Gravitational-Radiation Analysis  

In General > s.a. gravitational-wave sources; interferometers and space-based detectors.
@ General references: Finn gq/97-proc [statistical inference]; 10th Workshop CQG(06)#19; Robinson et al PRD(08)-a0804 [network data and coincidences]; Littenberg & Cornish PRD(09)-a0902, PRD(10)-a1008 [Bayesian approach]; Jaranowski & Królak 09; Yunes & Pretorius PRD(09)-a0909 [theoretical bias and post-Einsteinian framework]; GWDAW13 CQG(09)#20; Fairhurst CQG(11)-a1010 [source localization]; Röver et al a1103-proc, Gholami a1109 [Bayesian versus frequentist upper limits]; Jaranowski & Królak LRR(12); Cornish & Romano PRD(13) [unified description of template-based and cross-correlation analysis]; Burko TPT(17)-a1602 [in the introductory physics lab]; > s.a. interferometers.
@ Search for continuous waves: Prix & Shaltev PRD(12)-a1201; Astone et al PRD(14)-a1403 [narrow-band searches]; Zhu et al PRD(16)-a1608, Ming et al PRD(19)-a1903 [Einstein@home]; Riles MPLA(17)-a1712.
@ Search for bursts: Lynch et al PRD(17)-a1511 [information-theoretic approach].
@ Search for unmodeled sources: Searle et al CQG(09); Bacon et al a1805; Antelis & Moreno a1807 [template-free independent search].
@ Waveforms and templates: Lindblom et al PRD(10)-a1008 [accuracy standards for waveforms]; CQG(11)-a1102 [post-newtonian/numerical waveforms and parameter estimation]; Sampson et al PRD(14)-a1311 [the trouble with templates]; Field et al PRX(14) [method to quickly and accurately predict waveforms]; Moore & Gair PRL(14)-a1412 [uncertainties in parameter estimates]; Ashtekar et al a1906 [constraints on waveforms].
@ With scalar waves: Maggiore & Nicolis PRD(00)gq/99; Fucito gq/00-ln; Bellucci et al PLA(01)ht; Babusci et al PRD(01)gq [stochastic background]; Capozziello & Corda IJMPD(06) [scalar-tensor waves, production and detection]; Corda gq/06-wd [interferometer response].

And Other Types of Astronomy > s.a. astronomy [multimessenger astronomy]; gravitational-wave propagation.
@ And the cmb: Seljak & Zaldarriaga PRL(97)ap/96 [polarization]; Durrer & Kahniashvili HPA(98)ap/97; > s.a. gravitational-wave background.
@ Other electromagnetic waves / photons: Bramson PRS(06); Bloom et al a0902-rp [Astro2010]; Owen CQG(09)-a0904-proc.
@ Other types: Braginsky et al PLA(06) [cosmic-ray noise]; Van Elewyck et al IJMPD(09)-a0906-proc [joint search with neutrino telescopes]; Chia a2012-PhD [particle physics].

Gravitational-Wave Background > s.a. background; gravitational-wave detection [including astrometric effects].
* Approach: For many sources, where the signal cannot be modeled like for single ones, the approach to the search of gravitational-wave signals is based on looking for cross-correlations between different detectors; Eventually one would like to produce a map similar to the cmb anisotropy maps.
@ General references: Allen gq/96-proc [general], & Romano PRD(99)gq/97, Christensen PRD(97) [strategies]; Vitale et al PRD(97) [bar detector]; Lesgourgues et al A&A(00)gq/99; Zibin et al ap/99-GRF [and cmb]; Amelino-Camelia gq/00 [from quantum spacetime]; Cornish CQG(01)ap [deconvolution]; Finn & Lazzarini PRD(01)gq [noise]; Lazzarini et al PRD(04); Malaspinas & Sturani CQG(06) [correlating n detectors]; Chiba et al PRD(07)-a0705 [search templates]; Cella et al CQG(07)-a0704 [prospects, Virgo and LSC]; Reynaud et al PRD(08) [using ultrastable-clock comparisons]; Izzo et al a0902-proc [with FastICA]; Finn et al PRD(09); news space(09)aug [none seen so far].
@ Observation, pulsar timing: Jenet et al ApJL(05)ap; van Haasteren et al MNRAS(09)-a0809; Anholm et al PRD(09) [strategies]; van Haasteren et al MNRAS(11)-a1103; Powell & Tasinato a1910 [probing a stationary non-Gaussian background]; > s.a. pulsars.
@ Observational bounds: LIGO PRL(05)ap [69–156 Hz]; Abbott et LIGO PRD(07)ap; Abbott et LIGO+ALLEGRO PRD(07)gq [cross-correlation]; Akutsu et al PRL(08) [100 MHz]; Zhao & Grishchuk PRD(10)-a1009, Zhao et al PRD(10) [relic gravitational waves and cmb data]; Abadie et LIGO+Virgo PRD(11)-a1112 [600–1000 Hz].
@ From inflation: Turner PRD(97); Smith et al PRD(06); Cooray MPLA(05); Chongchitnan & Efstathiou PRD(06); Ni IJMPD(09); Jinno et al JCAP(14)-a1406 [with future space-based detectors].
@ Polarization: Seto PRL(06)ap [circular polarization, prospects]; Seto & Taruya PRL(07)-a0707 [Stokes parameters from laser interferometers].
@ Non-Gaussian background: Allen et al PRD(02)gq/01; Martellini & Regimbau PRD(14).
@ Analysis techniques: Whelan et al CQG(05)gq-proc [LIGO-ALLEGRO cross-correlations]; Seto PRD(06) [correlation analysis]; Himemoto et al PRD(07) [with non-Gaussian noise]; Adams & Cornish PRD(10)-a1002 [distinguishing from instrument noise]; Seto & Kyutoku PRD(12)-a1206 [parameter estimation, geometric approach]; Adams & Cornish PRD(14)-a1307 [galactic foreground and instrument noise]; Cornish & Romano PRD(15)-a1505 [definition of stochastic signal]; Davies et al CQG(16)-a1603 [targeted spectral interpolation algorithm].
@ Codes, templates: Whelan et al CQG(02)gq/01-proc; Bose PRD(05).
@ With interferometers: Christensen PRD(92); Flanagan PRD(93)ap [LIGO sensitivity]; Melissinos & Butler gq/05 [single detector]; Kudoh et al PRD(06)gq/05; Corbin & Cornish CQG(06)gq/05 [with BBO]; Corda APP(07)-a0806 [and linearized solutions]; Thrane et al PRD(09)-a0910 [probing the anisotropies]; Thrane & Romano PRD(13) [sensitivity curves]; Romano et al a1505 [phase-coherent mapping]; Smith & Thrane PRX(18) [optimal search].
@ With LISA: Tinto et al PRD(01) [vs noise]; Cornish PRD(02)gq/01; Ignatiev et al MNRAS(01)ap [from binaries]; Timpano et al PRD(06); Flauger et al a2009.
@ Other wave background: Gasperini & Ungarelli PRD(01)gq [scalar].

