Physics Teaching by Subject. I  

Classical Mechanics > s.a. classical mechanics [textbooks]; Friction; inertia; Newton's Laws; rotation.
* Free-body diagrams: Show forces where they really act! [@ Lane TPT(93)].
@ New approaches: Fraundorf phy/97; Chabay & Sherwood AJP(04)apr; Ambrose AJP(04)apr [tutorial].
@ Kinematics: Newton & Henry AJP(00)jul [uniform circular motion].
@ Labs: Dupré & Janssen AJP(00)aug [determining g].
@ Energy: Singh & Rosengrant AJP(03)jun [and momentum, test]; Ponikvar & Planinsic EJP(09) [conservation of energy test]; Santos et al EJP(10) [conservation of energy and Galilean invariance]; Lindsey et al AJP(09)nov [and work, for extended systems]; Hilborn AJP(14)jan [role of the concept of field energy]; issue AJP(19)jul [energy theme issue], including Chabay et al AJP(19)jul [in intro physics]; Suarez et al a2007 [in intro physics]; > also below and Free Energy.
@ Special relativity: Scherr AJP(07)mar [as example of misconceptions and "pieces"]; Savage et al AJP(07)sep [visualization program]; Silagadze APPB(08)-a0712 [logical rather than historical approach]; de Abreu & Guerra EJP(09) [kinematics, geometrical]; Apostolatos a0905 [kinematics, energy and momentum]; Huggins TPT(11), TPT(11) [in week 1].
@ Gravity: Lehavi & Galili AJP(09)may [and Galileo's law of free fall]; blog pt(15)mar [simple recreation of the Cavendish experiment].
@ Related topics: Nunes & Silva AJP(00)nov [tilted boxes on inclined planes]; Sungar et al AJP(01)may [non-linear dynamics]; Galili & Lehavi AJP(03)nov [weightlessness and tides]; Laws AJP(04)apr [oscillations and chaos]; Denny EJP(10) [how fast does a building fall?]; Nordmark & Essen EJP(10)-a1007 [tracks with constant normal force]; Guéry-Odelin & Lahaye 10 [problems]; Caballero & Pollock AJP(14)mar [incorporating computation].

Fluid Dynamics, Waves and Sound
* Demos on fluids: Transfer liquid between containers including uphill piece.
* Demos on waves: Beaded chain on overhead, vertical chain, metal bar hit at one end (transverse); Stroked metal bars that "sing" (longitudinal).
* Demos on sound: Demonstrate the longitudinal nature of sound waves using a lit candle in front of a loudspeaker.
@ General references: Denardo et al AJP(01)oct [bubbles and sinking bodies]; Loverude et al AJP(03)nov, Heron et al AJP(03)nov [Archimedes' principle]; Kezerashvili & Sapozhnikov phy/03 [Hero's fountain].
@ Feynman's reverse sprinkler: Jenkins AJP(04)oct-phy/03; Jenkins EJP(11)-a0908 [and Machian propulsion].
@ Acoustics: Daw & Liefeld AJP(98)jul [singing rods]; Chen AJP(05)nov [singing wineglass]; Hrepic et al TPT(13) [candle flame and loudspeaker]; Lincoln TPT(13)mar [demos with tuning forks]; Gee & Neilsen AJP(14)sep [pedagogy and outreach]; Valdan et al PhysEd(14) [measuring the speed of sound lab].

Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
* Remark: Can be taught following a classical, thermodynamical approach, or with a statistical, microscopic one.
@ Thermodynamics in general: issue AJP(99)dec; Leinonen et al EJP(09) [students' pre-knowledge]; Debbasch EJP(11) [geometrical]; de Abreu & Guerra AJP(12)jul [introduction through energy and entropy]; Roundy et al AJP(14)jan [activities to help students understand the partial derivatives that arise in thermodynamics].
@ Entropy: Basano AJP(80)feb [geometrical analogy]; Schoepf AJP(02)feb.
@ Second law: Baierlein AJP(94)jan; Moore & Schroeder AJP(97)jan.
@ Labs: Campbell et al AJP(12)dec [measuring Boltzmann's constant].
@ Related topics: Savarino & Fisch AJP(91)feb [rubber band thermodynamics]; Velasco et al AJP(98)jul [adiabatic coefficient of air]; Scott AJP(98)feb [comparative review]; Prentis AJP(00)dec [statistical mechanics experiments]; Lee AJP(01)jan [undergraduate, simulations]; Kautz et al AJP(05)nov, AJP(05)nov [ideal gas law]; Jackson & Laws AJP(06)feb [glass syringes]; Geller et al AJP(14)may [entropy and spontaneity, for life sciences students].

Other Topics blue bullet see general physics; part II [electromagnetism, optics, modern physics].

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