ Conceptuality interpretation: Aerts FS(09)-a1004, IJTP(10)-a1004 [particles as conceptual entities]; Aerts et al FS(20)-a1711.
@ Other: Stapp PRD(71) [S-matrix]; Kochen in(85), pr(88), Peres AJP(84)jul [a state vector is just a preparation]; Lahti IJTP(90) [witnessing]; Healey 89 [interactive]; Lockwood BJPS(96) ["many minds"]; Ruebenacker qp/02-wd [Amherst]; Carter IJTP(04)ht [anthropic]; Mweene qp/04 [Landé's interpretation]; Kent FP(12)-a0708 [real world interpretation]; Jansson a0801; Bächtold FP(08) [pragmatist approach]; Fields a1108-in [on Quantum Bayesianism]; Ishikawa a1204, a1308 [linguistic], a1511 [wave-function collapse]; Smolin a1205 [based on precedence and freedom]; Pradhan NQ-a1206 [psychophysical interpretation]; Mansouri et al a1305; 't Hooft a1405, 16 [cellular automaton interpretation]; Gantsevich a1609; Burt a1805 [Peierls interpretation]; Marsh a1811 [reality in Kent's interpretation]; Unnikrishnan a1812; Neumaier a1902 [thermal interpretation]; Ydri a2007 [Wigner-von Neumann interpretation]; Krause et al a2008 [non-individuals interpretation]; > s.a. Born Rule [intuitionistic interpretation]; time in quantum theory [real clocks and conditional probability].

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