Physics Teaching by Subject. II  

Electromagnetism and Optics > s.a. teaching [active learning]; wave phenomena [reflection].
@ Calculus-based: Marr et al AJP(99)sep; Chabay & Sherwood AJP(06)apr; Mukhopadhyay EJP(06) [senior level]; Saarelainen et al EJP(07) [models and misconceptions]; Burko EJP(08) [properties of waves].
@ Light and color: Rossing & Chiaverina AJP(00)oct [RL].
@ Electromagnetism topics: Kraftmakher AJP(00)apr, Salzman et al AJP(01)may [eddy currents]; Maloney et al AJP(01)jul [survey]; Rosenthal & Henderson AJP(06)apr [potential difference and circuits]; Vidaurre et al EJP(08) [magnetic damping demo]; Guisasola et al EJP(08) [Gauss and Ampère laws]; Jakoby AJP(14)jan [Maxwell's equations with polarization and magnetization].
@ Waves and optics topics: Heller AJP(97)jan [waves]; Ambrose et al AJP(99)feb [diffraction and interference], AJP(99)oct [light as a wave]; Neumann TPT(14)sep [radiation, student misconceptions]; Planinšič & Etkina TPT(15) [LEDs in physics teaching]; Ugolini & Rafferty AJP(18)oct [gravitational wave detection].
@ III: Hertzberg et al AJP(01)jun [rotating dielectric cylinder].
> Related topics: see Ampère's Law; diffraction; Faraday's Law; polarization; refraction [Schlieren imaging].

Modern Physics and Quantum Theory > s.a. deformation quantization.
* Possibility: Try teaching using density matrices from the beginning.
@ Quantum mechanics: Henry AJP(90)nov; Styer AJP(96)jan; Scarani & Suarez AJP(98)aug [short introduction]; Vokos et al AJP(00)jul [wave nature of matter]; Singh AJP(01)aug [difficulties]; Hirshfeld & Henselder AJP(02)may-qp [and deformation quantization]; issue AJP(02)mar; Mermin AJP(03)jan [for computer scientists]; Passon EJP(04)qp; Goff AJP(06)nov [quantum tic-tac-toe game]; Pluch phy/07 [Bell's inequalities]; García & Arévalo EJP(07) [time evolution operator method]; Kaiser pw(07)may [practical vs philosophical aspects]; Sassoli de Bianchi CEJP(13)-a1112 [Aerts' machine-models]; Kohnle et al AJP(12)feb [interactive animations and visualizations], EJP(13) [new approach]; Eggers Bjælde et al a1506-proc [game-based approach]; Walck EPTCS(16)-a1611 [laboratory language and calculational language]; Ford TPT(18) [Bohr's first 1913 paper]; Organtini a1901 [early in the physics curriculum]; Stadermann et al PR-PER(19) [high school]; Karpov & Patmiou a1709 [qualitative methods, incorporating inductive elements]; Müller & Mishina a2012 [in high school].
@ Quantum mechanics, special topics: Hobson AJP(05)jul [electrons as field quanta]; Das a1410 [thought experiment on the uncertainty principle]; López-Incera & Dür AJP(19)jan [entanglement, game]; Mart a2010 [Schrödinger equation]; > s.a. quantum effects [tipping pencil/rod problem].
@ Modern physics: (Quantum theory, Special Relativity) Ohanian 95; Sachs 98 [conceptual]; Harris 99 [r PT(00)nov]; Bernstein et al 00; Walecka 08 + solutions Amore & Walecka 13; Tipler & Llewellyn 12; Pfeffer & Nir 13; Becchi & D'Elia 16; Zollman AJP(16)aug [and PER].
@ IIa: Dür & Heusler a1312 [using a single qubit]; Dunningham & Vedral 18 [e1 r CP(11)#6].
@ IIb: Cox 96; Gilmore 04 [activities, projects, computational]; Gröber & Jodl EJP(10) [problems]; Krane 19; > s.a. labs.
@ III: Carr & McKagan AJP(09)apr [reforming graduate quantum mechanics]; Walecka 10; Walecka 13 + solutions Amore & Walecka 14 [including quantum field theory].
@ Quantum theory, conceptual: Thacker AJP(03)jun [students' models of microscopic physics]; Singh et al PT(06)aug [improving understanding]; Singh AJP(08)mar [understanding]; Karakostas & Hadzidaki S&E(05)-a0904 [and physical reality]; Baily & Finkelstein PRST(10)-a1208 [quantum interpretations]; Marshman & Singh PR-PER(15)-a1504, PR-PER(15)-a1504 [patterns of student reasoning difficulties]; > s.a. classical mechanics.
@ Physics of matter: (Atomic, Molecular, Condensed Matter) Manini 14; > s.a. atomic, nuclear, and particle physics [problems].
@ Particle physics, field theory: Chen IJMPA(05) [Klein-Gordon equation and particle physics]; Bomark a2009 [gauge theory for freshmen]; Lepage AJP(21)mar [active learning].

Other Topics blue bullet see general physics; part I [mechanics, fluids, waves, thermal physics].
@ Cosmology: Akridge AJP(01)feb; Pimbblet PhysEd(02)ap; Pimbblet & Newman PhysEd(03); Jordan AJP(05)jul-ap/03; Kragh a1212 [conceptual problems, promises].
@ Labs: James et al AJP(99)aug [speed of light]; Burko TPT(17)-a1602 [gravitational-wave analysis].
> More topics: see astronomy; chaotic systems; computational physics; physics; symmetry.

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