Specific Types of Sources and Related Effects > s.a. gravitational-wave sources and propagation; wave phenomena.
* Compact binaries: For low masses, the best chances are by searching for the inspiral signal; For masses above 100 MSun, looking for the ringdown signal is more effective; For single binary sources, the approach to the search of gravitational-wave signals is based on matched filtering, in which segments of data are correlated with templates corresponding to different sets of binary system parameters.
@ Compact binaries: Ghosh et al PRD(16)-a1505 [parameter estimation]; Testa & Pani a1806 [post-merger gravitational-wave echoes].
@ Compact binaries, templates: Ajith et al PRD(05) [PN test mass in Schwarzschild spacetime]; Babak et al CQG(06); Porter PRD(07)-a0706 [comparable-mass black hole + black hole]; Buonanno et al PRD(07)-a0706 [non-spinning binary black holes].
@ Compact binaries, search: Dhurandhar & Vecchio gq/99-proc [computational cost]; Meliani et al A&A-ap/00, Finn & Thorne PRD(00)gq [LISA]; Hughes PRD(02) [algorithm]; Brown et al CQG(04)-a0705 [LIGO S1 and S2]; Mitra et al PRD(05) [efficiency]; Jones PhD(08)-a1002; Mandel et al MNRAS(15)-a1503 [distinguishing types of compact binaries]; Capano et al PRD(16)-a1602 [non-precessing, spinning binaries].
@ Single compact objects: Faber et al PRL(02)ap [neutron stars, equation of state and size]; Hughes a1002-proc [black holes].
@ Cosmology: Schutz ESO(02)gq/01; Taylor et al PRD(12)-a1108 [with advanced detectors]; > s.a. cosmological acceleration; observational cosmology.
@ Early-universe cosmology: Maggiore PRP(00); Alizadeh & Hirata PRD(12)-a1201 [cross-correlation of the galaxy distribution with the CMB polarization].
@ GRBs: Finn et al PRD(99)gq [GRBs]; news pw(08)jan [no detection by LIGO].

And Other Theories of Gravity > s.a. astrophysical tests; gravitational radiation [theory]; gravitational-wave; space-based detectors [tests].
* Idea: Some predict 3 transversal modes, and 3 longitudinal ones.
@ General references: Yunes et al PRD(16)-a1603 [GW150914 and theoretical physics]; Arzano & Calcagni PRD(16)-a1604 [quantum spacetime]; Chamberlain & Yunes PRD(17)-a1704 [with future detectors]; Pang et al a2003 [searches for alternative polarizations].
@ Massive graviton: Loskutov TMP(96); Will & Yunes CQG(04)gq [and LISA]; Corda APP(07)-a0811 [from bimetric theory].
@ Chern-Simons-modified gravity: Sopuerta & Yunes proc(11)-a1010; Cañizares et al PRD(12)-a1205 [extreme-mass-ratio binaries]; > s.a. chern-simons theory.
@ Other higher-order gravity: Ananda et al PRD(08)-a0708 [cosmological]; Desai et al PRD(08)-a0805; Capozziello et al PLB(08) [massive, and detection with LISA]; De Laurentis & Capozziello APP(11)-a1104 [quadrupolar radiation]; Yang et al JCAP(11)-a1106 [with non-zero background curvature]; > s.a. phenomenology.
@ Other types of theories: Canfora et al IJGMP(06) [spin-1]; Nelson et al PRD(10)-a1005 [spectral-triple approach to non-commutative geometry]; Blas & Sanctuary PRD(11)-a1105 [Hořava gravity]; Chicone & Mashhoon PRD(13)-a1211 [non-local]; > s.a. bimetric gravity; brans-dicke theory; hořava gravity; Relativistic Theory of Gravity; scalar-tensor theory; TeVeS.

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