Time in Quantum Theory  

In General > s.a. time / hilbert space [rigged].
* Formal role: Time does not correspond to a dynamical variable/operator (by examining a clock, we do not measure t, just the variable "position of the handles''), but it is necessary in formulating all approaches and interpretations, and it drives the evolution; Measurements are made "at an instant of time'', histories are not measurable.
* Philosophy: The separation between being (kinematics) and becoming (dynamics) generates inextricable difficulties.

Time as an Observable / Operator > s.a. particle effects in quantum gravity; uncertainty relations [time-energy].
* Time evolution operator: The operator T(t, t'):= exp{−iH(tt')/\(\hbar\)}; If H is self-adjoint, T is unitary.
* Result (Pauli): The existence of a self-adjoint time operator canonically conjugate to a Hamiltonian implies that both operators possess completely continuous spectra spanning the entire real line; Pauli concluded that constructing a time operator is impossible in general, although it can be done in specific cases.
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@ Re Pauli's argument: Galapon PRS(02)qp/99, qp/03-proc, Wang et al JPA(03)qp/02, qp/03-wd [critique]; Isidro PLA(05)qp/04 [bypassing Pauli's theorem]; Gessner a1305 [symmetric but not self-adjoint]; Leon & Maccone FP(17)-a1705 [overcoming the objection].
@ Related topics: Kundrát & Lokajíček PRA(03) [3D oscillator]; Durt a1003 [predictions on decay-time distributions]; de la Madrid NPA-a1306 [and quantum decay]; Favalli & Smerzi a2003 [in the Page & Wootters proposal].

Other Views and Proposals > s.a. observables [multi-time]; time [two-time physics].
* Covariant view: According to Reisenberger & Rovelli, time has a special role in quantum mechanics because of idealized instantaneous measurements, but the idealization can be dropped, and spacetime states defined.
* Relational time: One promotes all variables in a system to quantum operators, and later chooses one of the variables to operate like a "clock"; Conditional probabilities are computed for variables of the system to take certain values when the "clock'' specifies a certain time; The framework is attractive in contexts where assuming the existence of an external, perfectly classical clock, appears unnatural, as in quantum cosmology.
@ General references: Aniello et al AP(16)-a1605 [time as a function on the space of physical states]; Ron a1704.
@ Based on statistics: Bonifacio NCB(99)qp, qp/99-proc [statistical time and intrinsic decoherence]; Caticha AIP(11)-a1011, Vaughan a2011 [entropic time].
@ Covariant: Reisenberger & Rovelli PRD(02)gq/01 [spacetime states].
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Related Concepts and Effects > s.a. arrow of time; causality in quantum theory; quantum measurement; symmetries [time translation].
* Passage time: The shortest time after which, a quantum state is transformed into a state orthogonal to itself.
@ Clocks: Karpman IJTP(78) [time without clocks]; Anderson gq/95 [vs time]; Ashworth PRD(98)qp/97 [oscillator coherent states]; > s.a. clocks.
@ Real clocks: Hartle PRD(88); Egusquiza et al PRA(99); Egusquiza & Garay PRA(03)qp [Zeno effect]; Stodolsky in(06)qp/03 [coherence]; Corbin & Cornish FP(09)-a0811 [conditional probability interpretation and decoherence].
@ Time of measurement: Oppenheim et al PRA(99)qp/98; Rovelli FP(98)qp, comment Oppenheim et al FPL(00)qp/98; Home & Chattopadhayaya qp/99.
@ Time of occurrence: Brunetti & Fredenhagen PRA(02) [observable]; > s.a. quantum effects [time of arrival, decay, and other effects].
@ Transitions / jumps: Mensky PLA(96) [reversibility]; Schulman qp/01-in [time].
@ Uncertainties and time measurement: Braunstein et al AP(96)qp/95; Kitada gq/99; Ashmead a2101; > s.a. uncertainty principle.
@ Time reversal: Costa De Beauregard PLA(78) [S-matrix, Feynman zigzag and Einstein correlation]; Pastawski et al qp/04 [time-reversal mirror]; Dowling et al PRL(05) [stochastic quantum dynamics]; Aharonov & Tollaksen a0706-in [rev]; Singha Deo & Satpathi a1806 [signal propagation in negative time].
@ Time ordering: Oppenheim et al JPA(02); McGuire et al qp/05.
@ Other effects: Ruseckas & Kaulakys PLA(01) [time spent in a state]; Brody JPA(03) [passage time]; Bernstein a0906 [the past]; Ludwin a1101 ["quantum twin paradox" and global proper time]; Vona & Dürr a1309-ch [measurement, role of the probability current]; > s.a. atomic physics [complex time]; causality violations [time travel]; Detector; Ehrenfest Time; modified quantum theories [time symmetric]; Retrodiction.

References > s.a. composite systems; non-linear quantum mechanics; quantum spacetime.
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@ And relativity, covariance: Mehlberg 80 [and causality]; Nikolić IJQI(09)-a0811 [time operator, pilot-wave theory]; Vaccaro PRS(15)-a1502 [quantum asymmetry between time and space]; Bauer EJP(17)-a1606; > s.a. relativistic quantum mechanics.
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