Quantum Cosmology Formalism and Techniques  

In General > s.a. BRST theory; geometrodynamics; histories-based quantum theory; loop quantum cosmology; regge calculus.
@ Path-integral approach: Narlikar & Padmanabhan PRP(83); Qin & Ma PRD(12)-a1110 [coherent-state path integrals, minisuperspace].
@ Formulations: Calzetta & Hu PRD(89) [phase-space formulation]; Khosravi et al GRG(10)-a0909 [canonical and deformed phase space].
@ WKB: Calzetta & González PRD(95)gq/94, Cornish & Shellard PRL(98)gq/97 [and chaos]; Embacher gq/96 [interpretation].
@ Unitarity: Lemos PRD(90) [and self-adjointness]; Linden & Perry NPB(91); Barvinsky PRP(93); Massar & Parentani PRD(99)gq/98.
@ Normalizability: Sarangi & Tye ht/05 [role of environment and decoherence].
@ Decoherence: Halliwell PRD(89); Padmanabhan PRD(89); Habib & Laflamme PRD(90) [Wigner function, WKB, coarse-graining]; Kiefer CQG(91) [scalar in de Sitter space]; Laflamme & Louko PRD(91); Whelan PRD(98)gq/96, gq/97-TX18 [conformally flat]; Castagnino IJTP(99)gq/00; Calzetta CQG(12)-a1205 [chaos and the WKB approximation]; > s.a. semiclassical general relativity and semiclassical quantum gravity.
@ Conformal rotation: Hartle & Schleich in(87); Schleich PRD(89) [Bianchi I].
@ Measure on superspace: Barvinsky NPB(89); Gibbons & Turok PRD(08)ht/06; Page JCAP(11)-a1103 [FLRW models with a scalar field and Λ > 0].
@ Time: Feinberg & Peleg PRD(95)gq [and Wheeler-DeWitt operator]; Thibeault & Simeone IJMPD(07) [and two-component formalism]; Husain & Pawłowski CQG(11)-a1108, a1306-MG13 [with pressureless dust and additional matter, physical Hamiltonian].
@ Information-theoretic approaches: Parwani a1203-proc; Bao et al a1702.
@ Other topics: Horowitz PRD(85); Page IJTP(86) [size of universe]; D'Eath & Halliwell PRD(87) [fermions]; Fang & Mo PLB(87); Hu in(88)gq/95 [condensed-matter ideas]; Vachaspati PLB(89); Farhi et al NPB(90); McGuigan PRD(90); Conradi & Zeh PLA(91); Calzetta & Kandus PRD(93) [observer dependence]; Laflamme CQG(93) [time-symmetric]; Halliwell & Ortiz PRD(93)gq/92 [composition laws]; Mena CQG(94) [reality conditions]; Halliwell PRD(01)gq/00 [with detectors]; Asselmeyer-Maluga & Król MPLA(13)-a1309 [S3 × \(\mathbb R\) with exotic smoothness structure]; Mielczarek a1404-GRF [Big Bang as a critical point].
> Other: see Baby Universes; boundary conditions; canonical quantum gravity [including factor ordering]; cosmological constant; effective quantum field theory; entropy; numerical relativity; spacetime topology.

Third Quantization > s.a. cosmological constant problem; multiverse.
* Idea: A "second quantized" theory of ψ, considered as a field on superspace.
* Criticism: The wave function ψ is not measurable in any sense, so this appears not to make sense [@ Unruh & Wald PRD(89)].
@ References: McGuigan PRD(88); Fischler et al NPB(89); Giddings & Strominger NPB(89); Hosoya PRD(89); Strominger & Ellis PTRS(89); Cline NPB(90); Peleg CQG(91); Pimentel & Mora PLA(01)gq/00 [Brans-Dicke model]; Robles-Pérez & González-Díaz PRD(10)-a1005; Robles-Pérez JPCS(13)-a1211; Kim a1212-proc [FLRW cosmology, with N minimal massless fields]; Faizal PLB(13)-a1304 [fourth quantization]; Kim a1304-Univ [with a massive inflaton]; Faizal IJMPA(15)-a1503 [deformed theory].

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